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I think this photo speaks for itself....

My dog (lab) Harper clearly LOVES her natural balance venison and sweet potato kibble!!!!


It Works!

Just thought I would share a picture with you. I have been using Natural Balance for quite some time now but had to switch to the "Fat Dog" brand due to my bully being 10 pounds over weight. He has now been on it for over 2 years and guess what? He went from 81 pounds to 71 so I am very happy and so is he. I have been telling others about it and hope that it helps them as well. Thanks! Cindi and Capone

Cindi H


My dog a German Short-Tailed Pointer mix breed {Kanye} has severe allergies. He was losing his hair,he was going bald on his belly. I took him to the vet, he had a blood test done, he was checked for ticks and he was given a clean bill of health and I was told he had allergies. I was told to give him two Benadryl in the morning and at night and that would help him with the itching and he would not scratch so much. I did what I was told, it help but he was still going bald and I had no idea what was causing his allergies. A co-worker of mine who had a dog with severe allergies suggested that I remove potato from his diet since potato converts into sugar. I went to Petsupplies Plus and explain to them my situation, the young who assisted me informed that she had several customers complain about poultry. So I decided I wanted to find a food without poultry and potato. The supply of dog food without both ingredients are slim, after she talked to me about several brands of dog food. I decided on NATURAL BALANCE LIMITED INGREDIENT LAMB MEAL AND BROWN RICE. The young lady also suggested to use pumpkin squash for dogs and combine it with his food while I convert him from the other brand. I also make his treats now, brown rice popsicle, raw carrots, celery, frozen brown rice combined with peanut butter and I give him a fish oil pill daily. I am amaze at his improvement, his belly is almost back to normal, his hair has a beautiful sheen. Thanks to my co-worker, the clerk at the pet store and Natural Balance. My baby looks and feel good.

Diana S

Lesson Learned

My Bella is a rescue Rottweiler/Lab mix. I learned very early that she would have to be grain free because of gastrointestinal issues when eating regular puppy food. I tried several brands and she didn't like any of them. I tried her with the Natural Balance sweet potato and fish. She liked it and it didn't upset her tummy. When she turned a year old, I experimented with "store brands" of grain free food. She ate it fine and didn't vomit or have diarrhea so I thought, great, more convenient than having to do mail order. Then I noticed something else. She was scratching and her fur was falling out. Yep. A different type of allergic reaction. I put her back on the LID and started adding a little coconut oil to her food. She stopped scratching and her fur is almost all back. Lesson Learned. You've got a customer for the rest of her life. Thanks for a great product.

Jan R

We've been feeding Magoo Natural Balance since he was a young pup. He loves it and it helps control his many allergies.

Jeannie W

Oliver is enjoying his Wild Pursuit, his first solid food. He was found in a building that was being torn down. Estimated age is 4 weeks.

Patti D

Good Food.

Our Boston loves this food. We were advised by our vet to find a LID food to counteract a suspected food allergy. Natural Balance by far had the largest selection. Within a week we started to see her rash go away.

Ryan S

I have a french bulldog mix named Walter. He's just a little over a year old now and the Veterinarian had labeled him a special needs dog due to his sensitive stomach issues. I tried a multitude of different dog foods including the prescription diet and none of them seemed to agree with him. When I transitioned him to your Vegetarian Canned Formula, it was an instant success. Not only does he love eating it but he's leading a happier lifestyle. Please don't stop making this product. Thank you again and I highly recommend it.

Schuyler K

Wonderful product

Baxter , our rescue dog gained weight slowly over the past few years. I took him to the vet in January and was told that he had to go on a diet. My daughter, a vet tech and employee of petco told me to try fat dog food. I started him on it in February and am happy to say that he has lost 5 lbs. the vet is happy, I am happy and most of all so is Baxter. He loves the food and I can tell he is enjoying walks and exercise so much more. I would recommend this food to anyone who gas a pet that needs a low calorie food.

Jan W

Thank you, Muchas Gracias Natural Balance!

At first my Chihuahua did not like the Sweet Potato and Bison formula. So I started with the sweet potato and chicken and he loves it! I then bought a wagyu beef and legumes formula so that he does not get bored of the chicken formula and he likes that one also. One day I will give him sweet potato and chicken and then the next day wagyu beef and legumes. Thanks again Natural Balance for making healthy food for my pooch!

Andre S
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