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I have a family of 3 pugs. A mama, and a boy from each of her two litters. They have all been on high quality limited ingredient dog food their entire lives. Everyone they meet are amazed at how youthful and healthy they are for their age. I used to have to keep switching brands and varieties as inevitably, one or another of my pugs would develop an allergy or digestive problem to an ingredient. Then we tried Natural Balance's L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Rabbit and Potato formula, and I was amazed at the results! The energy level of my aging puggies sky rocketed. Also their fur became rabbit soft, to the envy of all at the dog park! All of the Petco's have sold out, and tell me there has been a supply issue from the company. I truly hope it is resolved as quickly and inexpensively as its uncompromising high quality standards permit. I hope this entry is useful. Thank you!

Benjamin F

Perfect for Dogs that Can't Tolerate Soy

Thank you for making ONLY canned vegetarian dog food on the market that does not contain soy! My dog has severe food allergies to both meat and soy, so this is the only canned dog food that I can feed her. She loves this food and even does a little "dance" when I'm scooping it into her bowls. Please don't stop making this food!

Netty P

My dog loves this food. As he began to get older, he became very sensitive to other brands. After trying what seems like every other dog food, a representative in the store suggested I try Natural Balance. Best advice ever...He is no longer vomiting, having diarrhea, dry/flaky skin, and he smells much better. He also loves the treats. I have given him other foods on occasions when traveling and not able to get Natural Balance, and it has been horrible, so I am convinced that the Natural Balance switch was the best thing for my baby!!

Alana W

My Puppy Loves It!

I have a 5 month old male golden retriever he has no allergies but I still bought this because it is grain free but this is the first food he eats and likes it.

Jules S

We were at the vet today and Spook weighed in at 38.8 pounds! We have continued on the diet and lots of long walks. He has a lot of excess skin and may not ever get rid of his love handles, but he has curves now and before he was just one big round dog. - Patricia T.

Patricia T

She WAS a picky eater!

We have a senior boston terrier-mix she has been a picky eater for ever we have tried at least 10 different foods! I have tried the Rabbit & Potato food and she wouldn't eat it! But this Sweet Potato & Venison she is NUTS for she eats all at once, she loves the taste thank you guys for the best food!

David V


I have 11 dogs (6 borzoi, 2 greyhounds, 2 dachshunds and a saluki) and started feeding Natural Balance about a year ago when I adopted a greyhound who had a very sensitive tummy and could not tolerate other brands, which I was feeding prior. Amazing things happened after this switch. Diarrhea went away in the greyhound, 2 of my other dogs gained weight and maintained their new health weight. Everyone's coat is beautiful! I feed a mixed variety of Natural Balance, a mix of rabbit, duck, chicken, lamb, venison, bison and synergy. I found this way kept everyone happy and interested...having 11 dogs and fosters coming through my doors often some did not care for certain "flavors" so I started mixing the 4-5 bags of different formulas together. My lure coursing borzoi and greyhound have a lot more energy and stamina! We have maintained muscle mass, weight, build up RBCs. Have sent other feeders to Natural Balance due to sensitive tummies and unhappiness of the previous product and they love Natural Balance!

Kelly M

GREAT for Dogs with Allergies

After trying everything under the sun to deal with my Italian Greyhound's skin allergies, an expensive prescription vegan dog food resolved all her problems. But the prescription diet was pricey and required the inconvenience of a vet's prescription. This Natural Balance not only helps my dog, but can be found at many leading retailers AND is easier on my wallet. Please don't ever stop making this dog food!

Tea R

I feel great

My Sasha was getting overweight. I put her on Fat Dogs formula, and now she can keep up with her younger brother, plus beat him sometimes when running. The best is she can stand on her hind legs longer and I see she is much happier.

Stacy O

My Shih Tzu loves your veggie food!

Thank you so much for making a vegetarian (Vegan, no less!) dry dog food for all of us to give to our furry loved ones. My dog loves your product and always eats it with gusto. The wet dog food is a wonderful treat and he often tries to lick through the bowl itself in an attempt to get more flavor! Ha ha! We will be Natural Balance Vegetarian Formula customers for life!

Erin L
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