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Not Once but Twice in a Lifetime

My oldest dog Spanky is a Boston Terrier. Boston's are notorious for belly issues, and Spanky was no different. When he turned about 2 years old he started losing weight and couldn't keep anything down. This went on for over 3 months. Between diarrhea and vomiting, he was one miserable dog. Finally I researched homemade diets and started the timely process of making all his meals by scratch. Some weeks I would spend up to 10 hours a week preparing his meals. But it worked and he was able to put back the weight and got a clean bill of health. After doing this for 2 years I decided to try and give dog food another try. I started out with a formula from Pet Value, it was ok but Spanky started vomiting once or twice a week again. One day I decided to pick up a few sample bags of Natural Balance. That very first night I opened the sample bag my cat believe it or not, went wild about the food. We couldn't keep him out of the dog bowl. Spanky scarfed down his food and even with as fast as he ate he never vomited. Immediatly the next day I checked his bowel movement, and I couldn't believe the reduction. I though maybe something was wrong with him. I went to the store and bought a small bag of the food and gave it a try for a week. I just couldn't believe the immediate turn around. Spanky has now been on Natural Balance for approx 8 years. But this isn't the end of our tale. About a month ago I inquired about a dog that was being used as a "Breeder". Maci had her first round of puppies but was in dire straights. While she was pregnant she became very ill. Her stools turned to bloody masses and she was vomiting several times a day. The man who owned her did nothing for her as her puppies were very valuable to him. During her pregnancy Maci lost almost 8 lbs and delivered her 4 Old English Bulldogges by emergency C-Section. 1 puppy was a still born, and one puppy died over the course of a few days. 2 puppies remained and the breeder continued to make Maci welp them. She lost an additional 4 more pounds and continued with bloody stools and vomit for almost 6 weeks. Her days were coming to an end and when it was evident that she could no longer care for her puppies the breeder decided she was no longer worth anything to him and he was going to have her put to sleep. Even the vet agreed that ending her life was probably the best for her, as her blood tests revealed she was in multi organ failure. But a woman that was helping with Maci saw in Maci's eyes that she wasn't ready to go yet. She asked for a day or two to see if she could find her a home. I answered the call and immediately picked up an extremely weak, emaciated abused dog. I wasn't sure she was going to live through the night. I took Maci home, and bathed her. I made her a gigantic bowl of rice and liver and just cuddled with her. After a few days she started to have more energy and her stool was forming. After 2 weeks I started giving her Natural Balance dog food. We use all the Limited Ingredient Flavors with Spanky but chose the Potato and Rabbit for Maci. I am extremely happy to report that Maci just received a clean bill of health from our Vet. Her lab levels are completely normal. She is slowly gaining back the weight she lost, and she has all the energy an 18 month old dog is supposed to have (and then some). I sincerly credit Natural Balance in helping me save this dogs life. My vet also credits it as well. I don't generally give product recommendations as I feel most products play plenty of money to make plenty of money on advertising, but this is not just some product. This is food for my dog that saved her life! So thank you, keep up the great work, and please by all means SEND ME COUPONS!!!

Tasha K


Cali was a rescue kitten with several health issues from chronic diarrhea to chronic respiratory issues. She had pneumonia when we got her and I knew that other than Meds there wasn't much we could do about her resp. issues, but I started researching chronic diarrhea online. I had tried several other brands that were more expensive than NB, thinking they were "better". The vet suggested Science Diet which didn't even make the list of top 10 cat foods. The vet did say whatever I use stay away from fish products. Everything I tried worked for about 2 weeks, and then the diarrhea would start up again. While at Petco an associate suggested Natural Balance, I was looking for Tiki brand and they didn't have it. Well, 3 months later NB-limited ingredients diet , Chicken and Green Pea is the ONLY thing Cali will eat and the diarrhea has improved greatly. Stools are still soft but she is actually getting and looking healthier and getting sick less often. I order it by the case now and Petco orders extra so they have a few cases on hand for me. Love NB and Petco!

