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My dog has cancer

Greetings. Two and a half years ago, my dog (Miles) was given two months to live by vets, due to cancer. We wanted his quality of life for his last two months to be as best as possible. We only made one change in diet. We switched to the Vegetarian formula. We had never purchased Natural Balance products before. Well, here we are, two and a half years later, and I'm happy to say that Miles is still with us. He receives two helpings of the Vegetarian formula daily, and continues to eat. Coincidence? I'll let the readers decide. We're thankful to have our Miles around for as long as we can.

R.D. M

From The Cat

Hi, I'm Boo Boo. I'm the cat. My people fed me Catatouille Delectable Delights and I really liked it. I have to have low carb cat food and Catatouille Delectable Delights has low carbs. It tastes good and I eat it all up. I told them to get me some more Catatouille Delectable Delights.

Boo B

All the "kids" in the neighborhood loves the treats!!


Happy Dog

My dog, Ringo, only gets Limited Ingredient food and treats. He absolutely loves Jumpin' Stix.

Mary D

I'm good. Now please give me some.

I have three old dogs. They went crazy tor your dog food. They thought it was a treat. Thank you. I just wanted you to know!

Jan S

We're hungry mom

these are our 2 adopted rescue doxies. They are 10 1/2 months old. They are brother and sister. Louie (the darker one) shortly after we brought him home started to develop stomach problems. The vet advised us to switch to Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Venision Dry Food. Within a few days, he was back to normal and as frisky as can be. Now, that's all Louie and Louise eat along with the Natural Balance Dog Treats.

Diane B

Thank you

My dog has been a vegan for over three years now and I have been buying your Vegetarian kibble that whole time. Recently, I discovered that you also have canned Vegetarian dog food, so I started buying it as well. I ended up trying several different kinds of vegan canned dog foods, but my pup seems to like yours the best! I also like yours the best because you don't have a pull tab on the top of the can. Thank you so much for that! The pull tabs make it impossible to get all of the food out of the can and typically cut my hands. Your food just slides out of the can, easily, and that is honestly a huge reason why I choose to buy your canned vegan formula over others. :)

Kayla C

Firmer Stool in 7 days!!

I have a 4 month old west highland terrier that was having a hard time finding a food that agree with his stomach. When I first got him at 9 weeks old, the seller was feeding him Iams which I feel have no nutritional value, so I ask around for suggestions on a good dog food brand and everybody suggested Blue. So I put him on Blues chicken and brown rice puppy formula and for the last 2 months my dog has had very soft or loose stool and even began to get gassy so I finally decided that it was time to switch. So this time I really research about my dog breed and come to find out Westies have very sensitive stomachs and prone to skin allergies, so that's when I learned about grain free diets and picked up a bag of Natural Balance L.I.D sweet potato and fish. I chose fish as the protein meat since chicken is so overused. Seriously one of the best decisions!! In just 7 days my dog is already starting to have firmer stool and is more excited when it's time to eat!! I also love the fact you can feed this food to your dog from a puppy to an adult. So excited to see the results of a better coat after a couple weeks on this food. Overall great brand with a lot more flavor selections.

Roxie R

Back into her skinny sweater

By March of 2014, after a particularly brutal Midwestern winter we had all put on a few pounds. I was very concerned about my 10 year old German Shepherd/Beagle mix who has bad hips. Her normal weight was 48 lbs and she was up to 60! My boyfriend thinks dogs love treats more than walks & love. NOT!!! She started the Fat Dog formula and I mixed in a cup of green beans (frozen, thawed in microwave with low sodium chicken broth) and we started her diet. I am very pleased to say that Bella has lost 9 lbs and looks great at 51 lbs. This took six months. I used the green beans for healthy filler with the O.K. of her vet.



We rescued a two year old Persian cat in Aug 2014. We were told that the previous owner was upset that "she went outside the litter box", and brought her back, extremely matted as well. That was after her original owner sold her on Craig's list, and she was extremely matted then as well. I felt as if something was not right, but I couldnt leave her in the shelter where the workers were trying to convince me "she just has an attitude", how would she ever be adopted with that as the sales pitch. So, we brought her home, and she started having issues with going outside of the litter box, but something was not right, you could tell there was a problem by the consistency, and the way she cried. Upon researching the symptoms, I thought she showed signs of IBS. I changed her food right away to another well known holistic brand, and she started to show signs of improvement, but she did not really like the food, so she was barely eating. I tried everything, and was just wasting my money, until I came across the Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Duck & Pea formula, and the inside only wet cat pouches. My cat cleans the bowl of the wet food, and consistently enjoys the dry food too. We have not have any issues with her going outside of the box, her fur is growing in beautifully, and she seems to be much more content now. She obviously just needed a family who would give a little more effort into her well being, and I am so glad I didn't listen to the shelter people. Yes, its a little more expensive, but I haven't had to go to the vets office once, so it actually has saved me money! Will continue to buy as long as the product remains the same.

Andrea M
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