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My babies go crazy for this new formula!!

Of course we have always loved Natural Balance and the dogs usually share their food but when we tried the new Whole Body Health Chicken/Duck formula they are now protecting their bowls! They absolutely love it!!

Susan S

Best choice!

My tom cat (in the Eeyore hat) was having bowel movement issues, so I was having troubles finding a no-grain dry food that worked well with his digestive system. When we finally found this food, he was cured :-) plus, and he lost a little of his belly fat. I think this is a great company and also enjoy the fact that they offer the loyalty program to their customers. Thanks Dick & Jimmy!

Kathrina M

Dog results means GREAT News!!!

Our dog, Abby who is a 10 year old Golden Retriever, has 23 allergies. Of those allergies she is allergic to Beef, Pork, Corn, Flax Oats, Alfalfa, and Carrots and finding the right dog food is a challenge. We were feeding our dog food that we thought was great but they kept changing their ingredients. We stopped by a local store and found Natural Balance Lamb and Rice and we have been feeding this dog food to our dog for over a year and it has been a great year. Our dog did not have much a a coat but since she has been eating this dog food our dog looks more like a Golden Retriever and she is not itching at all. We are truly thankful for such a great product and truly a testimony that the right dog food does make a difference. Thanks to such a great company for making a great product.

Barb R

Natural Balance LID formulas

First let me say I don't usually do testimonials but I just had to this time.Our Toy Schnauzer picked up Giardia the beginning of Spring and we have had trouble for 5 months with the poops.She Had been on Natural Balance Ultra for her first year and did great on it,but after the Giardia she got terrible poops.We were back in forth to the vets for 5 months.I finally did research of my own and found that I needed to change her protien source and a specialist I took her to agreed. I had changed her to Merrick foods and things just got worse. I scolded myself for listening to people and wish i had staid with the Natural Balance line of foods:( I took all the Merrick away and started our pup on Natural Balance LID Sweet Potato & Fish.I have to say it cleared everything up in 2 days!!!!!!! After 5 months of misery and for nothing if only I had staid with Natural Balance. I am getting this in both canned and dry,and sticking with it now forever!!! I also purchased the Canned Sweet Potato & Venison to try,alternating once in a while so she won't get to used to just one type of protein source. My pup will be on Natural Balance LID for life and I will never stray again!!! Also getting the LID treats for her:) Thank you Natural Balance!!!

Patricia B

Tyga normally eats a mixture of Delectable Delights and Alpha dry formulas. I offered him the new Whole Body Health Calamari, Salmon, & Duck formula and he absolutely loved it, Its now part of his main diet!

Laura V

Both my cats, Artemis and Bridget love the new Ultra WBH formulas! Their favorite is the Venison, Turkey Meal, Lamb Meal Formula, which gives them lots of energy for play time and very shiny coats!

Sarah C

Napoleon and Piper are big fans of the new Ultra Whole Body Health formulas. They always compete on who can finish their food the fastest and then try to steal one another’s food! (Usually, Piper wins!). Ultra Whole Body Health gives them lots of energy to play together and keeps them in great health!


Bailey loves her Ultra Whole Body Health Venison Dry dog food. She is a picky eater and in the past I had issues getting her to eat until we tried this new flavor. Now she can’t wait for dinner and gobbles it right up. She has more energy and it makes feeding her easier. She’s happy and her mom is happy because she is eating great food. Thanks Natural Balance!!

Doris F

Nero is a very active dog, so a food that helps him stay that way is definitely what he needs. He really likes the new Whole Body Health Chicken formula, so I do too. Thanks NB, for making foods I can trust to be good for Nero!

Heather A

Star's a rescue dog and when I got her she was covered in hotspots and her skin was black and inflamed, pealing, cracking, and dry. Every time I tried a new food, she got way more hotspots. I did some research and found your Sweet potato & Venison L.I.D formula. Her hotspots started to go away, and she didn't get anymore of them! She had very dry cracking skin, no energy, and ribs were showing when I got her. She is now soo full of energy, loves her food(would eat the whole bag if I let her) has NO ribs or other bones showing(at a healthy weight) and has NO hot spots, inflammation, itchy, cracking, or dry skin anymore. Her coat is beautiful and her skin is soft and doesn't bother her constantly anymore! Thank you for giving her the energy she needs and deserves. Now I can barely keep up with her, and that's how it should be!!(She's almost 3)

Jessica A
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