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The last time I took Casey to the vet for what we thought was another eye infection, the vet suggested it could possibly be allergies as she could find nothing wrong with her eye. When I took Casey back three weeks ago because she was scooting and had a really awful rash, the vet (a different one this time) also suggested she had allergies. She was treated with allergy medication and it was suggested that we change her diet. I purchased a hypoallergenic dry food from the vet, but Casey wouldn't touch it. When we stopped by a PetValu a few days later, we asked the store clerk what she recommended and she told us Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Fish was an excellent start. So, we tried it. Instead of trying to feed Casey alone, we switched the diet for all three of our dogs. It's only been two weeks, but I can honestly say I have noticed a difference. Their coats are soft, shiny and silky. They don't seem to be shedding as much. They seem to have more energy (Barney and Casey are almost seven and Izzy just turned 11). They don't pig out on this food, so even though it is more expensive I think I'll being buying it less often. They had been on Pedigree Vitality for most of their lives, and were doing well on it, but I don't know if Pedigree changed their formula or if my dogs are just more sensitive to it the older they get. I had noticed their coats getting dry and coarse. But I think I will definitely keep them on this food. Casey is still scooting from time to time, but I'm hoping maybe she just has an itchy bum!! The only problem I have with this food, is that no one locally sells it, so I have to make sure I stock up each time we go to the city.

Lynette B

I adopted Piper when she was 1 yr old from the SPCA and she had a difficult first year. I found during the first couple of years that she had allergies with chicken and turkey causing terrible diarrhea and mucus, etc. When my vet suggested Venison that’s when I found Natural Balance and she’s been great ever since!

Debra P

seizure free Thanks to LID sweet potato fish formula

Oliver, my daughters 2 year old Rat Terrier was having seizures that started at age 1. At 1st they were few and far between but he started to have them more frequent. My daughter did research and found that a lot of dogs have allergic reactions to Chicken byproduct. He has been on Natural Balance for 9 months now and has been seizure free for 9 months!!! We now have my dog Buddy (pure mutt) on the food and he no longer gets the hot spots that he would get every once in a while. Thank you for making a quality product for our furbabies.

Tina P

Best for my dogs allergies

My golden retriever is allergic to almost everything & the LID DUCK & LEGUME is one of the only foods we tried with success. My local petco discontinued it & Petsmart doesn't carry natural balance so we will have to order online! Love natural balance and can't/won't switch to anything else!

Lisa C

My cat is in love

My cat is a very finicky eater, plus he gets sick with many treats...but he loves his treats. So far, he has only been able to tolerate one other brand. I picked these up this morning and he is in Heaven! No vomiting either!

Jennifer H


I adopted my cat, Mae, in 2007. She is an all white cat and has always had ear infections. I was always told it was typical for white cats. She ended up getting an ear hematoma from stratching her ears. I ended up having to go to a new vet closer to my house and she suggested Natural Balance LID cat food. She believed she had a grain allergy. I went to the local store that sold it that day and haven't looked back! In eight years, I have never seen her ears so clean!!! She hardly ever scratches her ears anymore! I wish I would have found this product 8 years ago so she never had to deal with it!

Danielle K

So far its working

We have a saint barnard cross in our house that seems to be alergic to everything. We've tried so many dog foods. When the vet finally recommended this we were not very optimistic but it sure seems to be working so far. His redness and constant itching has stopped and although he still shakes his head a lot he is so much better, This dog at one time had almost no hair and sores, so we are super impressed with your food. LID Venison and sweet potato.

Patsy B

Hot spots disappeared.

I was losing my mind trying to keep my dog from scratching hot spots all over his neck and paws. The vets shot him up with cortisone and never said a word about food. He said his dog had the same issues, nothing I could do. After weeks of homeopathic alternative routes apple cider vinegar, which helped, he was still licking hot spots. The local pet store women told me to try your product. I was paying over fifty a bag for some other organic food and to make a long story short, he was fine in a week of eating this product. Thank you and Andy the beagle mix thanks you. Susan veraldi

Susan V

Amazing dog food!!!

The Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Fish is amazing! After going through 5 months of my Lab puppy experiencing continual diarrhea issues and trying at least 6 other brands to see if it would help, I tried this food on the suggestion of a vet. The results were amazing, literally overnight, the problem went away! I swear by this brand and blend of food, and I feed my dogs nothing else! Neil

Neil R

I have attached a photo of my new pup Carmela with her favorite food, Natural Balance potato kangaroo formula. She loves it so much that she knocked the bag over while I was bringing in groceries and chewed the bag open! She loves this stuff.

Jennifer C
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