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My new 3 month old Wheaten Terrier puppy seemed to have a sensitive stomach within a week of switching to NBC LIt formula her stool was solid and she gobbled it up she especially loves the venison and sweet potato! Thanks for putting out this awesome product!

Kelly B

Toy Poodles love it too

I have a white toy poodle who, as a puppy, developed an allergic cough that kept her awake at night and generalized itching. I did an elimination diet and found that she could tolerate pork, venison, any kind of potato. Period! I was making my own concoction of pork and potatoes which stopped the allergic symptoms but she gained a lot of unwanted weight. I was delighted to discover your sweet potato and fish product. She loves it and I love the freedom of cooking expensive and fattening food for her. At 11 years she is not obese and only has allergy symptoms if she gets into something other than what's in her bowl. I have since acquired two other toy poodles and have them on the same food. They are healthy and a good weight. Thank you.

Mary A

Vegans do it better

My two amazing dogs (5 years-old Pitbull and 1.5 years-old Dachshund mix) have never loved any other kibble better than the vegan formula. I'm so glad I can now feed them with cruelty-free, nutritious food.

Neta R

Very Simple Feedback

I like to keep things simple. My little rescue dog Bella (Maltese & Shih-tzu mix) had severe allergies. My poor fur baby was itching and licking everywhere; she especially had red belly that seemed to cause her the most pain. I went to our local pet store, which recommended Natural Balance. Now Bella is in heaven- no more itching...ever! Thanks so much.

Kym W

Excellent food

I rescued a golden lab and the food he was on was upsetting his stomach. I switched his food to the LID Potato & Duck and he felt much better after a day or so. His coat looks much healthier, his skin looks great, and his stools have been healthy. He has been on this food for almost 6 months and it's just great. Even my vet recommends this line of food. I would recommend this to anyone!

Paul R

Kuma Loves Sweet Potato & Venison!

Kuma loves all Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Venison products-- dry food, can food for pilling and treats; the more the better. Thanks!

Kari P

A miracle food!!!!

Our little SuSu came to us as a rescue with stomach issues from the get go. She did fine on other foods, but was very picky. After she was spayed the surgery aggravated her sensitive stomach and made her not able to digest the food she ate before. She suffered loose stool and weight loss. We tried several brands until I finally came across a doggie forum that had a member recommending Synergy. I went to Petco and asked what they would recommend for sensitive stomach as well and the manager immediately said Synergy. Within 2 days of starting on this mixed with her new diet of chicken and rice she had perfect stools, better than before she was spayed even :)! She is now on just the Synergy and doing great! No more stomach issues and has gained her weight back! I am so thankful for this company and this product!


Best Dog Food Ever

Since my Chocolate Lab was a puppy he had issues digesting dog food to add to my problem at 7 months old he almost went bald. I brought him to a dog dermatologist and spent $700 dollars in painful test to find out there was nothing wrong with his coat but clearly there was a problem. They suggested he may have a food allergy and told me to try a limited ingredient diet. They wrote me a prescription for a very expensive dog food to remedy the problem. Then I brought my boy to a regular check up with his vet. The vet was very concerned about his hair loss and told me he didn't want to run any test and waste my money. He explained my dog has a food allergy and the number one food allergy for dogs is chicken. He went on to say after the dog food companies went to a healthier grain free diet revolution their primary protein went from beef to chicken. He even went on to say many people don't realize that their dogs even have allergies they just think their little friends just shed a lot, but in fact the shedding is an allergic reaction to chicken. He told me to try a limited ingredient diet and suggested Sweet Potato and Venison by Natural Balance. I picked up a bag and seen an immediate difference my dogs coat grew back and his stools were very solid. He still shed, but I figured that was natural however I noticed when I tried Sweet Potato and Fish he responded even better with a shiny coat. Then just to switch it up I tried sweet Potato and Rabbit because the local pet store was out of the other types I used. The Sweet Potato and Rabbit was remarkable! Not only does he like it, but he doesn't shed at all now (I cant even comb enough out to make coming worth while anymore) On top of all that his coat is so thick and full now he doesn't even look like my dog anymore. I hope they never discontinue this mixture because it took me 3 years to find it and I would just die if it ever got taken off the market. He's my Hunting buddy and the smartest dog I have ever trained. It would be so much better if chicken/ poultry would just be removed from dog food but for now Natural Balance makes the safest dog friendly dog food I have ever bought!

Gary R

Thank you Natural Balance for the great food. My dog Koko has allergies and thanks to the limited ingredients in your food his allergies are under control, his coat is white and and soft and his skin is healthy. He loves his small breeds Fish and Sweet Potatoes and I also give him the canned Lamb and Brown Rice. Thank you also for the coupons they help a lot. :)

Walesca V

My cats love Catatouille and eat it up fast! I really like that it doesn't have grain products and has veggies in it with the meat.

Sharon C
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