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Delectable Delights® Sea Brûlée® Cat Stew Formula Testimonials

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Picky Cats

Sea Brûlée and O'Fishally Scampi are the only two flavors of wet cat food my cats will eat. We've been feeding them this ever since our Norbert suddenly decided he couldn't handle dry food anymore and started regurgitating it no matter how much or what kind we gave him (we were feeding them the L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Green Pea & Duck because it cut down on our other cat's stinky stools). We've tried other brands and pâtés and they won't eat them.

Amy D

What can I say about Sea Brulee besides it’s amazing and all four of my cats love it! It’s grain-free, which fits into their diet, and it has a gravy that they apparently cannot resist. Even my picky Siamese will eat it all and purr for more. We have tried many of the high-end natural wet cat foods, and this one is clearly the winner.

Brady G
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