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L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® Green Pea & Chicken Dry Cat Formula Testimonials

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Fur is so much better!

We adopted our overweight cat about 3 years ago. Her fur was dull and lifeless, but she was such a love. I have tried all sorts of weight management foods to keep her from gaining more weight thinking that was why her fur was so dull. Nothing was working, but she loved all the food I tried. I thought I just needed to find her a healthy food with the protein that she needed, and in my weeks of searching and research I found NB Green Pea and Duck dry food. She has been on it for about 3 months now, and her fur is shiny and I can brush through it without hurting her. She would mat up so badly and I just couldn't keep up without trimming them out. I am absolutely convinced it is the Green Pea and Duck food and I am so thrilled that that was all it took! So is she! Plus, she is maintaining her weight now, and no longer gaining.

Shelly W

Best choice!

My tom cat (in the Eeyore hat) was having bowel movement issues, so I was having troubles finding a no-grain dry food that worked well with his digestive system. When we finally found this food, he was cured :-) plus, and he lost a little of his belly fat. I think this is a great company and also enjoy the fact that they offer the loyalty program to their customers. Thanks Dick & Jimmy!

Kathrina M

thank you! Don't stop making this PLEASE

I have a 8 year old super smash face Persian - flame point Himalayan. This year we lost his female friend Adora he started getting a bit of loose stools...I have had him on a different food for 8 years so when I talked to his vet - first thing have you changed his food - nope. I started to get really worried because he just wasn't doing well. I finally called the manufacturing and Yes they had changed the food - more rice and more fillers! They didn't even put that on the bag - I tried a few other high protein no grain and he had really bad allergy more loose stools, but his eyes were inflamed and he was scratching himself to bleeding! He is now on Natural Balance - started two days ago and his eyes are much better and the crazy scratching has almost stopped!!! THANK YOU!!! Saved my baby.

Patricia A

Great Product!

I have two cats ages 6 and 8. They eat dry cat food throughout the day. I was giving them a high end cat food recommended by my vet. They were both becoming overweight, even though this food was an adult, light, hairball formula. A friend of mine started using Natural Balance Green Pea & Chicken formula and told me what a difference it made in his cats. He gave me a sample for the kitties to try and they loved it. I have since weened them off of the old food and they are strictly eating the Natural Balance dry food. After only a few months, what a difference! They have both slimmed down and their coats are soft and shiny and their "dandruff" is now gone. They have more energy than ever before. One of my cats has a habit of dropping a few nuggets in the water bowl. One thing I did notice is that the Natural Balance didn't turn to "mush" like the other food did. It plumped up instead. Could it be that they feel fuller longer and therefore eat less? Not sure, but the food sure has made an extreme difference in the health of my pets. Thanks Natural Balance!

Joanne L

NB saved my cat's life

I want to give feedback on your brand. My cat Lion has been sick since 2003, he has what we call a megacolon. He has had two surgeries, daily meds, vomiting, straining, weight loss...About 3 years ago he had gotten so bad that euthanasia was something I had started to consider. One day I was looking into adding more fiber to my own diet, I saw your product on the shelf..That's where I made the switch to LID chicken and .. peas! 3 years later Lion is fine! He is off his meds, no more straining, no more vomiting, everything is well! He actually had to undergo surgery a few months ago for a cancerous mass and he's now so healthy that he recuperated extremely fast (Lion is 12 years old!). I can't say enough good things about your company, you're my favorite brand. It is true what they say, you are what you eat, and Lion is healthy as a horse (not bad for a kittie!!). Thank you so much, do not change a thing to this great formula.

Helene M

I am amazed by the difference your food has made in our cat! He was a stray and subjected to awful conditions and eating whatever he could find. Needless to say, he had some bad diarrhea. We brought him in and were feeding him a typical, major-brand cat food, but it persisted. Upon the advice of our vet, we switched the food, but it worsened still. Nothing was helping. We were really starting to worry. I went into Petco and asked what they recommended, and they pointed me to your Green Pea and Chicken. I can hardly believe I'm saying this, but after one feeding, the diarrhea stopped completely. He's back to his playful self, and we couldn't be happier. Thank you!  

Rachel S

I just wanted to say thank you for offering the LID versions of your pet foods. I have a 4-yr-old minpin/chihuahua who developed apparent food allergies last year and the LID Sweet Potato & Fish food has been the only thing I've tried that keeps his system running smoothly. I also have an 8-yr-old cat with IBS who has been on a prescription diet the past year, but am not thrilled with the ingredient list on that brand. I've just purchased a bag of the LID green pea/chicken cat food to see if I can slowly transition him (and my other cats) to it as well. Thank you for offering an alternative with better ingredients!

Karen E

I just want to say thank you, 1 million times over. After years of trying to find a dry cat food that would not give my cat the "runs", I read about and tried your limited ingredient dry cat food. During the days that I was still mixing her old food with yours, we still had issues, but it seems as if she was "put right" as soon as she ate your food exclusively. Her shedding is almost nothing now, and her coat is sleek. I will mention that she is a 12 year old Russian Blue, but has more energy than she has had for many years. I suppose her problem was the huge amount of grains in her previous food. I should add that I never purchased low end food for her. I used Science diet and Iams on the recommendation of a Veternarian. Perhaps I should have picked up on the fact that she had these brands for sale in her office. Nevertheless, I researched your food and ingredients and have found the food for my "dry food addicted" cat. I am a true believer and thankyou again for the catbox room that does not smell anymore and a very happy, healthy,senior cat.

Diane T
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