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Best food for stomach problems!

I have three american bulldogs. When I got my first one he had constant loose stool. Got him on the L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Sweet Potato & Venison food and he was perfect. My second puppy had no health issues thank goodness. Now I recently got another puppy. Her name is Gypsy and when I first got her she had a very upset stomach. She would vomit and have diarrhea constantly. The vet said that it was severe gastritis. She recommended a different brand for her, but I knew that I had to try Natural Balance food first. Since then she has not had any diarrhea or vomiting. If it was not for this food I don't know what I would have done for my dogs. This food has saved them from a lifetime medication and me a lifetime of constant worry. So, thank you so much!

Chevaun S

Healthy puppy

We have loved and used Natural Balance for several years now, and when we recently adopted a new puppy immediately started her on it as well. A four month old boxer puppy that weighed only 14 lbs (around half of what most of her peers weigh), we took her to the vet for her first puppy visit two days after adopting her. She had been eating the bottom of the barrel store brand food, and as she adjusted to Natural Balance, you could literally see the fat from her old diet exiting her body. Our vet okayed her new diet, and immediately she began putting on several pounds of healthy body weight a week. Her height and length doubled in about a month, and at her next puppy visit (three weeks after the first) she was catching up with where she should be in height and weight. Our little girl will probably always be on the small side due to the first four months of her life, but we are very impressed with how Natural Balance has allowed her to grow in a very healthy way. Being a puppy is hard work, and Natural Balance gives her everything she needs to burn energy during the day and grow, grow, grow while she sleeps.

Ashley E

No more food reactions!!!!

After having German Shepherds who could eat anything, it has been an interesting experience dealing with a Shepherd/Chow mix who is quite allergic to most foods. Your L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Sweet Potato & Bison kibble has been the answer to our prayers. It's GREAT!!!! Our dog loves it, and the food allergies are gone. Thank you so much for having an alternative for us to use. Our pup is back to normal with no more signs of allergies. He is active and growing big and strong...again, thank you!

Bernice G

Great Product!

I have two cats ages 6 and 8. They eat dry cat food throughout the day. I was giving them a high end cat food recommended by my vet. They were both becoming overweight, even though this food was an adult, light, hairball formula. A friend of mine started using Natural Balance Green Pea & Chicken formula and told me what a difference it made in his cats. He gave me a sample for the kitties to try and they loved it. I have since weened them off of the old food and they are strictly eating the Natural Balance dry food. After only a few months, what a difference! They have both slimmed down and their coats are soft and shiny and their "dandruff" is now gone. They have more energy than ever before. One of my cats has a habit of dropping a few nuggets in the water bowl. One thing I did notice is that the Natural Balance didn't turn to "mush" like the other food did. It plumped up instead. Could it be that they feel fuller longer and therefore eat less? Not sure, but the food sure has made an extreme difference in the health of my pets. Thanks Natural Balance!

Joanne L

I just wanted to comment to you guys on a newer product in your Natural Balance line. My kids for years have been on Natural Balance Ultra formula and Reduced Calorie formula.. but upon my recent visit to PETCO, I saw the Natural Balance "FAT DOGS" bags...SO my two have been on it for a few weeks and already my Dapple Doxie lily has trimmed up.. maybe only a few pounds BUT in the life span of a dachshund and their proneness to back problems I AM DELIGHTED...good going. Cheers as always from AADR (All American Dachshund Rescue).

Joseph N


Just like many other happy customers - poor Phineas was having running/smelly stools. He was perfectly energetic and happy -- but could clear our little apartment with a trip to the litter box. I switched foods - tried limited/sensitive tummies..... some he would do better on, but was never really "normal". After a few rounds of tests to ensure Phineas wasn't having other issues - our vet prescribed a food for us to test if it was a food allergy. Sure enough - a few days after being on the food, Phineas had normal stools! Now the trick was to find a high quality 'normal' food that I could buy and not order from the vet, as the vet food was VERY pricy. After a quick internet search for low allergy foods - Natural Balanced L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Green Pea & Duck kept popping up over and over. I figured it was worth a shot. I slowly mixed in the Natural Balance with the prescribed food - and low and behold we are now fully on Green Pea & Duck and Phineas is still having normal stools!! HOORAY! The best thing is - our other cat Ferb loves it just as much as Phineas. THANK YOU!!!

Amanda N

Thank God!!

Last year, I rescued a Pit Bull French Bulldog from the animal shelter, she was severely abused. I've had nothin but problems with her. Constantly losing her hair and staph infections and rashes and itching. My dog has been to the vet 7 times in the last year, antibiotics 6 times and steroids 5 times. It's pure craziness. I've tried different flavors of numerous brands, and I tried the Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Fish... Finally, the L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Potato & Duck! The Potato & Duck doesn't make her itchy or anything. I'm so happy to finally kind something that has worked. I'm so greatful!!

Chelsea F

The ' GIRLS "

Meet the " Girls" as they have become known in our town. I have 2 English Springer Spaniels that are the love of our lives. Before they came into our lives we always had Labs. The last one developed serious skin allergies from wheat and grains. It was awful. I finally switched to a grain free diet when I discovered Natural Balance Original Ultra. I couldn't believe just days we could see a drastic improvement. He wasn't scratching until he was bloody. His skin improved, his fur improved and he was once again feeling like he used to. After he passed from old age I vowed that from now on any dogs we owned would always be fed Natural Balance and I would stay far away from wheat etc..when we adopted both our girls from Springer Rescue of America they were a mess.Their fur was dull, their skin was in bad shape. I immediately got them on Natural Balance Original Ultra and the rest is history as they say.Our girls are amazing. Their fur shines and is so soft and silky. Their eye's are bright and they never stop wagging or wiggling they are so happy. I also am a foster for the Springer Spaniel of America and I always feed my fosters NB. I send home a small bag when they leave for their forever homes as well. Well enough bragging about your product as it speaks for I would like you to meet my Girls Duchess & Bella.

Jill H

Sarah is 17

Wanted to show you an MP4 video of how my dog JUMPS for her meal.....she is 17 years old. Posted it to your facebook page.

Tracy B

My Samoyed Loves It!

My 6 yr old Samoyed is doing well on the Natural Balance Alpha grain free formula. He is a very picky eater and actually enjoys eating it! My Samoyed broke his hip when he was about 3 months old, because of his injury he has not always had a good appetite. I refused to give my dog food that has corn as one of the main ingredients, or one that has meat meal, bone meal, or animal fat. Those ingredients come from a Rendering plant, which process anything from dead farm and zoo animals to cats and dogs euthanized at the pound , my dog is not a cannibal! After I learned that I now read every label and I am very careful about what I give my dog! Thanks Natural Balance!

Tracy H
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