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Saved from crippling allergies

After months of vet visits, steroid injections, and tests, it was discovered Elsa had a severe protein allergy. Her head and neck area was covered in scabs, she vomited a couple times every day and although maintaining her sweet demeanor, I could tell she was miserable. I took her off a popular brand cat food and switched her to the Venison and Green Pea formula. Eight weeks later and her stomach is happy, her coat is shiny and skin clear. You've made my cat so healthy and happy! Well worth the extra cost to provide her with her special needs. At 4 years old, she has taken to chasing her tail again! We thank you!!!

Tricia B

We started buying Fat Dogs for our beagle, Princess Cuddles, as soon as our new Petco location began to stock it in May. She's gone from a concerning 38.5 lbs to 31.5 lbs in a little over two months. She has a full belly and doesn't beg anymore, and is more energetic. Since she's 9-1/2 years old we worried about hip dysplasia and arthritis, but she's like a puppy again!

Don N

Please don't change the formula

We've been feeding our three dogs your L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Potato & Duck Formula, since finding out that the chronic ear infections were caused by allergies. Our one golden retriever is allergic to just about everything, including peas, so I'm glad that there is still this one formula that hasn't had pea protein added to it. Thank you for this product, and please don't change it. The dogs love it and their coats look great.

Cindy U

Who Would Have Thought a Chicken Allergy?

I adopted two brother cats from the shelter and one of them had a very raw belly from constant licking. The shelter said they had tried many things but to no avail. Starting at square one I started watching reactions after different brands of food. My vet suggested I try Natural Balance and make sure there was no chicken or chicken meal in the products. I've got the boys eating the Green Pea & Duck or the Salmon dry food as well as a quarter can of the Venison for breakfast and a quarter can of the Duck for dinner. The fur has grown back on his belly and no more licking! Wish I could find more sales or coupons for these products as they are not the cheapest, but they are the ONLY cat foods I can find with no chicken in them.

Lillian W

one happy little boy

Hi my name is Murphy. I love my Natural Balance food. Look at how shiny my coat is......

Steve M

Amazing find for my senior dog

I have a 14 yr and 8 month old pomeranian. She has always had a sensitive stomach and I have changed foods several times. She was on Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Lamb Meal & Brown Rice, which was the best I had found for her but still not perfect. Then my dog dropped weight and the vet wanted her to gain some weight. I went to the store and a Natural Balance rep was there and I told her the situation. She recommended Natural Balance Alpha high protein grain free dry food. I got the food but was concerned because of my dog's history with "new food". The Alpha high protein grain free is amazing. My dog LOVES it and she seems better than she has in years. I wish I had found this several years ago. Thanks, Natural Balance.

Kathleen R

Relief For Ali

I have a 12 yr old Bengal, Ali, that licked her lower back raw all the time due to a food allergy. We tried almost everything; even putting her on a corticosteroid which barely cleared it up. All 3 of the vet foods they specially ordered she refused to eat. As a last resort I bought any food that was grain free & chicken free. This is the only that has prevented her from having a reaction and she loves the food too! I wish it came in dry food that would be perfect! Thank you!

Emily R

Happy Husky

We have a very lively rescue Husky mix. Buddy is 18mo and been with us about month. He is all husky and truly loves everything Natural Balance. He loves the L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Lamb Meal & Brown Rice dry food with a bit of the L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Venison & Sweet Potato can food. He will do just about anything we ask to get a Bear Biscuit treat, or a lamb crispy wafer. He is the sweetest puppy, and love to play chase me with ours sons black cat Eddie they chase each other back and forth taking turns in front. Eddie even comes over and talks to Buddy, and Buddy listens. Buddy asked me to let you know thank you for such fantastic food. I tell anyone who asks how good your products.

Tom A

Our 2 Boston Terriers had frequent gas and often creamy stools. After the local pet food store recommended this product we have seen a dramatic increase in the quality of their stool and a reduction in gas. As a result of this our dogs also seem to appreciate it and race to their food bowls when dinner is being served. We would definitely recommend this brand to any of our fellow dog owners.

Chase G

Where'd the food go?

Dear Natural Balance, My cat loves your food and apparently your boxes too! As her "mama" I think she's beautiful and a great model, so I thought you might too. Thanks, Nadia and Tranquila

Nadia K
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