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Oliver is enjoying his Wild Pursuit, his first solid food. He was found in a building that was being torn down. Estimated age is 4 weeks.

Patti D

Good Food.

Our Boston loves this food. We were advised by our vet to find a LID food to counteract a suspected food allergy. Natural Balance by far had the largest selection. Within a week we started to see her rash go away.

Ryan S

I have a french bulldog mix named Walter. He's just a little over a year old now and the Veterinarian had labeled him a special needs dog due to his sensitive stomach issues. I tried a multitude of different dog foods including the prescription diet and none of them seemed to agree with him. When I transitioned him to your Vegetarian Canned Formula, it was an instant success. Not only does he love eating it but he's leading a happier lifestyle. Please don't stop making this product. Thank you again and I highly recommend it.

Schuyler K

Wonderful product

Baxter , our rescue dog gained weight slowly over the past few years. I took him to the vet in January and was told that he had to go on a diet. My daughter, a vet tech and employee of petco told me to try fat dog food. I started him on it in February and am happy to say that he has lost 5 lbs. the vet is happy, I am happy and most of all so is Baxter. He loves the food and I can tell he is enjoying walks and exercise so much more. I would recommend this food to anyone who gas a pet that needs a low calorie food.

Jan W

My Boxers Love This Food!

I have two boxers, both rescue dogs - one senior girl that was getting a bit pudgy and a young boy who developed pancreatitis over the winter. Prescription foods made it worse so I did my own research and found Fat Dog. I switched them both and couldn't be happier with the results! My girl has dropped 10 lbs. and my boy's tummy issues are completely resolved. They love this food and can't wait to eat it everyday! Thank you for making such a great product! Now all I need is larger bags of it...any chance you'll make a 40lb bag?


LID chicken and seet potato and legumes and wagyu beef

7 year old Chihuahua given to me. I do add a little bit of warm water to soften the kibble and then the food makes its own gravy. I used to buy the big brand names carried by all grocery stores until one day I visited a Petco and a store employee showed me the difference in the ingredients between a natural, healthy food like Natural Balance and the other big names out there. I don't want to be mean to the pooch so I do buy 2 flavors at once. One day I will give him the wagyu beef and legumes and the other day I will give him sweet potato and chicken. I started with the bison and sweet potato, but he did not like it. The beef and chicken formulas he loves. I pour a little bit of warm water and then let it sit there for about 15 minutes and then I give it to the pooch. Hope this helps other consumers and I want to say, "thank you Natural Balance."

Andre S

"Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc. Wild Pursuit Venison Lung Bites kept my energy up when I was hiking in the wild woods yesterday!"

Kimberly T

Love this food

My dog loves this food. He's tried so many because of allergies. Does anyone add water to soften or do your dogs eat it as is which mine does.

kate m

They love Natural Balance!

They love their Natural Balance!

Sara G

My cat is the pickiest eater on the planet, but he will eat Catatouille Stew all day, every day. Oddly enough he doesn't like it out of the can, but only out of the tubs. Either way, this is a main staple in my house.

Morgan K
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