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Charity Rebate Program

Dear Nonprofit Animal Charities and Rescue Organizations,

Over the years I've asked Natural Balance® customers to "Help me help animals", and now we want to help you help animals through our Charity Rebate Program!

Participating is as easy as 1…2…3!

  1. Gather a minimum of 50 Proof of Purchase UPCs and corresponding retailer receipts* from any of the Natural Balance® products listed in the table below. (It’s OK to mix & match formulas!)
  2. Download and complete the official submission form and mail it to Natural Balance® along with your Proof of Purchase UPCs and retailer receipts.
  3. Receive a check from Natural Balance® within 4-6 weeks! (See table below for explanation of rebates.)

Don’t forget to spread the word! Network with your supporters, local retailers, veterinary offices, etc., to help you collect Proof of Purchase UPCs and matching receipts.

Click HERE to download the official Charity Rebate Program submission form.

That's our way of showing how much we care. Most importantly, we're all helping homeless, abused and neglected animals everywhere!



Dick Van Patten

Dick Van Patten


Charity Rebate Table

*All Proof of Purchase UPC Codes must be accompanied by retailer’s receipt to be valid.

  • Nat Characters
  • Wild Pursuit Dog Available Now
  • Wild Pursuit Cat Available Now
  • LID Wagyu