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Best Dog food

My Boston Terrier has significant food allergies. After 3 years of combing through different diets, allergy testing, and expensive prescription foods, we finally tried Natural Balance limited ingredient, duck & potato. I am so have found this diet. Bruiser's allergies are under control, it's affordable, and I can pick it up in stores near me. And his coat is super shiney from all the duck. Thank you so much! Wish I discovered it sooner!

Brenda C

Premium Quality

Rudy loves Natural Balance Duck and Potato formula! Rudy just turned 12 ( Shhhh.... My little senior ). Every bit of Vivacious and fabulous! Thank you Natural Balance!

Rudy U

Tiny -6 year old lady Pug

My Pug has had so much more energy since we started the Natural Balance diet. She loves all the flavors and licks the bowl dry.

Bernie D

My pack loves it!

I was purchasing another name brand vegan dog food but was growing frustrated with price increases and constant shipping issues. We would run out of food all the time and I would have to go out to the store and pick up a meat based food. I knew this was not the healthiest choice for my pooches, and was at my wit's end. Then I discovered that Natural Balance had this vegan option, which is less-expensive, but just as nutritionally sound. I'm not sure when the product was released onto the market, but I hope it is here to stay. I am able to order on Amazon and get free 2-day shipping which is so convenient. Best of all, my pack gobbles it down happily and I can feel good about what I'm feeding them! Thank you, Natural Balance, for offering a vegan option. Please add some vegan dog treats to your line-up as well!

Jess C

Skyler's Recovery...

Dear Natural Balance, I wanted to write you this testimonial letter about your product, Sweet Potato & Fish Dry Dog Formula for dogs. My little dog Skyler had not been feeling or eating well at all. After numerous trips to the vet they diagnosed her with severe pancreatitis. We tried a number of remedies and after months of medications and treatments I did some research and found great results on your website. I started Skyler on Sweet Potato & Fish Dry Dog Food & within one week her appetite was back, her energy up and her stool was firm. We have not had to use any medication. I just want people to know how wonderful your product has been for me. So, to all dog owners… When you find you have a health crisis with your dog, of course listen to the vet but don't put aside the food your feeding them. It saved my little Skyler's life. and she's the happiest she's ever been. Thank you Natural Balance. Sincerely, Julie De La Fuente

Julie D

Happy Tummy

Here's a picture of my best buddy, road dog and household security. His name is Butler he loves Natural Balance.

Terry J

Natural Balance varied lid

My Pug puppy suffered from a stubborn UTI for the greater part of the first 6 months of her life. It was finally cured but from that time on I switched her to all canned Natural Balance LID. I buy her different varieties and I do this to increase the water intake. I also feel that varying the protein source can be beneficial. So far no more UTI. She is thriving and has a beutiful coat and I am going to continue what I am doing. My 12 year old Lab is also on Natural balance kibble Sweet Potato/Venison and doing well although I wish she could eat just canned too. She gets some added but not the amount I'd like.

Abigail G

Dog Food Rolls are the best training treats!

Our Labradoodle Charlie loves the Lamb and Chicken dog food rolls cut up as treats! We were introduced to them by his trainer at Petco and we bought a roll and just cut it up. It is nutritional and a great value. We couldn't ask for anything more!

Jeannie A

AHH, Now my dog has another selection

My dog has several allergies, including feathers (and all birds) and several grasses (including alfalfa. Until I started reading labels, I had no idea that so many fish dog foods contain either chicken fat, chicken meal, or alfalfa. My dog is currently enjoying the vegetarian food and the limited ingredient salmon and sweet potato dry dog food. She enjoys both. I have also started my cats on green pea and salmon dry cat food and they love it. This too is poultry and alfalfa free. That way, if they drop a few pieces, it won't be a problem if the dog grabs a bite. I am thrilled that my dog Denali is doing very well on your diet, and that your company offers a variety of poultry-free food. Thank you so very much.

Debra L

Ear Infections in Long Eared Dogs

We adopted 2 four year old Cocker Spaniels from the Hart County GA rescue in November. Both dogs had a history of chronic ear infections. Thelma and Louise (Their names) were treated by our vet, but their ear infections persisted. About 2 months age we switched their dog food to Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Dry and Canned. In about 2 weeks their ear infections disappeared and have not returned. We have also noticed that their tear stains, a life long problem, had also gone away. Your company has made our life and that of our dogs so much better. They are healthy and active and do not spend their day scratching at their ears. We are very grateful to your company, and heartily recommend your products. Dan and Nancy

Daniel T
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