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One Food Fits All 3 Dogs Needs

I used to purchase 3 different types of dogfood to fit the needs of my rescue furry children. Someone at Petoco suggested Natural Balance years ago and I switched and have had no health problems, ear infections, etc. since. I had a dog that needed a lower calorie diet,one that was very small that needed small bites and one that was overweight. All 3 were now able to eat the same food. It saved me a lot of money on food and vet bills. Thank you Natural Balance.

Lisa J

Fat Dogs Rock!

We started feeding our little guy this food after our vet told us he was overweight first he gave us a prescription brand dog food that was very expensive and did nothing to help lose weight so we saw this product Fat Dog and grave it a shot well what do you know its a miracle food our little guy is losing the weight and more energetic WOW! Thank you Natural Balance.

Chr V


This food is great! It is unmatched. Our Doberman is allergic to grain, chicken, beef, fish, and egg. This list goes on. She is highly allergic to so many things that she can't eat duck because it is close to chicken, she can't eat bison because it is close to the beef. Our vet was back and forth with us. We wasted so much money on different foods. However she has been and still eats the Sweet Potato and Venison with no trouble. I would recommend every dog owner who's dog suffer from allergies to try this food. Our dog had it all, shedding, danger, hot spots and diarrhea.

Dayven F

Stops the Itching!

My pug has suffered from allergies to her food for years, and has had predazone shots and benydril to try and control the excessive scratching and paw chewing. I tried the kangaroo product and no more scrathing!! Both my senior pugs like it. I will keep them on this food.


Thank you

Hi there!! I just want to say thank you for having such quality food. I adopted from the shelter I work at my Pit Bull cross. She came in malnourished and scared. After awhile of feeding her your food, she has the healthiest coat and is in great condition. I truly believe a high quality food does so much for an animal. Fredde Jo, my girl, has gone from being shy and underweight to learning to become a therapy dog and she is also running for Grand Dog. Anyways, Fredde and I just wanted to write to say thank you for such a wonderful food.

Mary K

Happy Cat Mommy!

My husband and I switched to Natural Balance about six months ago for our two cats who are about a year apart. We have a 18 month old male Siamese (Titan) and we have a seven month old European Short-hair (Petra). When we first got Petra all she wanted to do was eat Titan's food. We were concerned so I asked a co-worker what we should do (My co-worker knows a lot about cats plus went through the same thing) she told us to go to Mud Bay and see what foods they had that could be for both of them. The clerk at Mud Bay gave us a few samples of different foods and Natural Balance Salmon and Green Peas. For some reason Titan after the second bag he didn't want the food so we switched to the Duck and Green Peas, needless to say they LOVE it just as much as we love giving it to them! We want to get a dog some day and we will definitely be giving it Natural Balance for dogs!

Shelby L

Just brought home Natural Balance's potato and kangaroo formula. Maria loves it! Even belle was trying to get some. Sounds like a hit to me ;) especially in this house,; Maria is a picky eater

Jaci J

My babies go crazy for this new formula!!

Of course we have always loved Natural Balance and the dogs usually share their food but when we tried the new Whole Body Health Chicken/Duck formula they are now protecting their bowls! They absolutely love it!!

Susan S

Best choice!

My tom cat (in the Eeyore hat) was having bowel movement issues, so I was having troubles finding a no-grain dry food that worked well with his digestive system. When we finally found this food, he was cured :-) plus, and he lost a little of his belly fat. I think this is a great company and also enjoy the fact that they offer the loyalty program to their customers. Thanks Dick & Jimmy!

Kathrina M

Dog results means GREAT News!!!

Our dog, Abby who is a 10 year old Golden Retriever, has 23 allergies. Of those allergies she is allergic to Beef, Pork, Corn, Flax Oats, Alfalfa, and Carrots and finding the right dog food is a challenge. We were feeding our dog food that we thought was great but they kept changing their ingredients. We stopped by a local store and found Natural Balance Lamb and Rice and we have been feeding this dog food to our dog for over a year and it has been a great year. Our dog did not have much a a coat but since she has been eating this dog food our dog looks more like a Golden Retriever and she is not itching at all. We are truly thankful for such a great product and truly a testimony that the right dog food does make a difference. Thanks to such a great company for making a great product.

Barb R
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