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Vegetarian Dry Dog Formula Testimonials

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My pack loves it!

I was purchasing another name brand vegan dog food but was growing frustrated with price increases and constant shipping issues. We would run out of food all the time and I would have to go out to the store and pick up a meat based food. I knew this was not the healthiest choice for my pooches, and was at my wit's end. Then I discovered that Natural Balance had this vegan option, which is less-expensive, but just as nutritionally sound. I'm not sure when the product was released onto the market, but I hope it is here to stay. I am able to order on Amazon and get free 2-day shipping which is so convenient. Best of all, my pack gobbles it down happily and I can feel good about what I'm feeding them! Thank you, Natural Balance, for offering a vegan option. Please add some vegan dog treats to your line-up as well!

Jess C

My dog has cancer

Greetings. Two and a half years ago, my dog (Miles) was given two months to live by vets, due to cancer. We wanted his quality of life for his last two months to be as best as possible. We only made one change in diet. We switched to the Vegetarian formula. We had never purchased Natural Balance products before. Well, here we are, two and a half years later, and I'm happy to say that Miles is still with us. He receives two helpings of the Vegetarian formula daily, and continues to eat. Coincidence? I'll let the readers decide. We're thankful to have our Miles around for as long as we can.

R.D. M

Vegans do it better

My two amazing dogs (5 years-old Pitbull and 1.5 years-old Dachshund mix) have never loved any other kibble better than the vegan formula. I'm so glad I can now feed them with cruelty-free, nutritious food.

Neta R

My Dogs Love It

My two terrier dogs have been on the Vegetarian Dry Dog Formula for over a year, and sometimes I top it with a scoop of the canned food for an added treat. It meets all the nutritional requirements, and they both love it!

Casey K

She was dying

We took Sophie in as a rescue dog 4 years ago. At the time we got her she was skinny (to my mind) but the vet said she had a strong chest so had probably done a lot of running. The woman we got her from said she was living with her two older dogs who "hogged" the food bowl every day when they were fed canned wet food and Sophie did not get a lot to eat. We started her on having a bowl of dry food out and full all of the time, as that had been the way we fed the three dogs previous to Sophie. She adapted well to the feeding method, ate when she was hungry, and started to gain a little weight... She developed what we thought were seasonal allergies, a bit of eczema on her rump and itching; at the same time that we were all sneezing and suffering with spring seasonal allergies. Her hair grew back in the winter and then the next year she was just a little worse, her hair did not grow back and she was going out of her mind pulling her hair out. She is a large white dog and she ended up looking like a "Mexican Hairless", with no hair from shoulder to tail. Through trial and error we figured out she was allergic to all things chicken, eggs included. We started her on a vet recommended High Protein food which was full of animal protein. She consumed an 8 pound bag in 4 days and became lifeless, listless, emaciated, and we realized she was on her last legs. She would not move off her bed, and this is a dog who would not let any of us leave the house without her for fear she was missing out on a walk or special outing. It hit me that because she craved the high animal protein food that she was, indeed, highly allergic to the animal proteins. We discovered that fish and any small amount of fish oil (a daily omega-3 capsule) also contributed highly to the problem. After finding and starting her on Natural Balance Vegetarian Formula she was greatly improved in about 8 days and after 3 months she is healthier and more rambunctious than when we first took her on. Her coat is beautiful, fluffy white, where it had been yellow and oily. Funny thing is, she would never look at any food scraps unless they were meat; vegetables were looked at with disdain. Today she craves vegetables, we give her a "treat" of frozen broccoli and cauliflower pieces -- she just about goes insane with delight. Why do you not make a vegetarian dog treat (cookie)? We had to hunt around for a treat that contained absolutely no animal proteins. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SAVING OUR DOG'S LIFE!!!

Paula T

Great Allergy Remedy

After finding out that our mixed breed pal probably had an allergy to chicken we tried many different types of food. We tried foods with beef, barley, fish, and duck all with no results. Our poor boy was skin was itchy and twitching and his coat was always dull and dry. When we switched to your vegetarian formula he stopped scratching within 2 weeks. He never leaves any morsels in his dish anymore. He gobbles it up as soon as we put it down. He has been on it for close to a year now and his coat is shiny and bright. Thank you so much.

Andrea P

GREAT for Dogs with Allergies

After trying everything under the sun to deal with my Italian Greyhound's skin allergies, an expensive prescription vegan dog food resolved all her problems. But the prescription diet was pricey and required the inconvenience of a vet's prescription. This Natural Balance not only helps my dog, but can be found at many leading retailers AND is easier on my wallet. Please don't ever stop making this dog food!

Tea R

My Shih Tzu loves your veggie food!

Thank you so much for making a vegetarian (Vegan, no less!) dry dog food for all of us to give to our furry loved ones. My dog loves your product and always eats it with gusto. The wet dog food is a wonderful treat and he often tries to lick through the bowl itself in an attempt to get more flavor! Ha ha! We will be Natural Balance Vegetarian Formula customers for life!

Erin L

My 2 mini poodles have wheat and soy allergies and cannot digest meat protein. They had been sick for a long time until I changed their food to the Vegetarian formula. They are both doing amazing on this food. Healthier than they have ever been. Thank you Natural Balance for this food.

Leah G

Great product

We have a 3 year old chocolate lab. For just over the first year he suffered from constant ear infections that the vet said was from an allergy in his food. We switched his food twice but nothing worked. After calling his breeder, she advised of another lab she was caring for that had the same issues previously and recommended Natural Balance Vegetarian formula. Ever since switching to this product 2 years ago, our dog has had no issues!!! Great Product!

Julie K
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