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Handsome dog

When I got my dog the people we got him from were feeding him Pedigree Large Breed. He had flaky skin and they told me to used a oatmeal shampoo for it, and he was eating his poo. I switched him to the Original Ultra Premium Dry Dog Food and within three weeks there was a difference. Now his coat is shiny and flake free and he hasn't eaten any poo since. Thanks for your great food.

Merissa M

Dog loves it

I have an 18 month German Shepherd, Spock. When we first got him he had the runs all the time. We tried many different foods including from the Vet - $$$$$$$. The vet even said that he had some stomach disorder and wanted me to order food from them at almost twice the amount per bag. Natural Balance took care of all the problems that I was having within 3 days.

Mark M


We rescued Zappa when he was 1yr. old. He was allergic to everything, was only 20lbs., and had pink skin and little hair. We tried several different holistic dog foods but nothing worked. When we tried the L.I.D Sweet Potato and Fish he went up to 40lbs. no more pink and grew tons of hair. It is the only food that agrees with him.

Carol B

The LID dry dog food was recommended by our local doggy daycare when I got a 3-mos old Golden Doodle. He did well on the food but I wanted to try another brand of high-quality, not grain-free, dry food in an attempt to save money. By then he was 4 mos old. He was on the "other" food (also highly recommended and rated) for about 10 days, with soft stools the entire time. I kept hoping once his system adjusted, it would be OK. But on the 10th day, it turned to bloody diarrhea. We went to the vet, who felt it was food related and recommended I go back to the last food he did well on, which was the Nat Balance LID Sweet Potato & Chicken. I picked some up on the way home from the vet. After only 3 meals, his stools were completely normal. I was amazed and will never change brands again.


Our 3 papillons have been on the dog food roll lamb for their entire lives. They will not eat any other dogfood. They do love cut up chicken ,as well. and I do dehydrate and make my own chicken strips for them. I hope you make the lamb rolls forever and do not change a thing about them. Great food product and healthy, too.

Nancy D


Zara is a 5 month old Sheppard/Husky mix. At one point Zara had become apparently bored with her other food and started hiding it under a blanket. Then we tried L.I.D Potato and Duck formula, she is now excited to eat and no longer covers it up in displeasure.

Rinda H

Really works

I have a 15yr old cat that has IBD and we have never been able to find a food that really works for his food allergies. The limited ingredient green pea and salmon made a huge difference and has stopped him from vomiting all of the time. I can't believe it took me all of these years to find it but, I am very happy to see him acting like a kitten again. Thank you :)

Angela C

We love this brand of dog food. We own an Australian cattle and she is so happy with her food. She's more energized, leaner and her coat shines like new. We recommend this food to everyone.

Brittany R

No chicken, duck or other bird protein allowed

My cat, Duck, has severe inflammatory bowel disease, and it is difficult to find cat food with no poultry or fowl protein, including egg, that he likes. I just offered him som Salmon and Gree Pea. He likes it. That's great.

Jon C

My dog Minnie loves the Natural Balance small breed bites Sweet Potato and Fish - especially with her allergies - this is the best food she will ever eat .... Thank you !!!!!

Norma H
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