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I adopted a 4 yr. old Havanese/Shih Tzu mix in December of 2013. He started vomiting almost immediately after I got him. I spent a fortune on vet bills. He has reflux and is on meds for that. In February 2014 the Vet put him on ID. I knew it was not good for him. After 3 months I weaned him off it and on to your limited diet sweet potato and fish. Within 4 days of being off ID and on your diet he stopped vomiting. He still burps, but i can live with that!! Thank you for making a healthful, made in the USA dog food! I feel very comfortable feeding it to him.

Marsha P

Best wet food ever!

I can't believe how this food changed my cat's fur and her activity level. Just amazing. It went from couch potato to having a little playful kitten again. I barely can keep up with her and love it ;-). Thank you NB for making this food!

Nadine P

Stopped the Seizures

My dog was aprox 10 years old when she started having seizures. I had her on a well known dog food that has several commercials (high quality) so I thought. Within 6 months on the previous dog food she started having them. Her blood work was good, the vet thought she may of had a brain tumor and wanted me to medicate her. Thank God I didn't, I told him I wanted to try a couple more things before we did that. This is one of the things I did try was Natural Balance and I took her off her flea med and heart worm pills that she had been taking. Within 1 month her seizures stopped. She also has had higher liver and kidney ranges expected for her age. I have had her teeth cleaned and give her filtered water along with this dog food and her numbers keep getting better with each visit. I highly recommend this dog food. She is now 17 years old.

Chris M

Scout loves all the Natural Balance products. She has treats, food and of course the new dental chews. We greatly appreciate everything the brand has to offer our little girl.

Katelyn C

I have a 6 year-old Boston Terrier who has severe allergies to food. This particular food is the only one that actually works. I have tried everything you could imagine with failure after failure. She has been absolutely miserable until now. The legume and duck is the only one that doesn't have rice, grains, oats, honey, potato, sweet potato, and so on. Plus to top it off I have an older Boston Terrier and a chihuahua puppy which they all love this food and after 3 months they still continue eating it enjoyable. With some of the most expensive hypoallergenic and natural food my dogs would eat it but only for a short time and they would then stop and would literally starve because they no longer liked it. Thank you for making such a wonderful food, I hope you don't stop making it.

Debbie M

Nom nom nommity nom

Sha Sha loves the LID Sweet Potato & Fish Small Breed Bites.

Ellen K

Im a big CAT now!

Levi is going to be 2 yrs old in June and he still enjoys his Natural Balance Ultra - I see it in his coat. We’d both like to thank you for making NB and not doing changes to formulas.

Robin G

Thank You.

My terrier, Chloe, began having digestive problems and stopped eating her regular meat meals. I changed her to your Canned Vegetarian Product and she instantly liked it. After a few days, her digestive problems were gone and her normal eating returned only with more robust action. I plan to keep her on her vegetarian diet. Thank you. Kathy M.

kathleen m

Handsome dog

When I got my dog the people we got him from were feeding him Pedigree Large Breed. He had flaky skin and they told me to used a oatmeal shampoo for it, and he was eating his poo. I switched him to the Original Ultra Premium Dry Dog Food and within three weeks there was a difference. Now his coat is shiny and flake free and he hasn't eaten any poo since. Thanks for your great food.

Merissa M

Dog loves it

I have an 18 month German Shepherd, Spock. When we first got him he had the runs all the time. We tried many different foods including from the Vet - $$$$$$$. The vet even said that he had some stomach disorder and wanted me to order food from them at almost twice the amount per bag. Natural Balance took care of all the problems that I was having within 3 days.

Mark M
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