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L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Small Breed Bites® Dry Dog Formula Testimonials

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My little rescue dachshund Thor was having allergy trouble the first several weeks we brought him home. We kept thinking that he was allergic to Bermuda grass and began medicating him with Benadryl. The doctor suggested trying several medications to get his scratching and paw biting under control. The meds seemed to help, but I felt awful for having to dose him because he was quite lethargic when we did so. I took him to a friends house for a puppy play date and he immediately took to the other dogs food. I just happened to have receive a 50% off coupon for this very food, so I decided to give it a try. Not only did he love it, within three days his scratching and biting subsided and as of now, has completely gone away. Not to mention his coat is soft and he seems to have a ton more energy. Thor and I are Natural Balance customers for life!

Liz P

I have 2 rescues-one is a MiniPoodle, the other is a MiniPoodle Mix (a Schnoodle)-Shannon. Shannon has been suffering from chronic ear infections and itch skin since I got her-3 years ago. It has been an uphill battle trying to STOP the torment. I have worked with the vet, she has had drugs, homeopathic treatments..everything! All the while the suspected culprits were all the various GRAINS, so of course I had her on the best CHICKEN formula I could find. The last trip to the vet, we sat and talked and he said the most COMMON food allergy is not the GRAIN-it's the protein...chicken being the most common culprit. I am waiting for the delivery of my 5th bag of LIB Lamb and Rice and Shannon is one happy little girl and her EARS are happy also. I felt the best thing to do was to also switch Leo (the poodle) over also...and they are both THRIVING! This food has saved my sanity and CURED my little girl. Thank you, thank you!!

Bonnie P

boston terrier terror

We have a chocolate lab and a boston terrier and due to his sensitive stomach, our boston terrier had a hard time with many other brands. However, he does extremely well with your product. We tried numerous other brands before coming across Natural Balance Small Breed Bites and it is the only one that limits the issues related to his gas and narrowing of his esophagus. We're glad your product exists!

Phil&Kristen A

I have a 6 year old English Bulldog. He has horrible food allergies. He has tried every food including prescriptions which were $85 a month. He was itching and chewing his feet 24/7 and his wrinkles were always red and infection. He had constant bacterial infections everywhere. As a last hope I bought him the Lamb Meal & Brown Rice formula. Within days I could already tell a difference. It has been 1 month and the hotspots on his back are healing and his skin is completely clear and the itching and chewing has completely stopped. I am writing this to please let you know to NEVER EVER change your Lamb and Brown Rice formula! It has been a MIRACLE. You have saved me so much money on vet bills and medications each month. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating such a wonderful food. My bulldog has never looked so good ever!!! Thank You Natural Balance!!!!!

Lauren H
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