I have an 8 month old kitten that I recently adopted. He has had loose cow patty stools since I brought him home 2 months ago. After trying many brands of food I decided to try this one. Within 2 days of him eating this food he started having formed stools. I will never truly know if it was the protein or some other ingredient added in that was causing the problem. Thank you for making a truly single protein food that isn't loaded with extra unneeded ingredients! I have a very happy kitty now!
Malinda M
My mother's Yorkie is a rescue baby. She wouldn't eat ANY dog food. She ate people food only. I tried several dog foods before being pointed in your direction. She loves Natural Balance. I started her off on the canned food. Now I mix it with dry. I'm a believer in your products.
Terri E
My Roxy is 8.5 years old and she developed a skin condition where she broke out in open, and itchy sores. After several rounds of steroids and antibiotics that didn't eliminate the condition, I decided to switch her dry food to see if she may have developed a food allergy. Her doctor recommended Natural Balance L.I.D. Green Pea & Venison Dry Cat Formula. Within about 6 weeks, with a mix of 3 medicines and this new food, my Roxy is all healed up and back to being her normal, frisky self!
Debbie J