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Tips for Success

Dental Health is important for a healthy lifestyle.

Now that you’ve read about Dental Facts and Dental Health, you know how important it is to take good care of your pet’s teeth.  Keeping away periodontal disease in your dog or cat can be achieved with prevention and daily care.   Here are a few tips to follow:


Pet Toothbrush
  • DO visit your veterinarian twice a year for a check-up
  • DO get in the habit of cleaning your pet’s teeth at home right away
  • DO use products recommended by your veterinarian to clean your pet’s teeth
  • DO provide your pet with dental toys and treats to improve their chewing and oral stimulation


  • DON’T wait until it’s too late;  start maintaining your pet’s mouth today
  • DON’T replace home care with veterinary care – make sure to visit twice a year
  • DON’T ever use human toothpaste
  • DON’T ignore the signs of dental disease

Now that you have these tips to follow, you can easily keep your cat or dog’s teeth clean.  A healthy pet starts with a healthy mouth, so don’t delay – talk to your vet today and get on a daily schedule to keep your pet’s teeth and gums feeling clean and healthy all year long.

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