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Dental Chews? These are awesome!

Hoppy has always had a problem with bad breath. We've tried different products, but nothing worked very well. That is, until we tried Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc. Dental Chews. He absolutely loved them! And they really helped his breath. We were impressed!

4 D

Allergies Almost Killed him

Binx has suffered for 3 years from mysterious allergies before I could find something that wouldn't cause him to scratch into an infection, cause shock, or land him in the ERvet. After putting him on this food, he has way more energy, isn't scratching at himself, or leaving chunks of hair around the house. This food literally saved his life. I am so happy he is better and we can go about our daily lives. This food is seriously worth it! Especially when it comes to allergies!

Tralina B

Baxter seeking his Natural Balance

Baxter just his Natural Balance especially the LID Diets Sweet Potato & Fish /Chicken and Bison. And the Teeth cleaning Treats are his new Favorite. Mr. Van Patten, blessings to you and your Family thank you for creating something that enhances our Family member Baxter* Jerome P. From the Chicago Area*

Jerome P

Thank you for a Chicken-free product!

I adopted a 9 year old yellow lab from a shelter where he'd been for a year. The shelter had been continually struggling with his loose stools and inability to gain/maintain weight. He was 55 pounds at adoption. He was parasite free and on a grain free diet at the shelter. After getting him home and allowing he to de-stress, I observed the loose stool issue did not resolve, there had to be another reason besides stress and grains. After some internet research I heard of "intolerance" to ingredients, versus an all out allergy. Intolerance would possibly have the reaction of moving the food through him too quickly, loose stools. I picked the most likely culprit to remove from his diet, chicken. I did not think it would take me a week of reading labels to find a chicken-free food. Even grain free foods claiming salmon or other proteins would have "poultry fat". To check this right I had to find ZERO birds. I finally found this food and switched him to it. Within a week he had perfectly normal stools. He has gained 15 pounds to a healthy 70 lbs. An ear infection that was chronic at the shelter completely cleared up and has not returned (we're in month 6 since adoption). I am able to feed him standard dog biscuits (with grain as an ingredient) with no adverse reaction so I truly believe that chicken is the main reason he had health issues, not a grain allergy. So THANK YOU for making a product with no chicken!

Cynthia L

Well-being Restored!

My toy poodle, Ireina, seems to have developed various food allergies. We have tried every natural dog food kibble as well as canned meals. When we switched to canned I hoped her body could respond positively. However, not so. Despite the fact that the food was moist her excrement became hard, dry, ashen. The feces looked more like a fire had burned the food and left only the dry ash residue. Plus, it smelled! In addition her whole body seemed to have been acidified. For instance her breath smelled sulphuric, the tissue around her lips became discolored, and her eyes secreted thick dark mucus. In a local Petco store I noticed your Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Fish. I hadn't seen it before because not all stores carry it. I purchased a small bag of the kibble for small breeds. And hoped... My hopes were amply fulfilled! In just 3 servings all the signs of dietary distress were gone! Her eyes no longer secrete thick, dark mucus. The tissue around her lips is no longer red and inflamed. Her feces are round, moist, odor-free. In addition, she has 6 teeth, the others had to be extracted due to lack of dental care before she came to me. This means that the kibble must be moistened before serving. None--not one of the many brands we tried--could be softened in water, whether hot or cold. Also they were triangular in shape. All this means that every mouthful had sharp points which caused damage and pain to the gum tissue in her mouth. If they couldn't become moist after soaking for an hour in hot water how in the world could her stomach begin the digestion process on them? Obviously, viz-a-viz her condition, they were not being digested and absorbed. Ireina is a registered Service Therapy Dog and has joyfully returned to therapy service again now that her balance and wellbeing have been restored! Her many clients are so grateful for her presence with them and for her wellness! Thank you so much for this superlative product! Obviously much thought, care, and preparation went into its development. Wellbeing restored Gratefully, Carolyn & Ireina (Ireina means Queen of Peace)

Carolyn E

Allergies Gone

My poor pound pup suffered immensely with seasonal allergies along with allergies he'd get from nosing around in certain places or swimming in certain bodies of water. It was awful, constant scratching and chewing and hot spots turning into broken skin when the seasonal allergies hit. He'd have to get steroid shots about 3 times a year when his skin would start bleeding but we were only treating the symptoms and compromising his overall health. Benadryl did nothing, Zyrtec made a small dent in between full breakouts. Then I got smart and started looking into his diet and saw that the first ingredient was chicken meal. Then I remembered that chicken meal is mostly feathers and everything else left over after it's been processed for everything else. So I researched dog foods that didn't have that ingredient - there weren't too many a few years ago. I stumbled across the LID line of Natural Balance and now Spencer is no longer struggling with allergies. No more meds either. Since I switched him over to LID Natural Balance he's never had to get another steroid shot, never had another hot spot, no more pink and swollen muzzle. And big bonus point for the city dwelling dog owner, the stool is compact, small, and not the most horrific smelling substance in existence. Obviously, his system doesn't have to work overtime processing the garbage in regular dog food out of the body. Life changing for us both! Many thanks!

Pamela R

Couldn't be happier!

Cavaliers have a tendency to be overweight and Bailey was no exception. I've tried so many dog foods claiming to help him lose weight with no success. I bought the fat odds formula and Bailey has lost 4 pounds in the last 2 months. Our vet was so impressed. He is going to recommend this product to other clients struggling with overweight dogs. We couldn't be happier!

Patti N

My dog loves his meals!

My dog loves his Sweet Potato and Venison dry dog food. And he has great digestion while eating it!

Catherine N

My new 3 month old Wheaten Terrier puppy seemed to have a sensitive stomach within a week of switching to NBC LIt formula her stool was solid and she gobbled it up she especially loves the venison and sweet potato! Thanks for putting out this awesome product!

Kelly B

Toy Poodles love it too

I have a white toy poodle who, as a puppy, developed an allergic cough that kept her awake at night and generalized itching. I did an elimination diet and found that she could tolerate pork, venison, any kind of potato. Period! I was making my own concoction of pork and potatoes which stopped the allergic symptoms but she gained a lot of unwanted weight. I was delighted to discover your sweet potato and fish product. She loves it and I love the freedom of cooking expensive and fattening food for her. At 11 years she is not obese and only has allergy symptoms if she gets into something other than what's in her bowl. I have since acquired two other toy poodles and have them on the same food. They are healthy and a good weight. Thank you.

Mary A
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