Natural Balance Tillman Norman
Tillman Norman Rose Sully Wally


imageTillman established the Guinness World Record for the “Fastest Skateboarding Dog” on July 30th, 2009!


Date of Birth: June 2, 2005
Place of Birth: Camarillo, California
Breed: English bulldog
Weight: 60 pounds
Favorite toy: Skateboard
Skateboard of choice:  Natural Balance® old-school style pool deck with soft 75 mm wheels.
Favorite food: Natural Balance® Dog Food – especially the Synergy Ultra Formula and any of the varieties of his Tillman’s Treats™ and Dog Food Rolls!

Tillman was named after Pat Tillman, a former NFL professional football player and U.S. Army Ranger. He started skateboarding when he was only 10 weeks old. He learned by watching a skateboarding Rottweiler named Stoli, also owned by Ron Davis. At 9 months old, Tillman was on all fours skating. By the time he was 15 months old, he learned how to turn.

Tillman loves performing in large, open areas with a lot of spectators. The faster Tillman skates, the happier he is! Tillman also enjoys snowboarding, skimboarding, and surfing almost as much as he loves skateboarding.

Other hobbies:  Tetherball, Little League Baseball practices, Tug-of-War, riding on the ATV, fetching sticks, and wrestling with his buddies Rose, Sully, and Wally.

Tillman Highlights: 2011, 2010, and 2009 Rose Parade Floats, “Greatest American Dog” (CBS), Apple iPhone commercial, “Animal Planet”, “National Geographic”, “NBC Nightly News”, “The Today Show”, “The Early Show”, “Huckabee”, “The Craig Ferguson Show”, “KTLA News”, “FOX 11 News”, “ABC News”, “ESPN SportsCenter”, “The Daily Habit” (Fuel TV), “People Pets”, “The National Enquirer”, “The Making of the World’s Longest Rose Parade Float” (KTLA Tribune), “The Making of the World’s Heaviest Rose Parade Float” (KTLA Tribune), Armstrong Flooring commercial, San Diego Tourism ads and most recently Tillman Becomes an Honorary Private First Class Marine just to name a few.


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