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My Samoyed Loves It!

My 6 yr old Samoyed is doing well on the Natural Balance Alpha grain free formula. He is a very picky eater and actually enjoys eating it! My Samoyed broke his hip when he was about 3 months old, because of his injury he has not always had a good appetite. I refused to give my dog food that has corn as one of the main ingredients, or one that has meat meal, bone meal, or animal fat. Those ingredients come from a Rendering plant, which process anything from dead farm and zoo animals to cats and dogs euthanized at the pound , my dog is not a cannibal! After I learned that I now read every label and I am very careful about what I give my dog! Thanks Natural Balance!

Tracy H

Yummy for her tummy and healthy too!

My 10 month old Springer Spaniel has a host of medical issues, so what we feed her has been an issue since the day we brought her home. We can ONLY feed canned food because she has megaesophagus and we had her on a different brand of food, but she has had several ear infections and recently developed allergies and digestive issues as well. After lots of research, I decided to eliminate grains and chicken from her diet. The vet recommentd a duck base, so we went with Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Duck & Potato canned food. We've been feeding for two weeks now and have already noticed a HUGE difference. She itches A LOT less, has firm poos and LOVES this food. She hears the can opener going and she hightails it to her food dish :-). We are also using the Duck & Potato treat roll and the Potato & Duck dry treats. We love what this food is doing for our fur baby!!!

Jannita B


I can't tell you how greatful I am for this cat food. My cat was suffering (and I was too) from diarrhea and vomiting for over a year. After trying countless types and brands of food and many trips to the vet I found Natural Balance and he is so much better. He loves the food and jumps up on me every morning to get to his food dish before my other kitty. He has regained the weight he lost and is so much happier as am I. And his sister enjoys the L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Green Pea & Duck also. Thank you and don't ever stop making this food.

Sue G


THANK YOU for making my baby healthy and comfortable again. After 9 months of trying brand after brand, she is thriving on yours. It is the ONLY dog food she can digest without serious issues (L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Sweet Potato & Chicken formula). I really mean it's the ONLY dog food she can tolerate. That's no exaggeration. Without it, she'd be miserable (again). And she absolutely loves it! We are so grateful we found this product.

Sadie S

We were introduced to Natural Balance by a co-worker when we got our 2 month English bulldog puppy. Our pup loved it right away and his digestive system seemed to be working great. We were then recommended a different brand, but from the offset we noticed our pup's appetite change dramatically and a few times he had a couple of accidents in the middle of the night as well as very soft stool (sometimes more than others). After a week we kept noticing the repeated patterns and switched him back to Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Sweet Potato & Chicken and he had a complete personality change. He seemed happier and looking forward to his meals + no more accidents in the middle of the night and his stool was back to normal. He is going on 5 months now and we will not try anything else. This food gives him the nourishment and energy he needs to go about his day. I know the food can be a little pricey but our pup Carnitas loves it. Thank you for keeping our puppy happy!!!!!

Alicia A

My little rescue dachshund Thor was having allergy trouble the first several weeks we brought him home. We kept thinking that he was allergic to Bermuda grass and began medicating him with Benadryl. The doctor suggested trying several medications to get his scratching and paw biting under control. The meds seemed to help, but I felt awful for having to dose him because he was quite lethargic when we did so. I took him to a friends house for a puppy play date and he immediately took to the other dogs food. I just happened to have receive a 50% off coupon for this very food, so I decided to give it a try. Not only did he love it, within three days his scratching and biting subsided and as of now, has completely gone away. Not to mention his coat is soft and he seems to have a ton more energy. Thor and I are Natural Balance customers for life!

Liz P

Milo is finally eating

Our maltese Milo is the pickiest eater on the planet! He is 11 months old and since we got him at 3 months it has been a challenge every day for him to eat. We've tried 11 different kibble brands and stews. We've tried home cooking chicken rice and vegetable. He turned his nose up on all of it. He's was only happy eating dog treats. So frustrating. Thank god for the lamb roll!!! Milo loves it. He actually begs for it now. Thank you Mr. Van Patten!!! Your brand is awesome!!!

Laura J

You saved a life

I rescued a dog 17 months ago. I have always been a raw feeder (and still am to my other dogs) but this guy was tricky. He came down with illness after parasite, after weight loss, after vomiting, and loss massive weight (down a lean 52 pounds to a deadly 38 pounds) His rescue foster folks said he was always 'lean.' After a year of ownership, he was sick and on medication constantly. He would be so-so when on meds, but within 48 hours of finishing, he would be deathly ill again. He was diagnosed with IBD and severe food allergies. He is probably allergic to every normal food used for raw feeding (chicken, beef, pork, turkey) My vet and I had many many appointments and after a long discussion, he suggested a limited ingredient diet. I researched, which for me is not reading on the internet, but asking fellow dog owners what worked for them. Most people suggested Natural Balance diets. My vet said duck is the easiest to start with, so I switched him over to your L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Potato & Duck formula while also on the latest rounds of meds. Well, he has been off meds now for 2 weeks, continues to gain weight, has not vomited or had a loose stool what so ever. We have a long road ahead of us, but considering how deathly ill he would fall immediately after finishing a round of medication, this is awesome. I have been dealing with this for a long time, had to listen to him cry out and grab at his stomach every night of his life, watch him wither away to the point of organ involvement, to now seeing my old dog back! Happy, excited, active, and gaining weight. You have earned yourself a customer for life!

Megan S

Alpha Dry Cat Foods

Thanks for being the first to use garbanzo beans as a protein source! My cats love the Alpha foods! I tried other foods that use pea protein, and my cats are not that crazy about them, I think it may be the smell. Even though Alpha does also have pea protein, it is not in the same concentration which is a plus, and my cats seem to be able to tell the difference. The only thing I wish you would make is Alpha with RABBIT meat. My cats (Devon Rex) have allergies and rabbit seems to be a meat source that is less reactive to them. Please add RABBIT to the Alpha line! Thanks

Diana S

seeing results already

My 12 year old retriever/corgi mix has suffered for allergies for years. My vet always prescribed Temaril P to help with his itching. I hated always giving him steroids, so I did my research, and decided to give a limited ingredient diet a try. I decided to give the Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Potato & Duck formula a try. First off, Dusty loves it! Second, I have noticed a decrease in his itching already. Its only been 4 days, but I really do notice a difference! He is also not as lethargic as he was. Like I said, its only been 4 days, so looking forward to see the improvements in his skin and coat. Thank you for bringing my Dusty back!

Beth M
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