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Back into her skinny sweater

By March of 2014, after a particularly brutal Midwestern winter we had all put on a few pounds. I was very concerned about my 10 year old German Shepherd/Beagle mix who has bad hips. Her normal weight was 48 lbs and she was up to 60! My boyfriend thinks dogs love treats more than walks & love. NOT!!! She started the Fat Dog formula and I mixed in a cup of green beans (frozen, thawed in microwave with low sodium chicken broth) and we started her diet. I am very pleased to say that Bella has lost 9 lbs and looks great at 51 lbs. This took six months. I used the green beans for healthy filler with the O.K. of her vet.



We rescued a two year old Persian cat in Aug 2014. We were told that the previous owner was upset that "she went outside the litter box", and brought her back, extremely matted as well. That was after her original owner sold her on Craig's list, and she was extremely matted then as well. I felt as if something was not right, but I couldnt leave her in the shelter where the workers were trying to convince me "she just has an attitude", how would she ever be adopted with that as the sales pitch. So, we brought her home, and she started having issues with going outside of the litter box, but something was not right, you could tell there was a problem by the consistency, and the way she cried. Upon researching the symptoms, I thought she showed signs of IBS. I changed her food right away to another well known holistic brand, and she started to show signs of improvement, but she did not really like the food, so she was barely eating. I tried everything, and was just wasting my money, until I came across the Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Duck & Pea formula, and the inside only wet cat pouches. My cat cleans the bowl of the wet food, and consistently enjoys the dry food too. We have not have any issues with her going outside of the box, her fur is growing in beautifully, and she seems to be much more content now. She obviously just needed a family who would give a little more effort into her well being, and I am so glad I didn't listen to the shelter people. Yes, its a little more expensive, but I haven't had to go to the vets office once, so it actually has saved me money! Will continue to buy as long as the product remains the same.

Andrea M

Great dog food!

I have a Cairn Terrier who is 22 months old. During his 1st year he had trouble keeping his food down. He started out on Blue then the vet recommended Science Diet. Both of these failed to help stop the vomiting. After talking with his trainer she told me to give him Natural Balance. It has been now been lover 7 months and no vomiting!! Thanks Natural Balance and I do tell my friends and family how much it helped my dog!! He eats sweet potato and fish (for small dogs) and loves it. THANKS AGAIN!!!

Robin H

Life Changing for Zeus

Shortly after purchasing 2 Ragdoll kittens it became clear there was something wrong with them. After daily diarrhea and vomiting, we started with weekly vet visits and expensive food. After test that revealed nothing. I was told that is was possible that the kittens wouldn't make it. A week later I woke up to find Georgie had died during the night. I continued with the vet recommended for Zeus, he slowly gained a little weight but had very loose, foul smelling stool. After 2 years we returned to another vet after Zeus was having a lot of discomfort in the litter box. After 2 "checkups" and a stool sample and $350.00 we still had no answers. At the local pet store I was discussing the issues Zeus was having with the staff, the recommended this product LID Duck and pea dry food, one week Zeus has gained weight and having solid bowel movements. Why the vets are not recommending a LID food at the 1st sign of stomach problems I don't understand. Thank you

Meaghan E

Always asking for more!

I have just started my 6 year old Great Dane on your limited ingredient Lamb and brown rice formula just about a month ago. She can't get enough! Always asking for more and pretending I didn't feed her. She loves it! She has an allergy to chicken, so this formula is perfect! She lives your treats too!

Sabrina D

your dog won't know she's eating so healthy!

My little wheaten mix Evie loves her nb alpha food, sometimes I even use a kibble or two as a treat! Her fur is glossy and soft, and she has so much energy. It's so good for a dogs skin and digestion to go grain free, and with natural balance alpha the transition will be seamless. :) thanks nb! My girl Alpha for life.

serena p

Great Results For Dogs With Allergies

I have had my small 15 pound dog on the Natural Balance Lamb & Rice LID dry dog food for about 5 years now with fantastic results! My dog had severe food allergies and nothing I did seemed to work. Took her to the Vet...years of Prednisone and other remedies...nothing worked. I did a lot of my own research on dog foods and came up with Natural Balance so decided to try it. Well 5 years later my dog is now almost 13 and happy and healthy with NO skin issues. I also use a small amount of a 95% chicken can food (tablespoon) with no grain in it mixed into her food. She eats her daily meal with enjoyment and has never shown signs of being tired of the same food. I am thrilled with this product and highly recommend it to everyone with dogs who have allergies and skin issues. :)

Chris C

Winchester !!!!

My husband and I adopted a russian blue tuxedo cat. When we got him the shelter had him on Purina One he hated it he lost about 3 lb. in the few days he was at the shelter they told us but he is healthy they said he was probably upset being caged. So I took him to my vet he was checked out the vet gave him a clean bill of health. So I did some research on cat food I wanted him on a good cat food so we went with Blue Buffalo he started eating gaining weight he gained 5lb. in 2 months then he started having issues with runny poo and vomiting all the time .We went back to the vet they kept him for 24 hours to get the vomiting under control and fluids ran test everything came back good. The vet thought he had a virus, sent him home with meds. The vomiting and runny poo did not stop this went on for 1 week day and night . So I started doing more research on food and found all these horror stories about Blue Buffalo I was in freak out mode. So I googled food for vomiting and runny poo for cats and Natural Balance L.I.D came up Green Peas and Duck so clicked on it did some more research and decided to go get a bag. I started Winchester slowly on it and in a matter of 3 days his runny poo and vomiting stopped he has been on it for a month now he loves it and he is healthy and his coat is so shiny. He will be on the food forever. I told the vet what we did and he was very happy and so was my pocket book because the next step was testing for food allergies. So we think he has a food allergy to something that is not in this food. Buy this food if you have a kitty with issues he is such a happy kitty now the poor kitty was so sick for how for how long nobody knows. He was probably given to the shelter for that reason. He has a wonderful home now and is a HAPPY kitty.... Thank You Natural Balance !!!!

Kelly B

We rescued Sasha at one year old. She is no 6. The former owners were feeding her Iams, lamb and rice dry food. I noticed that her stools were very loose, and she would throw up on too regular a basis. I spoke with our Vet who recommended a sweet potato venison diet. We changed to Natural Balance and the cure was immediate.

Dino V

sexy boy

This is Buddy, he has lost 24 lbs in 9 months on a Fat Dogs diet. The food works great and all 3 of my dogs love it. The vet is very happy with the weight lost and the food he's on. He has a lot more energy and pep. I am very happy with the food.

tamara m
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