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seeing results already

My 12 year old retriever/corgi mix has suffered for allergies for years. My vet always prescribed Temaril P to help with his itching. I hated always giving him steroids, so I did my research, and decided to give a limited ingredient diet a try. I decided to give the Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Potato & Duck formula a try. First off, Dusty loves it! Second, I have noticed a decrease in his itching already. Its only been 4 days, but I really do notice a difference! He is also not as lethargic as he was. Like I said, its only been 4 days, so looking forward to see the improvements in his skin and coat. Thank you for bringing my Dusty back!

Beth M

Soft stool cured

My 7 year old Pomeranian suffered for years with soft stool. I originally thought there was no cure. We would have to wipe after every time she went #2. After bringing her to the vet and doing some of my own research, I decided it give the L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Sweet Potato & Fish a try. It's been over 2 months and her stool has hardened and no more wiping. I'm very happy with this outcome.

Sherie B

ONLY Food She Can Eat!

This is the ONLY dog food my 7 month old German Shepherd can eat. She's allergic to chicken, but I've found that she can't seem to tolerate other meats - with the exception of venison! - either! I've tried every high-quality brand out there with absolutely no success - and I've even cooked extensively for her! Lamb, beef, pork, white fish, salmon... the list goes on... she either suffers from diarrhea or panting/scratching! I began to go down the road of expensive medical testing - but as more and more tests come back completely normal - it's clear that it's strictly a dietary issue. I hadn't wanted to put her on a vegetarian diet as I'm concerned she won't get the nutrients she needs - but then I discovered you make a vegetarian food! We are so excited to try this! We'll be waiting outside of the local pet store this morning to purchase it! Thank you for creating such wonderful products - it really helps to know EXACTLY what ingredients my dog is eating!

Kate P

The ONLY wet food my cats will eat!

I can't tell you how many premium brands of wet cat food I have tried for both of my cats. I have a 10 year old that is on a special dry food diet (but some wet food is ok for his dinner) and a brand new 1 year old that I adopted after fostering her over Christmas break. My senior guy never really liked wet food but I continued to try and try until I found something that he wouldn't turn his nose up at. The new girl wasn't quite as finicky but she was taking lessons from her picky older brother and starting to shun the wet food I would feed her as well. I've even tried other stew flavors and the pates, but had no luck. I decided to try the Delectable Delights O'Fishally Scampi and they came RUNNING! They both start getting excited about an hour or so before dinner time and when I go to the kitchen, they stay by my feet, meowing in excitement. You can even see the little whole shrimp and carrot pieces in the stew! I never knew I'd be able to find a quality wet food for them both! They both clean their bowls and are so happy afterward. Thank you again for making such a wonderful (and apparently delicious) product!!

Neema E

I have an 8 year old pug, she has suffered from allergies since a pup. She was constantly licking and scratching her butt, her legs and/or paws. It looked so awful because it looked like her skin was on fire from her constant licking. She had horrible smell coming from her ears. All around her skin produced an awful smell. I have spent tons of $$ on Vet visits, dermatologists, allergy medication; and offered her a large variety of foods (also tried different kinds of Natural Balance foods). About a month ago I walk into my local Petco and I'm standing in the Natural Balance aisle debating which flavor to buy her because I'm to the point I don't know how to help her. I'm walking back and forth looking like a lost soul and a Petco employee comes up to me and offers to help me. I explain the situation and she points to me the L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Potato & Rabbit formula. She HIGHLY recommended it to me and she continued to say she feeds her own dogs. I immediately start feeding her the food (of course she loves it, my pug is just happy to eat). One day on our daily walks I start noticing her behind isn't fire red anymore, I pick her up and just start examining her. Her legs and paws are actual color. Her ears aren't that awful flaky red color with that disgusting smell. I'm kind of in shock (its been maybe about 1 or so since starting the formula) I start noticing she's not constantly jumping from her naps attacking her skin. Her skin isn't smelly anymore. She's finally a happy pug and I'm finally a happy pug owner :) I 100% recommend this L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Potato & Rabbit formula! If I could of started her on this 8 years ago I could of saved tons of $! It is worth every single penny.

Jennifer M

Nitro - Shih Tzu

I wanted to share with you,our old man is 11 years old. He developed a food allergy a few years ago. Have tried alot of different foods over the past years. It had really got worse this last year. We moved him for the vet diet to Natural Balance and he is doing very well. He can only eat the L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Fish & Sweet Potato. He loves it, lucky for us. :) He loves the can, dry and expecially the treats. I am getting a new puppy this month and plan to start her Natural Balance, too. Thank you or your great product!!

Cindy G

When I got my French Bulldog puppy, Ninja, I had a very hard time finding a food that didn't cause diarrhea or gas. After I started feeding him Natural Balance, he didn't have any issues! He just had is 2 year annual physical and my vet said he is looking beautiful, his coat is healthy, he has no skin problems or digestive issues. All of those things issues are common with Frenchies and he suffers from ZERO. Plus no gas!

Hala K

This is the ONLY canned cat food my Weggie will eat!

I used to buy a variety of canned cat foods and my male shorthair wasn't too particular, however my female Norwegian Forest Cat wouldn't touch them...until I opened a can of your L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Duck & Green Pea canned cat food. Mia loves it, and it is by far Marty's favorite. This morning Mia was in place for breakfast to make sure she got first dibs at the food bowl! I went to get more but they were sold out. I didn't even bother with any other food but will drive farther to another store to get this one.

Marilyn S

timing is everything

My little rescue dog probably never got house trained properly. And apartment living requires some consistency and regularity with walk and poop times. I found Synergy to be a real help. It enabled me to feed and walk at regular intervals. Because with 3 small feedings a day, he immediately eats what I put out for him, and then I know that 2 hours later we'll have a productive walk. Synergy provides regularity that we weren't able to achieve with the previous two kinds we tried. So, thanks from both of us.

Max G

Great product

We have a 3 year old chocolate lab. For just over the first year he suffered from constant ear infections that the vet said was from an allergy in his food. We switched his food twice but nothing worked. After calling his breeder, she advised of another lab she was caring for that had the same issues previously and recommended Natural Balance Vegetarian formula. Ever since switching to this product 2 years ago, our dog has had no issues!!! Great Product!

Julie K
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