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Ultra Premium Indoor Canned Cat Formula Testimonials

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No more throwing up

My 8 year old cat, Tiger, was throwing up several times a day - he started this about a year and a half ago. He would throw up at least some of everything he ate. I took him to the vet who did blood work and a complete physical exam and found nothing. He was eating strictly Iams dry cat food. She suggested I try him on canned food. So I went to the store and tried him on one of the top brands. Still threw up. I then put on my 'diagnostician's' attitude and started researching. After reading many articles, I came across the Natural Balance brand of cat food and read the ingredients. I ordered a 'case' of 24 cans to try. Within days, Tiger was only throwing up an occasional hairball, but not his food. He has been on it for three months and I now have peace of mind that I am feeding him the right way. He is also more playful and has started getting along with his 'sister' - which is a real plus. Glucose intolerance? Allergy to additives? Sensitivity to fillers in other cat foods? I have no idea. I just know this works for my cat and it is worth a try for any experiencing what I was going through with Tiger.

Jean G

I started feeding our cat this food about a week ago. It's the first canned food we've given her in her eight years that she hasn't thrown up (sorry), and she truly loves it! I'm hoping that she puts a few pounds on her eight-pound frame. Thank you!

Patricia D

Hi! Ming enjoys your canned food mixed in with her Natural Balance Indoor Formula (dry). She eats that in the mornings and still has her dry formula with her water out on the floor when she wants it. We Love using your brand of canned/dry cat food! The ingredients in your brand are indeed natural and healthy.

Lori C
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