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My Boxers Love This Food!

I have two boxers, both rescue dogs - one senior girl that was getting a bit pudgy and a young boy who developed pancreatitis over the winter. Prescription foods made it worse so I did my own research and found Fat Dog. I switched them both and couldn't be happier with the results! My girl has dropped 10 lbs. and my boy's tummy issues are completely resolved. They love this food and can't wait to eat it everyday! Thank you for making such a great product! Now all I need is larger bags of it...any chance you'll make a 40lb bag?


LID chicken and seet potato and legumes and wagyu beef

7 year old Chihuahua given to me. I do add a little bit of warm water to soften the kibble and then the food makes its own gravy. I used to buy the big brand names carried by all grocery stores until one day I visited a Petco and a store employee showed me the difference in the ingredients between a natural, healthy food like Natural Balance and the other big names out there. I don't want to be mean to the pooch so I do buy 2 flavors at once. One day I will give him the wagyu beef and legumes and the other day I will give him sweet potato and chicken. I started with the bison and sweet potato, but he did not like it. The beef and chicken formulas he loves. I pour a little bit of warm water and then let it sit there for about 15 minutes and then I give it to the pooch. Hope this helps other consumers and I want to say, "thank you Natural Balance."

Andre S

"Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc. Wild Pursuit Venison Lung Bites kept my energy up when I was hiking in the wild woods yesterday!"

Kimberly T

Love this food

My dog loves this food. He's tried so many because of allergies. Does anyone add water to soften or do your dogs eat it as is which mine does.

kate m

They love Natural Balance!

They love their Natural Balance!

Sara G

My cat is the pickiest eater on the planet, but he will eat Catatouille Stew all day, every day. Oddly enough he doesn't like it out of the can, but only out of the tubs. Either way, this is a main staple in my house.

Morgan K

this food saved my bank account

I was taking my pitbull too the vet all the time for allergies. The Petco lady told me to try the Potato and Kangaroo and within a week all Dutchess' hives and yeast in between her paws and her ears were all gone. I could not believe it. Now she is on no medications for allergies and is scratch free. I am one happy mommy.

Renee C

Success story on the LID formula

Below is a picture of my dog Carlee. Carlee is a Shiba Inu mix that we found on the side of the road 5 years ago. She has always had problems with her nose. It was dry, swollen, bloody and had drainage. We had been to our vet and tried different oral medications and creams for her nose. Nothing was working. Carlee's nose was irritated and painful. Our vet suggested that if her nose didn't improve we should consider a biopsy. My uncle has used the LID formula for his standard poodle that has allergies. Before putting Carlee through surgery I decided I would change her dog food to see if it helped her nose. Within a month I saw drastic improvement. Below are before ( 2 left) and after (2 right) pictures of Carlee's nose after we switched her to the LID formula. I am so happy that she is feeling so much better and her nose looks better on this formula. I never thought food could make such a difference. Thank you!!!


Happy healthy cats

I have two beautiful Russian Blue cats. Sebastian and Bella. Natural Balance Duck and Pea Limited Ingredient is the best food ever. Chicken was the culprit and the cause of his bloody diarrhea. They are both happy, healthy, lean Kitties. Thanks Mr. Van Patten for a wonderful product!

Jeannie P

My little Sophie

My little Sophie (chihuahua and Aussie mix) has been handed down some bad genes from her mom. I noticed the itching early on and tried several different dog foods. I tried Newmans organic, Iams, ect.... Nothing could stop her violent scratching. She would scratch her face, ears and ribs raw. I was really worried. Then my vet recommended your food. The limited ingredients diet Duck and potato formula. She no longer scratches. She's happier, and her coat looks incredible! Thank you so much!

Ivani P
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