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L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® Sweet Potato & Bison Dry Dog Formula Testimonials

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The best on the market

I have a full blooded chocolate lab and rescued mix german shepherd. I did tons of research trying to find the best dry food out there and when I came across your product my search came to an end. The fact I can look up the test results for my bag of dog food proves to me you stand behind your products quality. I will be a lifetime customer and I also recommend it to ANYONE I see stand in the dog food isle and direct them to your website if they need confirmation. Thank you for giving me such a peace of mind and confidence in my choice.

Rodney P

Allergies Gone

My poor pound pup suffered immensely with seasonal allergies along with allergies he'd get from nosing around in certain places or swimming in certain bodies of water. It was awful, constant scratching and chewing and hot spots turning into broken skin when the seasonal allergies hit. He'd have to get steroid shots about 3 times a year when his skin would start bleeding but we were only treating the symptoms and compromising his overall health. Benadryl did nothing, Zyrtec made a small dent in between full breakouts. Then I got smart and started looking into his diet and saw that the first ingredient was chicken meal. Then I remembered that chicken meal is mostly feathers and everything else left over after it's been processed for everything else. So I researched dog foods that didn't have that ingredient - there weren't too many a few years ago. I stumbled across the LID line of Natural Balance and now Spencer is no longer struggling with allergies. No more meds either. Since I switched him over to LID Natural Balance he's never had to get another steroid shot, never had another hot spot, no more pink and swollen muzzle. And big bonus point for the city dwelling dog owner, the stool is compact, small, and not the most horrific smelling substance in existence. Obviously, his system doesn't have to work overtime processing the garbage in regular dog food out of the body. Life changing for us both! Many thanks!

Pamela R

No more food reactions!!!!

After having German Shepherds who could eat anything, it has been an interesting experience dealing with a Shepherd/Chow mix who is quite allergic to most foods. Your L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Sweet Potato & Bison kibble has been the answer to our prayers. It's GREAT!!!! Our dog loves it, and the food allergies are gone. Thank you so much for having an alternative for us to use. Our pup is back to normal with no more signs of allergies. He is active and growing big and strong...again, thank you!

Bernice G

Sarah is 17

Wanted to show you an MP4 video of how my dog JUMPS for her meal.....she is 17 years old. Posted it to your facebook page.

Tracy B

Yeast No More

I have a 220 pound English Mastiff, who was prone to yeasty, smelly ears. He was keeping me awake at night with his nonstop ear flapping. I was constantly taking him to the vets for medications to clear up the infections. Mastiffs have deep, dark ears and are prone to yeast infections. His food was making them worse and more frequent. I switched him to L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Sweet Potato & Bison and his infections cleared up. He loves the taste! I feed all my dogs this now!

Kathleen R

Thank you!

My young Rottie/Shepherd was experiencing diarrhea so badly she was becoming lethargic, emaciated and refused to eat. The vet suggested a possible food allergy, so we began a long hit and miss program to figure out what the cause of her allergy was. It turns out she was gluten intolerant. Our pet food store recommended Natural Balance for its lack of any grain products. Almost overnight we had a healthy new dog on our hands. Her stools were perfect; her appetite restored; her energy levels back to normal. Now we have a new puppy. He is also being fed Natural Balance and is thriving. My vet and I are having a dialogue about Teddy's diet. I see no reason to mess with success.

Virginia G

It is my pleasure to send along this email to you. Our 18 month old Labrador Retriever developed several food allergies (we believe chicken and Sojo's vegetable mix was the main culprit) on a raw food diet regime. He had several hot spots and was constantly scratching and the final straw was when he began licking his front paws. Our breeder recommended your Sweet Potato & Bison formula to us. Well after 8 weeks of feeding our dog he has completely recovered. This is amazing. His spring coat is coming in with a luster and softness that we have never seen before. His hot spots are gone and he no longer licks his front paws/legs. Also at 18 months of age he seems calmer and more alert and much less anxious. This is amazing, truly amazing! The affordability and availability of your brand is also appreciated.

Helen L

After raising some of the top German Shepherds for 37 years, we now have a new puppy a NEWFOUNDLAND and she is going to be big and of course we switched her to Sweet Potato and Bison as soon as we got her. They recommended science diet but with all the success we have had with your food this was a no brainer to give her the best is her early years. Thanks again!

Jim L

I just wanted to let you know how much I love your dog food! I have a French Bulldog and a Chow Chow that both have food allergies. After a lot of trial and error we found your Sweet Potato & Bison LID formula and no more scratching for our dogs. I just wanted to thank you for an awesome product.

Jamie M

I just wanted to say how glad I am that this food exists. I have 2 miniature schnauzers, Coal, and Piper. Piper, is what I guess I would call my money pit dog. Always sick, always itching, vomiting, anything you can name... Anyway, I work at a health food pet store, and I went through trial and errors of foods to find ANYTHING she could have. She can't have chicken, duck, turkey, (especially turkey) pheasant itchy, breakouts, and hot spots. She can't have rabbit, beef or lamb, she gets gassy, and pukes it up. She can have fish, but she was never crazy about it. For almost 3 years she was stuck with picking at her fish based food. Then she developed a dry coat, and was again constantly itchy, and dandruffy, She can't have grains either... Finally I found out about your limited ingredient diets! I tried the venison first, and they both ate it pretty good! They would pick at it all day long, but they were eating it better than the fish. Then we started carrying your bison formula and it has saved me! They LOOOOVE the bison. Then you put out the bison treats, and they were even happier, finally some treats that were safe! My dogs coats are soft, and dandruff free. They are both good weights and best of all normal non smelly stools, and NO MORE VOMITING OR GAS! I must say it is amazing. I have a hard time affording it sometimes, but since my dogs have been on it, they are different dogs, THANK YOU SO MUCH for something my dogs can happily be on!

Rebecca D
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