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Delectable Delights® Gobbler Cobbler® Dog Stew Formula Testimonials

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New Delectable Delights Stew

I received a coupon for a free Delectable Delights from Petco and figured I would get it and have it on hand for a time when I felt lazy and did not feel like boiling Jake his chicken every two weeks. For months we had an issue with him not wanting to eat anything in the morning. He would begin to shake and I was afraid that his blood sugar would drop. His vet recommended that I boil him some chicken and give him a little in the morning to coat his stomach. So for the last two years that is what I have been doing religously. I boil him a few chicken breasts, cut them up, put them in baggies and freeze them. About a month ago the day came when I didn't feel like boiling the chicken so I gave him some of the Delectable Delights Gobbler Cobbler. He devoured it and began to lick the bowl once he was done. I have one of those severely particular little dogs that wont eat anything. But I have to say he loves his Delectable Delights! I can now take a break every now and then from cooking and freezing his chicken. In the evenings for dinner he still enjoys his Natural Balance Alpha Chicken, Turkey Meal & Duck kibble. Jake and I thank you so much for making this new stew! It gives him a variety of tasty dog food to enjoy!

Roschelle K

Sammy and Lola give these stews eight paws up! And I feel good buying them because they are all natural. They seem to like them more than the loaf-style canned dog food, and I like the variety of flavors. We’ve always been big fans of natural balance products and these are no exception. You just can’t beat the quality and nutrition. Thank you Natural Balance!

Jonathan L
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