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Alpha® Trout, Salmon Meal & Whitefish Dry Dog Formula Testimonials

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My Samoyed Loves It!

My 6 yr old Samoyed is doing well on the Natural Balance Alpha grain free formula. He is a very picky eater and actually enjoys eating it! My Samoyed broke his hip when he was about 3 months old, because of his injury he has not always had a good appetite. I refused to give my dog food that has corn as one of the main ingredients, or one that has meat meal, bone meal, or animal fat. Those ingredients come from a Rendering plant, which process anything from dead farm and zoo animals to cats and dogs euthanized at the pound , my dog is not a cannibal! After I learned that I now read every label and I am very careful about what I give my dog! Thanks Natural Balance!

Tracy H

After many months going from different brands of dog food, our 2.5 year old Brendyl American Pit Terrier "Amma", is exceedingly happy about the Alpha Trout, Salmon Meal & Whitefish Dry Dog Formula. She knows what her body needs, and wished I had found this dog food earlier. Thank you, Natural Balance. We are life long customers, and would highly recommend to anyone ! :-)

Tom M

Love Natural Balance

I have two cocker spaniels and they are so healthy. In the past, they have had ear infections, skin problems and so on. But since I have had them on Natural Balance, they never have ear problems, no more skin problems and my youngest, Sammy, used to have seizures and (knock on wood) has not has a seizure in two years since he has been on the Natural Balance! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Melinda S

Standard Schnauzer

We have just started our Schnauzer on the Alpha Dog Dry Food. We started him on Pedigree which the breeder recommended. He was having horrible gas and we changed to Natural Balance. He was a bit better and we added canned dog food which some suggested might help. Well, we were still searching for something the dog could eat and tried the Alpha Dog Food. Immediately, he was much better. He will even eat it dry and his favorite is the Fish formula. Thank you. He is now a pleasure to have in the room with us. I'm sure he was in a lot of pain. He is much quieter at night now that he is no longer in discomfort. Again, our Schnauzer and we thank you.

Joyce B

I have a 2.5 year old toy poodle. We used to feed her Bil-Jac dog food.  A few months back we dog sat for a friend and they feed their dogs Beneful.  We thought since their dog liked it we would change her to that food.  HUGE mistake!  We started noticing a change in her coat and dry skin and she was itching a lot. After discussing this issue with the groomers (Lindsey) at Petco in Santee. She told me it was her food and we need to change her diet.  If it was only that easy.  My toy Poodle (baby) is a very picky eater.  After 3 weeks of Baby sampling different foods she didn't like any of the foods and won’t eat it. We tried Eukanuba, Nutro, Canidae and even tried Bil-Jac again.  She wouldn't eat any of them. When I took baby back in the groomers for her hair cut told Lindsey the problems I was having with Baby on finding food she will eat.  Lindsey suggested that on Friday a Natural Balance Rep will be in the store to come see the Rep and she will let the rep know ahead of time I was coming.  That Friday on my lunch I went to Petco.  I walked up to the Rep Johnny and as soon as he saw me he asked me if I was the one with the Toy Poodle. He started telling about the different foods Natural Balance offered. I told Johnny what I was running into with Baby and he made a suggestion on giving baby her own taste test. So he gave me 4 different bags of food, get out 4 bowls, put one bag in each and said to let baby decide what she wanted.  And low and behold it worked. Baby picked Alpha Trout, Salmon Meal and Whitefish Formula.  Johnny also told me that on Saturday he will be at the Petco in La Mesa just in case baby didn't like any of the samples he would give me more.  Since baby liked the Alpha formula I decided to go to the La Mesa Petco to thank Johnny and to buy a 5lb for baby.  I just wanted to say after all of my rambling, Thank you for having a great Rep. If it wasn't for Lindsey at Petco or Johnny I might have never tried Natural Balance. I look forward to many years of using your brand.

Monica T

Alpha Trout, Salmon Meal & Whitefish is a keeper/godsend! I just got Storm a little over a month ago (he's an 11 month old Swedish Vallhund). I had kept him on the same kibble his previous home was feeding him, but we were getting to the end of that bag and his digestion wasn't ideal (nor his coat), so I started to look for adult/all life stages kibble to switch him to. We tried a couple of options, but he had horrible diarrhea with both of them (even with 25% of the new stuff to 75% regular kibble) so we went in search of something completely different than he's had before (we thought he might be allergic to chicken and/or grain), and pretty much stumbled upon Alpha Trout, Salmon Meal & Whitefish. From the beginning, he's flourished on it!! I'm so relieved :-)


Just to let you know that we fed our expecting mom and her pups Natural Balance throughout the pregnancy, whelping and weaning and the kids are now eating the dry kibble! All happy and healthy! Thank you for your great food!

Allan&Linda M

We have six dogs (all senior dog rescues with special needs) who eat nothing but Natural Balance. We stopped feeding them Science Diet due to horrible skin and coat issues (Science Diet destroyed their coats) about 3-4 years ago. After A LOT of research we settled on Natural Balance dog food for them. The results have been wonderful. Their skin and coats are gorgeous and an added bonus, we hardly ever have to go to the vet anymore. They maintain a healthy weight and have no health issues at all. Thank you so much for such a great dogfood!

Gretchen H

I just wanted to let you guys know I recently switched my dogs from Ultra to your new Alpha dog Grain free. I own three Border Collies. Two of them have sensitive systems so I have to be careful what I feed them both on food and treats. The switch to alpha dog has done remarkable well. No one got or gets sick from it. Stool volume is low and solid. Their energy levels which I thought were good are even better now and their coats look GORGEOUS! So I just want to say Thank You for Alpha Dog. Truly a great food!

Joseph B
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