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We Believe That All Pets Are Heroes

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. There are working dogs who rescue us from danger, guide dogs who give the gift of sight and military dogs who protect our country.

But mostly there are millions of heroes who greet us each day with unconditional love that inspires us to be better humans. They run with us when we’re full of energy, alert us when they sense danger and support us when we’re feeling down. Our pets know when we need them most and they make life better just by being around.

Heroes deserve the love of caring humans and the best nutrition available to keep them healthy and happy.  If you believe your pet is a hero too, click on the links below to share in the celebration of pets everywhere. 

Heroes deserve:

  • The highest-quality, safest food
  • Proper training
  • Regular veterinary care
  • Exercise, affection and celebration
  • A chance to help and inspire others


Everyday Pet Hero Stories

Read below to learn about some of our everyday pet heroes.

Francesca, 2 year-old Bichon

Hero Story Francesca

It was May when a tiny white dog caught the attention of my mother, who—driven by forces unknown—proceeded to inspect the little creature. The dog was quite energetic and very much alive as she barked for the affection of people nearby. Upon reading the details associated with this little pooch, my mother realized that this dog’s name was Francesca and that she had been in danger of euthanasia due to a tumor she had had. This story sounded all too familiar in my mother’s mind, and she felt an instant pang of pain and sorrow, yet absolute perplexity of the coincidence of it all. Just a few months ago, her fifteen year old daughter had passed away from a malignant brain tumor. Her name? Francesca. Shaken by the similarities, my mother decided that Francesca the little dog was meant to be a part of our family. But little did any of us know just how much of a hero this sweet companion would turn out to be.

Francesca, in short, has been my mother and father’s savior. As I am the only daughter they have left, and as I am already in college, my parents felt lonely without either of their daughters at home. Francesca, although not human, has offered my parents the kind of solace and company only attributed to our species. There is far more to this dog than meets the eye. Always protective, always gentle, and ever loyal, Francesca is a great help to our family’s healing process. We will always miss my sister, and we will never feel complete as a family without her, but Francesca the little dog has served as a beautiful addition to this bereaving family. She takes our tears away and fills us with laughter and happiness one day at a time. She has saved us from ourselves, and for that, she will always be our hero.

Submitted by Melissa Garcia via Foreverhome Pet Rescue, Inc.

Snuggles, 2 year-old Chihuahua

Hero Story Snuggles

I got a call from a fellow rescuer that there was a six-week-old, two-legged Chihuahua puppy at a local shelter that was going to be euthanized because of her birth defect, and immediately, I knew I wanted to adopt her. Before I picked her up from the shelter, I purchased a special cart to accommodate her disability, but it was at that moment that I realized what I saw as her disability, was anything but. She refused to move in the cart, but as soon as I took her out, she ran, and has been running ever since!

I truly believe that despite missing two legs, Snuggles does not suffer from any disability, but instead she has a huge ability to educate people that you do not have to have all the “normal” parts to be whole. She has taught me and everyone she meets that you have to learn to appreciate what you have and not focus on what you don’t have and to me, that makes her a hero.

Submitted by Joy Elyse Nadel, Rescue Me Inc.

Simon, 4 year-old Domestic Shorthair Feline

Hero Story Simon

Simon is an amazing cat with an amazing story. He took all the hard knocks that life gave him during difficult and trying times, kept a positive outlook on life while showing dogged determination to overcome all obstacles in his path.

Before Simon was rescued, he was a “bait animal” used for dog fighting. He was being dropped into the “pit” while the ATF was coming in the door on a tipped raid. He was rescued, but near dead with bites all over his body and a shredded back leg. He was placed with the Fresno SPCA and that is when he came into my life. While he was at the Fresno SPCA he became volatile to work with and was hostile with other animals, however that all changed when an almost dead 3-week-old kitten from a hoarder rescue was brought in.  Simon became very soft and quiet anytime the kitten was near, so they put the kitten in a kennel next to his and he actually started to “talk” to it, I guess reassuring the kitten that she was in a good place. I watched this whole thing unfold for several days while he was recuperating at the vets and that kitten actually started to eat and became more and more responsive to the treatment being given to her. Simon became a “surrogate” mom to that kitten and we nearly four years later, Simon is still filled with a great fondness for life!

Submitted by Suzanne Hopper, Natural Balance Pet Foods

Murray, 9 year-old Boston Terrier

Hero Story MurrayMurray is my hero for one simple reason:  As cliché as it sounds, Murray has taught me that life is all about balance.

Since I adopted Murray I’ve had the pleasure of working with him every day. For the first seven years of his life he’d come to work with me and position himself on his favorite old chair just behind my desk. As the work days would progress Murray would always be attentive to my moods, and his bat-like ears were always an indicator of my demeanor. Ears Back and you knew I was putting out fires and dealing with work challenges. Ears Up and he knew I was having good conversations and having success. 

I soon was able to alter my days and my behaviors based on Murray’s ears. I found myself constantly striving to have an Ears Up day!  When Murray had his Ears Back I would take a step back, take Murray for a walk, and allow myself to take a breather to put things into perspective (I took an awful lot of walks those early years).

Because of Murray, there is balance in my life. I can truly say that I strive to create an Ears Up environment every single day! Murray is my little Hero.

Submitted by Colin Redding, Natural Balance Pet Foods

Karma, 5 year-old Cocker Spaniel

Hero Story Karma

Karma was a rescue that was missing her left eye, and is now a therapy dog. Karma knows just who needs her attention and she makes it her mission to go visit with them. Some cry, some smile, some talk and some stay silent, but they all pet Karma. Whatever their reactions, she opens herself to them and brings them peace and joy.

 One of the visits that touched me the most was in a children's unit in a behavioral hospital. There was a little boy that looked at her, seeing her missing left eye and said, "She is just like me! My eye is broken too! I can take it out do you want to see?" Seeing Karma's handicap made this little boy comfortable enough want to share his.

Karma has taught me many things as I watch her do therapy work. She has taught me: Silence is ok, live life for that moment, a touch means more than any words and that there is no greater gift that you can give someone than compassion. Karma gives to others unconditionally, but mostly she  gives to me by allowing her to be part of her miracles.

Submitted by Diane Casablanco, DFW Cocker Spaniel Rescue

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