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LID diet

My golden retriever was diagnosed with a tumor. It was causing her to loose a tremendous amount of weight. She had become anemic and was having difficulty keeping her meals down. Her energy was gone and I was desperate for anything that she could eat that wouldn't make her sick. It was recommended I try the L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets. By day two of the L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Sweet Potato & Chicken diet, she was full of energy again. Ready to take her mile hikes 3 times a day. Not only is she excited to eat this food, but since being on the Natural Balance diet she hasn't had any stomach problems. My golden may not beat her cancer but I know the time she has left will be better because of this food! Thanks!

Debbie G

I have to say I love this product as much as my dog. I work at Petco and it was actually recommended by my GM. My 9 year old Shih-Tzu had been having serious dry skin and itching for the 3 years I have had her. We used a product recommended from the vet with no relief. After switching Widget on to Natural Balance after just a few weeks she began scratching less and less. Beyond that she loves it as well. I feed her the food roll diced up into little pieces as training treats and she believes they are treats not food.

Karissa H

Rabbit and Potato

I must say the LID Rabbit and Potato is by far the best choice and taste I've given both my dogs! I have a 5 yr old puggle with severe allergies to every type of protein except this and he highly enjoys it! I also have a beagle I just rescued form a puppy mill and she is at the tender age of 12 with many health issues and this appears to be the best choice for her as well as it hasn't affected their digestive tract or allergies. But I cannot seem to replenish the rabbit and potato anywhere, I've searched online and all the local pet stores that carry it and it's sold out everywhere! How long will this issue take to fix? I hope its not a recall problem. I truly hope this is brought to the proper persons attention. Thank you! regards, happy parent and customer :)

Maria R

Potato & Rabbit

My 10 year old beagle had constant ear problems. Smelly red tared ears. I switched to L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Potato & Rabbit from a chicken based product and the ears cleared up after one and a half weeks. The only problem is the beet pulp ingredient caused lots of painful gas. Today I changed his food to L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Sweet Potato & Bison which does not contain beet pulp. I read the pulp does not digest well and can cause gas. I hope my new food choice works out. I let you know in a few weeks in the Bison Sweet Potato review section. Tom

Tom G

Both Dogs Love It!

I bought the Fat Dogs Dry food for my small dog because he needs to eat low-fat due to pancreatitis. Our other medium size dog has never had a weight problem. The good news is that both the dogs LOVE this dog food. It's actually their most favorite flavor of all the Natural Balance dry dog foods. She gobbles up four scoops of this food every day with a little chicken/sweet potato canned food mixed into it. I am so happy to have found a dry food that both of my dogs love. And the absolute best part, no stinky poop!

Vanessa C

Frank's Food for Life

Thank you Natural Balance, for this quality product. Frank is my 19 month old German Shepherd Dog. He came to live with me when he was 14 weeks, and I tried a number of different foods, only to have each one cause his stomach to be upset. It was then recommended to me, by my local pet store, to try Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Sweet Potato & Venison. That was over a year ago now, and he has had no digestive issues since then. And also, he loves this food. Everywhere we go, folks comment on how beautiful his "coat" is. Thanks, Natural Balance, for your commitment to help us pet owners keep our pets healthy inside and out!

Chris S


I switched to Natural Balance after talking to the very knowledgeable manager at Petco. After about 2 weeks I could tell the difference in my dogs weight (much better) and activity level. Yes it cost more but it is worth it.


New puppy doing really well

About a month ago my husband and I adopted a puppy who had been left in a dumpster. Cute little guy but he smelled the WORST and his coat was so dull. I have not had a dog in about 30 years and had no idea what to feed him. After speaking to the manager at Petco for about an hour I decided to start on on the dry L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets food and he is doing GREAT. People are always commenting about how shiny and soft his coat is and he no longer has that horrible odor (even bathing didn't get rid of it). Our baby is now about 16 weeks and growing and healthy - I have fed him nothing but the L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets foods (both canned and dry) and have no intention of giving him anything else.

Beth W

New Pup, New food

My 5 month old pup loves, loves, loves his new food. I recently switched him over to Natural Balance. When he was on the previous food, he didn't eat all his food ever! Most of the time he skipped at least 1-2 of his meals that I feed him 3x a day. Now eating Natural Balance, he looks forward to every serving and nearly licks the bowl. I'm happy to see our pup eat and I think he's even more happier with his new food. I really like the quality of the food and the smell, you can almost smell every ingredient in the wet food. Thanks, Natural Balance, you're the best!

Veronica M

Best Dog Food Ever and Great Price

My 1 year old boston terrier started to develop extreme bloating and upset stomach along with skin allergies. I switched to Natural Balance and all of our worries went out the door. Aside from saving hundreds of dollars on allergy tests, my pup has done really well with this food. Almost no more gas and his coat and skin are super healthy. I get comments all the time on how soft, shiny and lean he is. Thanks!

Julia S
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