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L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® Sweet Potato & Chicken Small Breed Bites® Dry Dog Formula Testimonials

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We love this brand of dog food. We own an Australian cattle and she is so happy with her food. She's more energized, leaner and her coat shines like new. We recommend this food to everyone.

Brittany R

Thank You so much!!!

Thank you so much for making this food! I brought home my bichon frise puppy at 7 weeks and from day one it was disaster. She had nothing but mushy stools and i could not figure out why. I went to the vet and they told me it could be her diet, so they recommended Natural Balance food for puppies. As soon as i started giving her your food, her stools tuned normal and she's running around like the energetic puppy she was meant to be!! Thanks for this food and please never stop making it!!!

Krystina T

I just wanted to contact your company on behalf of my three dogs; Lucky, Maxx & Gucci.  They love your small breed sweet potato and chicken food & treats.  We switched from a lower quality dog food and I have noticed a big difference in my dogs.  Thank you for making such a wonderful product!!

Tia E

My dog loves this food!

I am so happy I found the L.I.D. Sweet Potato and Chicken small bites dry dog food. My dog can't get enough of it. I tried so many dry foods before, and he would either get allergies to the food and scratch constantly or vomit and stop eating it. I cooked chicken and rice for him for a while, but he got really sick to his stomach and started throwing up and had diarrhea so I stopped cooking it for him. Then after a long search... at last! I found a food that he likes and has been really good for him. Please don't change the ingredients in the future. My Terrier loves it just the way it is. We both thank you for a great product, and the small bites are just perfect for his small mouth and teeth.


We have a very finicky chihuahua-terrier mix who also has food allergies-including peas, eggs, lamb, and rice. He loves your LID sweet potato and chicken small breed bites dry food! If my vet hadn't recommended this, I don't know what I would feed him. Thank you for making such a high quality product!

Melissa P

I want to thank you for your Sweet Potato and Chicken LID food. I got Sparky knowing he is a special (needs) guy. He was having one or more severe seizures a day and has some joint problems. Phenobarb didn't seem to help and left him very lethargic. Additionally, he was having loose stools and was a very picky eater. I tried all the grain free good quality foods, including some of the other Natural Balance LID foods, along with holistic and homeopathic remedies for seizures. He was improving, but never went more than five days without a seizure. Finally I figured out he can eat chicken and sweet potatoes. About 4 months ago I started him on Natural Balance Chicken and Sweet Potato, canned and small breed kibbles, along with Azmira's wonderful CS homeopathic drops. In that time he has only had two days with seizures, and those were after he got hold of doggie junk food. He'd been getting the drops since I got him, so the food is the biggest factor. He is improving by leaps and bounds! He was still growing and he is a perfect weight (10 lbs) and well muscled. He is now about a year old and still growing a little, is very alert, much smarter than I originally thought. His hair has a nice sheen. And he's eating a good amount two or three times a day. He even has daily times when he plays with his toys or me and runs around the apartment at a full gallup. This is a puppy I was not sure would even survive!

Lora B

Thank you so much for making The Limited Diet food. My Yorkie tested positive for food allergies, mostly grains, and the vets "prescription" food was extremely expensive. I'm talking $67.00 for a 20lb. bag ! I was so thrilled to find the Science Diet L.I.D. food and treats. I was in tears when the Vet told me about the cost of the food, now I am passing it on to everyone about the L.I.D. food. It was the subject of my Facebook profile today and I called all my animal owning friends. I also stopped in at my Vets and showed them the food and my receipt. They were actually shocked and speechless ! Thank you for making a food that my precious companion not only loves but is good for him.

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