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Alpha® Lamb, Chicken Meal & Rabbit Dry Dog Formula Testimonials

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need to go grain free

One year ago I adopted a boxer who had issues with skin outbreaks and yeast infections. Started out feeding a different brand and after persistent issues was told to try Natural Balance. After trying many formulas ended up with L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Lamb Meal & Brown Rice formula. Today was his vet check and was told maybe he needs grain free food. After researching Natural Balance decided to try Alpha Lamb, Chicken Meal & Rabbit formula which I ordered today from Largo Feed. Will finish up with what he is eating now and my next purchase will be the Alpha formula. Thank you for all your wonderful products, I'm hoping the Alpha will be his permanent food. I'm so glad that you are making such a wonderful product and consider all the effects and outcome of all your products. I will let you know how he does with the Alpha formula. Thank you so much!

Marge M

Amazing find for my senior dog

I have a 14 yr and 8 month old pomeranian. She has always had a sensitive stomach and I have changed foods several times. She was on Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Lamb Meal & Brown Rice, which was the best I had found for her but still not perfect. Then my dog dropped weight and the vet wanted her to gain some weight. I went to the store and a Natural Balance rep was there and I told her the situation. She recommended Natural Balance Alpha high protein grain free dry food. I got the food but was concerned because of my dog's history with "new food". The Alpha high protein grain free is amazing. My dog LOVES it and she seems better than she has in years. I wish I had found this several years ago. Thanks, Natural Balance.

Kathleen R

When I got my French Bulldog puppy, Ninja, I had a very hard time finding a food that didn't cause diarrhea or gas. After I started feeding him Natural Balance, he didn't have any issues! He just had is 2 year annual physical and my vet said he is looking beautiful, his coat is healthy, he has no skin problems or digestive issues. All of those things issues are common with Frenchies and he suffers from ZERO. Plus no gas!

Hala K

What a difference!

From the time I got Kyle we struggled with soft stools and weight gain, even though he gets a lot of exercise. I was feeding a "premium" brand of dog food, so I assumed we were getting the best. When my sister adopted a dog they recommended Natural Balance, and explained the reasons why. So I started Kyle on Alpha and things changed right away! The stool problem was immediately gone, and after only one month he has lost four pounds without any other changes in diet or exercise. An added bonus is he loves the food! With the other brand I would put it in his bowl and he would get around to eating it at some point. When I put the Alpha in his bowl, he is there right away to eat! In many ways Alpha is a win for us both!

Ron A

simply "man's best friend"

She, my lovely sweety Dolores, performs one of the most noble jobs a dog can have. To search for people in cases of emergency. Of course, she deserves nothing less than the best food! Greetings from good old Europe Dolores & Klaus

Klaus M

We just wanted to write to you in thanks for creating such a wonderful product in your Alpha line! We have 3 dogs, Dixie, a 10 year old lab, Zeus, a 10 year old German Shepherd, and Daisy, a 7 month old Lab-Pit mix. We recently switched to the Alpha Natural Balance food after feeding ProPlan for years. We made the switch on the recommendation of our Dog Trainer, Stefanie. We have been THRILLED! All 3 of the dogs' coats GLOW! Their ears are all healthy and debris-free, and best of all NO SCRATCHING! Our little one is growing like a weed, and she is happy, healthy, and full of energy. The same can be said of our 10 year olds (minus the growing!), and people do not believe us when we say how old they are. If I had one complaint, it's that their nails are so healthy and grow so fast, we have to trim them weekly! I'll take that side-effect any day for our babies' health and well-being. Thanks so much for a wonderful product that keeps our pups happy and healthy!


Just have to say how much we love your dog food. We have a 4 month old Flat Coat Retriever and he loves your formulas. I did a lot of research on the internet before deciding on Natural Balance. Every site that I went to had your food in the top three- consistently across numerous rating methodogies. The Alpha formula is incredible and I how won't even consider feeding our puppy any other brand. I have full confidence and trust in your ingredients. Keep up the good work!

Mike V

I am feeding a Golden Retriever since year 2008. I found that after he took Natural Balance pets food, he is more healthy and his body smell better.

Natalie C
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