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Allergies Gone

My poor pound pup suffered immensely with seasonal allergies along with allergies he'd get from nosing around in certain places or swimming in certain bodies of water. It was awful, constant scratching and chewing and hot spots turning into broken skin when the seasonal allergies hit. He'd have to get steroid shots about 3 times a year when his skin would start bleeding but we were only treating the symptoms and compromising his overall health. Benadryl did nothing, Zyrtec made a small dent in between full breakouts. Then I got smart and started looking into his diet and saw that the first ingredient was chicken meal. Then I remembered that chicken meal is mostly feathers and everything else left over after it's been processed for everything else. So I researched dog foods that didn't have that ingredient - there weren't too many a few years ago. I stumbled across the LID line of Natural Balance and now Spencer is no longer struggling with allergies. No more meds either. Since I switched him over to LID Natural Balance he's never had to get another steroid shot, never had another hot spot, no more pink and swollen muzzle. And big bonus point for the city dwelling dog owner, the stool is compact, small, and not the most horrific smelling substance in existence. Obviously, his system doesn't have to work overtime processing the garbage in regular dog food out of the body. Life changing for us both! Many thanks!

Pamela R

Couldn't be happier!

Cavaliers have a tendency to be overweight and Bailey was no exception. I've tried so many dog foods claiming to help him lose weight with no success. I bought the fat odds formula and Bailey has lost 4 pounds in the last 2 months. Our vet was so impressed. He is going to recommend this product to other clients struggling with overweight dogs. We couldn't be happier!

Patti N

My dog loves his meals!

My dog loves his Sweet Potato and Venison dry dog food. And he has great digestion while eating it!

Catherine N

My new 3 month old Wheaten Terrier puppy seemed to have a sensitive stomach within a week of switching to NBC LIt formula her stool was solid and she gobbled it up she especially loves the venison and sweet potato! Thanks for putting out this awesome product!

Kelly B

I am a proud owner of a 12 yr old doxxie.She is very spunky and active for her age. I have natural balance premium roll dog foods to thank for that ! She has a shiney thick coat, and everyone of her teeth still, her vet is amazed. The first thing he says is, " Wow, what is she eating, she s beautiful! " I tell him "Natural Balance Dog Food Rolls." The vets comment is always the same "Its all in what they eat, if people only realized just how important good food is for a dog. Its the difference between a disease free life vs. a visit of poor skin conditions, cloudy eyes, and diseases abound." She has just had her twelfth annual exam and again passed with flying colors, no illnesses or conditions to speak of. I feed her this premium beef {occasional lamb,and chicken} roll formula full feed. I have reaped big rewards for doing so all these years. The vet told me that doxxies are known to lose all of their teeth within the first 2 to 4 years of life. I am proud to say that she has all of her teeth without any signs if tooth decay what so ever. Now that is truely something to be proud of!!!Thank you Natural Balance for the great product. If you could please let me know where I can keep getting the Premium beef formula for I am having a hard time finding it my supplier is now only selling the new formula and she refuses to eat that. Thanks again!!!! Sincerely, Kim D.

Kim D

Toy Poodles love it too

I have a white toy poodle who, as a puppy, developed an allergic cough that kept her awake at night and generalized itching. I did an elimination diet and found that she could tolerate pork, venison, any kind of potato. Period! I was making my own concoction of pork and potatoes which stopped the allergic symptoms but she gained a lot of unwanted weight. I was delighted to discover your sweet potato and fish product. She loves it and I love the freedom of cooking expensive and fattening food for her. At 11 years she is not obese and only has allergy symptoms if she gets into something other than what's in her bowl. I have since acquired two other toy poodles and have them on the same food. They are healthy and a good weight. Thank you.

Mary A

Vegans do it better

My two amazing dogs (5 years-old Pitbull and 1.5 years-old Dachshund mix) have never loved any other kibble better than the vegan formula. I'm so glad I can now feed them with cruelty-free, nutritious food.

Neta R

Very Simple Feedback

I like to keep things simple. My little rescue dog Bella (Maltese & Shih-tzu mix) had severe alergies. My poor fur baby was itching and licking everywhere; she especially had red belly that seemed to cause her the most pain. I went to our local pet store which recommened Natural Balance. Now Bella is in heaven; no more itching...ever! Thanks so much.

Kym W

Excellent food

I rescued a golden lab and the food he was on was upsetting his stomach. I switched his food to the LID Potato & Duck and he felt much better after a day or so. His coat looks much healthier, his skin looks great, and his stools have been healthy. He has been on this food for almost 6 months and it's just great. Even my vet recommends this line of food. I would recommend this to anyone!

Paul R

Kuma Loves Sweet Potato & Venison!

Kuma loves all Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Venison products-- dry food, can food for pilling and treats; the more the better. Thanks!

Kari P
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