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Delectable Delights® Catatouille® Cat Stew Formula Testimonials

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My cat is the pickiest eater on the planet, but he will eat Catatouille Stew all day, every day. Oddly enough he doesn't like it out of the can, but only out of the tubs. Either way, this is a main staple in my house.

Morgan K

From The Cat

Hi, I'm Boo Boo. I'm the cat. My people fed me Catatouille Delectable Delights and I really liked it. I have to have low carb cat food and Catatouille Delectable Delights has low carbs. It tastes good and I eat it all up. I told them to get me some more Catatouille Delectable Delights.

Boo B

My cats love Catatouille and eat it up fast! I really like that it doesn't have grain products and has veggies in it with the meat.

Sharon C

Beautiful & Nutritous Food! 5 STARS!

My husband and I were having chronic tummy issues with our kitty "Faith", until one day we decided to try your CAT STEW formula's. The issue had stopped. She no longer has tummy problems. Plus, her coat is shining and so soft. We also feed her a little bit of the "peas and salmon" dry formula (limited ingredients) to help as well. She LOVES them. Thank You Mr. Dick VanPatten for helping our little fluff ball. Happy Customer, Michael & Jeannette

Michael &

I think these stews are simply wonderful. We’ve always fed Natural Balance cat foods, and these are a great addition to their choices. With lots of veggies you can see and also lots of meat, I feel good about giving these to my cat. I try to read all ingredients and give her only cat food that is good for her, and in my book, these make the cut. She purrs before and after she eats them, so I know she is enjoying them very much!

Elizabeth W
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