Catharina G

No more throwing up

My 8 year old cat, Tiger, was throwing up several times a day - he started this about a year and a half ago. He would throw up at least some of everything he ate. I took him to the vet who did blood work and a complete physical exam and found nothing. He was eating strictly Iams dry cat food. She suggested I try him on canned food. So I went to the store and tried him on one of the top brands. Still threw up. I then put on my 'diagnostician's' attitude and started researching. After reading many articles, I came across the Natural Balance brand of cat food and read the ingredients. I ordered a 'case' of 24 cans to try. Within days, Tiger was only throwing up an occasional hairball, but not his food. He has been on it for three months and I now have peace of mind that I am feeding him the right way. He is also more playful and has started getting along with his 'sister' - which is a real plus. Glucose intolerance? Allergy to additives? Sensitivity to fillers in other cat foods? I have no idea. I just know this works for my cat and it is worth a try for any experiencing what I was going through with Tiger.

Jean G

Cat LOVES Fish Soup

We took in our cat who was a pregnant stray. She was not particular about food then. But once the kittens were weaned, her definite preference for fishy canned food became obvious. We bought many different kinds and found the Ocean Fish canned food. We take a spoonful and mix it with a bit of hot water for a soupy consistency. She laps it up and purrs. We think she actually understands the word "Fish soup"!

Sylvia a

Saving my dog's life

A few years back during the pet treat/food poisoning problem, Paris (my maltese) got sick. For 2 weeks she was in the hospital with IVs as Dr. Elizabeth tried everything to save her life. Paris even had exploratory surgery to help her. It was over a month before she was home permanently. I gave up all my money saving her, but she was worth every penny. Unfortunately, she was always sick and no one knew how damaged her kidneys or liver was. Life was not expected to be great for her. Vomiting, pancreas issues, and depression was all she was beginning to know. A specialty pet store opened in my town and the owner was a biochemist (retired). She knew about Paris and suggested Natural Balance for her. She only sold pet foods she researched and deemed safe and healthy for pets. I bought my first bag over 6 years ago and Paris, as well has her little brother, are healthy, happy, and slightly plump. I also give them your crunchy treats and they have a bag of your new chew bones in their stocking. Your food calmed her stomach, releaved the stress on her strained organs, and have given her a life that is completely without medical help. She gets her check up and shots, but other then that she is considered healthy! She even wrestles with her brother and daddy (my husband). At 9 lbs, she is a far cry from the sickly creature those tainted foods turned her into. Thanky you so very much for your wonderful products!

Tania A

I have to hid the bag or put the food in another container. Even though there is food in their bowl one of out two cats destroy the bag to get at it.

Ray H

Sully loves his natural balance!

I truly am a loyal customer that has nothing but praises from your ingredients in your dog food to your knowledgeable employees. I had a great experience at the point loma unleashed with Susan who directed me to new treats for sully which only confirmed the dedication your company has to our pets. Sully is a fresh mastiff who has a finicky stomach and allergies. I have tried many brands and nothing worked as well as your bison and sweet potato dog food. After countless trials an a holistic healer I was thrilled I found a food that he liked and made him feel great. After trying your dog food I have purchases other treats and rolls. I appreciate your company caring about the ingredients you put in your products. Keep up the great work and thanks for caring for our furry friends! Andrea

Andrea T

colitis gone in my min pin

My min pin was visiting the doctor every four to six months for bouts of colitis and needed steroids and carafat to soothe the inflammation in her bowels. Switched over to potato and duck formula and added a tablespoon of 100% canned pumpkin and she has not had an episode in a year so far. It is worth the money to not have to clean up after her all day and I don't need to see her suffer from the disease anymore.


My dog has cancer

Greetings. Two and a half years ago, my dog (Miles) was given two months to live by vets, due to cancer. We wanted his quality of life for his last two months to be as best as possible. We only made one change in diet. We switched to the Vegetarian formula. We had never purchased Natural Balance products before. Well, here we are, two and a half years later, and I'm happy to say that Miles is still with us. He receives two helpings of the Vegetarian formula daily, and continues to eat. Coincidence? I'll let the readers decide. We're thankful to have our Miles around for as long as we can.

R.D. M

From The Cat

Hi, I'm Boo Boo. I'm the cat. My people fed me Catatouille Delectable Delights and I really liked it. I have to have low carb cat food and Catatouille Delectable Delights has low carbs. It tastes good and I eat it all up. I told them to get me some more Catatouille Delectable Delights.

Boo B
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