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Simply Awesome

Thank you, It has been 1 year now on your dog/cat foods. It started with our dog, Sheena, who was scratching all the time and shedding uncontrollably. The vet told us it was probably a food allergy. We had been using another popular brand all her life. Skeptical, I started her on your product. Within 1 week, the scratching stopped completely and after the second week we noticed the shedding had reduced almost by half. We also noticed a difference in her coat and eyes. Then we realized that the yard had less gifts left for us. Our cat has had nothing but your brand of food both wet and dry. She turns her nose up at anything else.

Roberta T

Happy Dogs

Our three dogs 2 dachsund, 1 yorkie (or as we refer to the "Dorkie" because he thinks he's a dachsund). All three dogs have skin problems. After one of our daschund's got so bad he was losing the hair aound his eyes, we took him to another vet who suggested we take him off all grain products. We got started with Natural Balance LID and started to see a difference in all their coats. They now get only the L.I.D. Limited Ingrediet Diets dry and canned food and real chicken. Two dogs are off meds and the other one is on a very low dose. Can't praise this food enough. It has made a difference in all their coats.

Kathy W

Finally found one that works for my dogs!

We switched to Natural Balance (Original Ultra Premium) approximately 2 years ago at the recommendation of a vet right be we moved across the country. When we relocated to the new area we noticed our dog started chewing and licking his paws. The new vet said it was likely anxiety, or allergens in our new yard. We tried wiping his feet off after being outdoors, everything to no avail. I recently switched vets, and he thought the paw licking was due to food allergies. I had never even considered that, and had forgotten I switched him around the same time of our move. He recommended a dog food with rabbit as it tends to be more hypoallergenic. We were happy to find that Natural Balance also carried a L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Potato & Rabbit choice! We switched them over and the licking seemed to subside...but he had also been given a steroid, so I thought I would wait before determining the reason for improvement. 3 weeks later not only has his licking and chewing nearly completely ceased, but his ears stopped smelling too! The vet also told me that food allergies can affect their ears, which I didn't know. He is no longer itchy, and his coat is so soft and shiny now! Thank you for offering choices to the dogs who might be a little more sensitive to certain ingredients. We love it, and purchase quite a lot on a routine basis for our two hungry golden retrievers! Thank you.

Heather S

Powder likes Lamb Meal & Brown Rice

Poor Powder, my 13-year-old white German shepherd, had digestive problem on every food we tried, including all the special ones from the vet. The L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Lamb Meal & Brown Rice is the answer for her. All five of our dogs eat it now. Our most recent rescue adoption was skinny and his hair was stiff and falling out. In two weeks his coat is sleak and shiny and he is putting on muscle.

Joyce K

No Ear or Skin Problems

After having cocker spaniels for the past 20 yrs and having ear infections and skin problems and nothing worked and so many visits to the vet and many many $$$$ spent. We adopted our boy, Owen (cocker spaniel)from a local rescue group and they had him on the L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Sweet Potato & Fish formula, we kept him on it. Hubby said something about the cost but I said if it keeps his ears and skin good and me out of the vet, I was willing to pay the 4 yrs we have had him he has never had an ear infection or skin problem, we just adopted our second cocker and his ears were nasty when we got him but we switched his food to Natural Balance and now his ears are great. Keep up the great work.

michelle r

L.I.T. Sweet Potato and Chicken treats

Sassy, our Yorkshire terrier had allergies. I had her on a dog food made for Yorkshire Terriers for quite a few years..her allergies were getting worse. I spent a lot of time talking to a fella that works at Pet Supplies Plus. He was showing me what all was in the Yorkshire Terrier food and what was in the Natural Balance foods. I even showed my Vet the package of your food ingredients and your L.I.T. Limited Ingredient Treats for dog. She asked me where I found that food and I told her. I was asking about the calories in the treats and food and she was so impressed and told me they were both and treats. I am 100 percent happy with your foods and I don't fear feeding Sassy your foods, due to your safety reports of good food. Thank you for making your foods safe and making so many animals happy campers.. :)

Laine D

Our Newfoundlands LOVE this!

Several years ago, we discovered that one of our Newfoundland dogs had allergies to many foods. She was a very picky eater. We finally got samples of several different brands/types of food, and put them all out in bowls on the floor, to let her choose. She by-passed the other bowls, and dove into the one containing the Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Sweet Potato & Fish! We started feeding this to all three of our Newfs, and they love it. *Unfortunately, the allergic newf also had a severe heart defect, and has passed away, but our remaining Newfoundlands are still enjoying this food.

Laurel T

We adopted our dog from a rescue group, and he had problems from the git go. I tried all differant brands of dog food, and they all had a allergic reaction on him.Then I was in a store one day and saw L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Potato & Duck dry dog food with duck. I never knew they made such a thing, but I was at my wit's end, so I bought a bag. "Baby" our dog just loved it. We had allergy testing done on him, and found out he is allergic to everything just about, but not the duck food. His skin is so much better now, and the itching has greatly decreased. Some things we can prevent him getting allergic to, but it has been hard for him. He is allergic to certain grasses and trees, and all pollen's, so we keep him in the house. Thank you for the L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Potato & Duck dry dog formula with duck. He really loves it. Marylou B.

Marylou B

Go Veg!

I love this company for a very important reason. 1) you have a balanced vegetarian formula. Thank you for providing such a healthy variety of foods for all types of dogs!

Nikki H

Sick Cat Feels Better After Eating Natural Balance

I had been feeding my cat another supposed "natural" brand of pet food and he would periodically throughout the year have bouts of vomiting and no appetite and would get extremely lethargic. It was horrible seeing him go through this. It was finally determined that he had Irritable Bowel Disease. The vet had said to try different foods and the Venison & Green Pea is about the only one that he would eat when he wasn't feeling well. I tried all the "name brands" that you see advertised for sensitive stomachs but many of them have fillers and grains and very "un-safe and un-healthy" preservatives and by products. If a cat has stomach problems, feeding them all these artificial ingredients isn't going to's definitely made me read the labels more closely. Venison is less irritating on a cat's stomach (even less than chicken) and so far it has been a life saver. I will never go back to the "artificial" foods ever again. Thank you for providing such a great product for my cat. He is feeling so much better and hasn't had the issues that he was before....amazing how just changing foods can make such a huge difference.

Mary V
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