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L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® Duck & Potato Canned Dog Formula Testimonials

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Yummy for her tummy and healthy too!

My 10 month old Springer Spaniel has a host of medical issues, so what we feed her has been an issue since the day we brought her home. We can ONLY feed canned food because she has megaesophagus and we had her on a different brand of food, but she has had several ear infections and recently developed allergies and digestive issues as well. After lots of research, I decided to eliminate grains and chicken from her diet. The vet recommentd a duck base, so we went with Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Duck & Potato canned food. We've been feeding for two weeks now and have already noticed a HUGE difference. She itches A LOT less, has firm poos and LOVES this food. She hears the can opener going and she hightails it to her food dish :-). We are also using the Duck & Potato treat roll and the Potato & Duck dry treats. We love what this food is doing for our fur baby!!!

Jannita B

My puppy just turned 2 years old and has been on Natural Balance Duck & Potato since we have had him at 7 weeks old.

Jack C

Borrowed Time

I would like to share a story that I am happy about in regards to your products, I have an almost 8 year old Bernese Mountain Dog that was diagnosed with cancer about 6 weeks ago and was givin 4-6 weeks before he would have to be put down. I am a dog food fanatic and I can tell you he has been on a high quality dry and a freeze dried mix for his whole life and other than the cancer was very healthy. My vet told me that the cancer feeds off of calories and that he had to eat, otherwise he would deteriorate even more rapidly. About 2 weeks ago he stopped eating altogether and not knowing what else to do I went to a local pet store and bought a variety of Natural Balance products including LID canned Duck & Potato and Bison & Sweet Potato along with the dry formulas of the same and the treats as well. It is now the day after Christmas 2012 and I can tell you that Natural Balance foods are what has kept him alive and still happy, and if it weren't for him eating your products we would certainly have lost him well over 2 weeks ago, I hope that he makes to through the new year, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the extra time and I will continue to use your products on my 4 year old Bernese Trago.

Brian a

Natural Balance L.I.D. is saving my dog's life

I adopted a 1 year old french bulldog, and three months later he was super sick so I took him to the vet. I was told he had a bladder blockage and needed immediate surgery or his bladder would burst. After the surgery the vet wanted me to feed him a strict diet of hills science diet. He was on this for 3 weeks and during this time I read up on this food and many others. I chose Natural Balance L.I.D. and after 2 months my little man is still clear of cystine stones, this has really surprised my vet as she thought only hills science would do this. So thank you for making this L.I.D. formula, I will always feed my little guy this food.

Cheryl M

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We spent over $2000 on our puppy because of uncontrollable bowel movements and rashes. The vets couldn’t find out what was wrong with him because they had us switch to so many different dog foods, but our dog was allergic to all meat but duck and turkey. Your duck & potato blend cleared everything up! Thank you so much. Badger (our yellow lab) loves it too!

Randall M

A few weeks ago I purchased a case of your Potato and Duck canned dog food after talking to a representative inside of Petco. I have a senior dog who is suffering from a large sore and to try to combat it I am working on him on both the inside and out. He loved the soft food, even with all the vitamins and herbs I mixed in. My other two dogs flipped for it too. Now, I have to go get another case and hopefully some hard food as they are on cheap hard food at the moment.

Dawn B

We have tried other dog foods a few times due to economic reasons, but we have seen the difference it has made in our dogs skin and coat and overall health and will never buy anything but Natural Balance for our dog again. We have seen significant improvements in his health,hes more active, his skin does not itch and his coat is very soft since returning him to Natural Balance. Marty thinks its the "caviar" of dog food. Thank you for doing so much to provide healthy food for our beloved pet.

Anthony R

I had never heard of your food until someone at Petco recomended your food. I had adopted a pug from a shelter and after one day she became deathly ill with bilateral pneumonia. Needless to say she had no appetite for many weeks. As she got better we fed her your products. She absolutely loves it. As an OR eye nurse I know surgery can't heal all. Bravo to your efforts in supporting training for guide dogs. I will continue to buy your products.

Marjorie F

Am so excited to tell you that after spending literally thousands of dollars in about 3 years due to allergies my Shi Tsu had, his skin is completely clear. Before I started feeding him Naural Balance Allergy Formula, duck & potato, he literally dug his hair off in tufts,had yeast infection and odor that was unbearable. He and I are both much happier now. No more scratching, yeast outbreaks and he smells just like a normal healty dog. I know you hear your praises sung everyday so, let me add my name to the list. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Maxine T
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