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"Mom, did you say dental chews?"

Baby perks up for treat time! I'm happy to provide a tasty option with limited ingredients that doubles as teeth cleaner. Baby's smiles look even better now!

Kay O

Allergies Abated

My rescued shih tzu/llhasa apso has severe allergies, both food and skin. The food he was fed was recalled. I got rid of it immediately but what to do? Freaked out, went to Pet Supplies Plus (which I love more than any other pet store!), spoke to Jimmy who is awesome and informed, he recommended that I try the potato and duck since George was allergic to everything else. I wanted dry food for his teeth. So, after having no food in the house, I brought home a bag and he has been eating it ever since. His allergies have abated, less licking, no more angry bites at his skin, solid stools and the Vet even said his dry eye is less severe. If you have a dog with allergies, then I highly recommend. Gives me peace of mind that he has not had an allergy flare-up in nine (9) months!

Joanne P

Missy always seems to be smiling so I am happy I can give her a Dental Chew each day to help keep her teeth clean. Missy is really picky when it comes to treats but she absolutely loves the Pumpkin and Chicken Meal with Papaya Dental Chews! I love that there is already a huge difference in how her teeth look!

Kelly T

Resolved vomiting problem

Per my vet's suggestion, I tried putting my foster cat, who was throwing up 2-3 times per week, on a limited-ingredients, grain-free diet trial (of just the Chicken & Green Pea line, wet and dry — with no other treats or foods) to see if it might be due to a food allergy. In the month so far, there's been no vomiting whatsoever. I hope that info helps somebody who might be concerned about their cat.

Amanda R

No more ear or bladder infections

You really have a great product here. Our Golden had multiple ear and bladder infections. We knew he was allergic to chicken but decided to go with your L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Potato & Duck formula. He hasn't had an infection in 3 years. Our allergy laden new GSD rescue was just switched to this formula. So far, the itching has subsided. Another thing to mention, if you look at the calories per cup, it is much lower ~375 than the other brands >500 which is great. The only thing I would change if I could would be the GMO canola oil. Thank you for having a great product.

Patty W

Thank you thank you Thank You ... I've a cat, Clarence Henry "Clancy", who is a treat hound. Many of the regular treats, are among his favorites, are just short of 2 calories. His daily allowance is only 240 (to lose weight) to not more than 275 (& he best be VERY ACTIVE). He has many medical problems all of which limit his jumping or running. I now include a portion of his regular dry food when he is looking for treats before our "settle down for the evening" time. I'll put a comment on his dry food. =^ ^=

Marianna H

improves health

Our vet recommended Natural Balance canned food and rolls when our older dog, Monty, was recovering from surgery. He put weight back on and ate better. Since then, we have adopted another rescue. Lulu was way too skinny and we put her on Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Venison along with the Lamb roll food. She filled out quickly and has a super glossy coat and lots of energy. We are customers for life. Natural Balance is vastly superior to other dog food on the market today.

Jessica K

She was dying

We took Sophie in as a rescue dog 4 years ago. At the time we got her she was skinny (to my mind) but the vet said she had a strong chest so had probably done a lot of running. The woman we got her from said she was living with her two older dogs who "hogged" the food bowl every day when they were fed canned wet food and Sophie did not get a lot to eat. We started her on having a bowl of dry food out and full all of the time, as that had been the way we fed the three dogs previous to Sophie. She adapted well to the feeding method, ate when she was hungry, and started to gain a little weight... She developed what we thought were seasonal allergies, a bit of eczema on her rump and itching; at the same time that we were all sneezing and suffering with spring seasonal allergies. Her hair grew back in the winter and then the next year she was just a little worse, her hair did not grow back and she was going out of her mind pulling her hair out. She is a large white dog and she ended up looking like a "Mexican Hairless", with no hair from shoulder to tail. Through trial and error we figured out she was allergic to all things chicken, eggs included. We started her on a vet recommended High Protein food which was full of animal protein. She consumed an 8 pound bag in 4 days and became lifeless, listless, emaciated, and we realized she was on her last legs. She would not move off her bed, and this is a dog who would not let any of us leave the house without her for fear she was missing out on a walk or special outing. It hit me that because she craved the high animal protein food that she was, indeed, highly allergic to the animal proteins. We discovered that fish and any small amount of fish oil (a daily omega-3 capsule) also contributed highly to the problem. After finding and starting her on Natural Balance Vegetarian Formula she was greatly improved in about 8 days and after 3 months she is healthier and more rambunctious than when we first took her on. Her coat is beautiful, fluffy white, where it had been yellow and oily. Funny thing is, she would never look at any food scraps unless they were meat; vegetables were looked at with disdain. Today she craves vegetables, we give her a "treat" of frozen broccoli and cauliflower pieces -- she just about goes insane with delight. Why do you not make a vegetarian dog treat (cookie)? We had to hunt around for a treat that contained absolutely no animal proteins. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SAVING OUR DOG'S LIFE!!!

Paula T

Thank you Natural Balance

I adopted a kitten from a shelter 4 months ago. He was a sick kitty, with what they thought was IBS. After getting him home, I found out that he did NOT have IBS. He has had a lot of testing done at the vet, but has stumped everyone. They have declared him a medical anomally. He has the smelliest, runny poo ever, and chronic colitis, but the normal treatment doesn't help. My vet recommended a diet change. After trying a few different types of foods, I decided to take the advice of a guy at Petco and try Natural Balance Green Pea & Duck. This is the only food that my cat can eat. Since being on this, he has not had runny poo or colitis! It's been determined that he has a chicken allergy. Thank you Natural Balance for making a chicken-free, grain-free food that makes me cat happy and healthy. Now, if it could figure out his other issues, that would really be a miracle!

Julie D

Oh my goodness! Thank you! No more loose stool.

Just wanted to take the time to say "thank you" for making such a wonderful healthy dog food. I adopted from our dog pound a wonderful older chocolate Chihuahua "Henry". Poor little guy had a rough life, his tummy suffered. He had irritable bowel from day one, took him out six times in one night. For 9 months, spent trying everything. Then one day PetsPlus pet store recommended trying the "Sweet Potato & Fish for small breeds". From day 2 his life has been better, such a happy, healthy dog now. He's not in pain from going so much, solid stools. He also gets a couple spoons of pure pumpkin in and loves it. Also, he gets treats in same brand which he never got before. Thank you from the both of us for making this wonderful dog food. Both my Chi's love it & I get a full night sleep now. God Bless... :-)

ShayMarie T
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