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I've Switched over to your Brand!

Hi, I was feeding Ming a well-known brand of cat food. But the bagged ingredients of that brand was-UNREAL So I went out and bought her a 5lb bag of-NB INDOOR ULTRA Cat food. RABBIT,BROWN RICE,SALMON MEAL. No More Other Brands!

Lori C

No More Emergency Vet Visits

Our rescue, Nemo, had recurring ear infections and stomach issues that resulted several emergency vet visits. We were using another name brand food for sensitive stomachs, but he was still having stomach issues. We tried the Natural Balance line, starting with the meat varieties. Not only does Nemo have an allergy to grain/wheat, but he can't digest certain meats. At the advice of the pet store clerk, we tried the Natural Balance Fish & Sweet Potato dry food. No more stomach upset and no more itchy ears! We even add a dollop of the canned Duck & Potato to his dry food as a treat (since he can't have most dog treats). His dry skin has been alleviated, but best of all, no more vet emergency vet visits!

Stefanie V

Happy Cats!

My boyfriend researched different cat foods and suggested we try Natural Balance. A few days after switching, my girl stopped vomiting up every other feeding. She became much more playful with both me and her kitty brother. My boy (tabby) has lost half a pound, making our vet happy, since this helps manage his asthma. They both have much shinier coats too. I am happy with the Natural Balance brand. It is worth the price!

Kristi M

Love it!!!

My Cocker Spaniel, Beau, is 9 years old. I have battled chronic ear infections and itchy scratchy skin his entire life. When he was young I had allergy testing done, and he's allergic to everything..... Well, just about everything. I had Beau on a different food for many years with good luck, unfortunately, they changed the ingredients and added Chicken meal (one of the allergies he has his poultry), Beau ended up with an allergic reaction to the new formula. It was horrible trying to find something new for him. He suffered with the itchy, smelly, dirty ears until I put him on the NB LID Lamb Meal and Brown Rice food. Beau Loves it! AND, no more ear infections, or itchy / scabby skin. THANK YOU NATURAL BALANCE! Beau and I can't thank you enough for making such a high quality dog food that is affordable. Please! Please! Never change the ingredients - It's perfect how it is!

Brandi K

I am so happy that I came across this product! I am feeding both my cats Natural Balance and they love it so much. My newest kitten however had been struggling with diarrhea since the day we brought her home. She ended up having giardia which spread to my other cat. Needless to say I was picking up loose stool off the floor for over a month. The medication didn't completely help with the diarrhea until I found the L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Duck & Green Pea cat can. The next day her stools were no longer loose. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Natural Balance.

Kristen P

Abby is now a fit and trim Maine Coon!

My Maine Coon cat, Abby, weighed in at a hefty 17-pounds at her recent vet visit. Although I had been watching her food intake and never gave her treats, she kept getting wider. The vet told me that the supermarket brands I'd used taste great to cats, but are the equivalent to fast food. He told me to feed Abby 1/2 can, twice daily, of a premium wet food with only a sprinkle of dry once daily, for the crunch factor. My search brought me to Natural Balance Reduced Calorie wet food and Fat Cats dry food. In only a couple months, she's trimmed down to a svelte 13.6 pounds!!! Thanks Dick van Patten for a wonderful product - donating to area shelters is also a plus!!!

Gail M

lost weight

I started to use Fat Dogs 1 month ago ,because my dog was gaining weight fast. I had him checked and he started meds and Fat Dogs food. Took him to get weighed and blood work and in 1 month he lost 8 lbs the vet was happy and so was I. The dog food is working great and blood work great. I think this food is helping him a lot. I'm glad I tried it.

Tamara M


We have four Brussels Griffons, all related. When we brought home our first baby we were feeding her store brands, but when we got our second baby Fancy Pants she had more of a delicate stomach, when feed what her sister ate she would often vomit and have runny bowels. I went on line and researched the better dog foods and their ingredients. After several days of reading, comparing, I decided to change our babies food to Natural Balance. It was the best choice for the BEST OF Health as within a short time my baby girl, Fancy Pants, was not vomiting or had any loose, dark stools. She was happier and so were we, as we do so love our Furry Children. We have feed all our babies Natural Balance and have no problems with digestive problems, and they are healthy with clear eyes,and healthy coats. Happiness is indeed having peace of mind when it comes to knowing what to feed our Brussels Griffons. I would and have told anyone who ask how they stay so healthy and have such shinny coats what I feed them. Thanks Natural Balance for making a food for our pets that we can relieve on and they love the taste, the dry, the can, the roll, and many of the treats, as they have favorites...


need to go grain free

One year ago I adopted a boxer who had issues with skin outbreaks and yeast infections. Started out feeding a different brand and after persistent issues was told to try Natural Balance. After trying many formulas ended up with L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Lamb Meal & Brown Rice formula. Today was his vet check and was told maybe he needs grain free food. After researching Natural Balance decided to try Alpha Lamb, Chicken Meal & Rabbit formula which I ordered today from Largo Feed. Will finish up with what he is eating now and my next purchase will be the Alpha formula. Thank you for all your wonderful products, I'm hoping the Alpha will be his permanent food. I'm so glad that you are making such a wonderful product and consider all the effects and outcome of all your products. I will let you know how he does with the Alpha formula. Thank you so much!

Marge M

Just loves it.

I have a 4 pound Yorkie. Finding a food he would eat was impossible. I even started making him his food. He would eat it, but sometimes be picky. I bought Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Potato & Duck Small Breed Bites. He just loves it. No more problems feeding the fussy little guy, Baxter. Thanks, over and over to Natural Balance.

Nancy S
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