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Delectable Delights® O'Fishally Scampi® Cat Stew Formula Testimonials

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The ONLY wet food my cats will eat!

I can't tell you how many premium brands of wet cat food I have tried for both of my cats. I have a 10 year old that is on a special dry food diet (but some wet food is ok for his dinner) and a brand new 1 year old that I adopted after fostering her over Christmas break. My senior guy never really liked wet food but I continued to try and try until I found something that he wouldn't turn his nose up at. The new girl wasn't quite as finicky but she was taking lessons from her picky older brother and starting to shun the wet food I would feed her as well. I've even tried other stew flavors and the pates, but had no luck. I decided to try the Delectable Delights O'Fishally Scampi and they came RUNNING! They both start getting excited about an hour or so before dinner time and when I go to the kitchen, they stay by my feet, meowing in excitement. You can even see the little whole shrimp and carrot pieces in the stew! I never knew I'd be able to find a quality wet food for them both! They both clean their bowls and are so happy afterward. Thank you again for making such a wonderful (and apparently delicious) product!!

Neema E

We rescued a skinny little white kitty from the pound that we named Linus. He had bowel issues and other tummy troubles. Thanks to these stews, he looks healthy now and his coat is shiny, not to mention no more diarrhea! Seriously he looks like a different cat, and I really believe the nutrition in these stews helped him get better.

Chris T
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