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L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® Sweet Potato & Fish Dry Dog Formula Testimonials

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AHH, Now my dog has another selection

My dog has several allergies, including feathers (and all birds) and several grasses (including alfalfa. Until I started reading labels, I had no idea that so many fish dog foods contain either chicken fat, chicken meal, or alfalfa. My dog is currently enjoying the vegetarian food and the limited ingredient salmon and sweet potato dry dog food. She enjoys both. I have also started my cats on green pea and salmon dry cat food and they love it. This too is poultry and alfalfa free. That way, if they drop a few pieces, it won't be a problem if the dog grabs a bite. I am thrilled that my dog Denali is doing very well on your diet, and that your company offers a variety of poultry-free food. Thank you so very much.

Debra L

The last time I took Casey to the vet for what we thought was another eye infection, the vet suggested it could possibly be allergies as she could find nothing wrong with her eye. When I took Casey back three weeks ago because she was scooting and had a really awful rash, the vet (a different one this time) also suggested she had allergies. She was treated with allergy medication and it was suggested that we change her diet. I purchased a hypoallergenic dry food from the vet, but Casey wouldn't touch it. When we stopped by a PetValu a few days later, we asked the store clerk what she recommended and she told us Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Fish was an excellent start. So, we tried it. Instead of trying to feed Casey alone, we switched the diet for all three of our dogs. It's only been two weeks, but I can honestly say I have noticed a difference. Their coats are soft, shiny and silky. They don't seem to be shedding as much. They seem to have more energy (Barney and Casey are almost seven and Izzy just turned 11). They don't pig out on this food, so even though it is more expensive I think I'll being buying it less often. They had been on Pedigree Vitality for most of their lives, and were doing well on it, but I don't know if Pedigree changed their formula or if my dogs are just more sensitive to it the older they get. I had noticed their coats getting dry and coarse. But I think I will definitely keep them on this food. Casey is still scooting from time to time, but I'm hoping maybe she just has an itchy bum!! The only problem I have with this food, is that no one locally sells it, so I have to make sure I stock up each time we go to the city.

Lynette B

seizure free Thanks to LID sweet potato fish formula

Oliver, my daughters 2 year old Rat Terrier was having seizures that started at age 1. At 1st they were few and far between but he started to have them more frequent. My daughter did research and found that a lot of dogs have allergic reactions to Chicken byproduct. He has been on Natural Balance for 9 months now and has been seizure free for 9 months!!! We now have my dog Buddy (pure mutt) on the food and he no longer gets the hot spots that he would get every once in a while. Thank you for making a quality product for our furbabies.

Tina P

Lesson Learned

My Bella is a rescue Rottweiler/Lab mix. I learned very early that she would have to be grain free because of gastrointestinal issues when eating regular puppy food. I tried several brands and she didn't like any of them. I tried her with the Natural Balance sweet potato and fish. She liked it and it didn't upset her tummy. When she turned a year old, I experimented with "store brands" of grain free food. She ate it fine and didn't vomit or have diarrhea so I thought, great, more convenient than having to do mail order. Then I noticed something else. She was scratching and her fur was falling out. Yep. A different type of allergic reaction. I put her back on the LID and started adding a little coconut oil to her food. She stopped scratching and her fur is almost all back. Lesson Learned. You've got a customer for the rest of her life. Thanks for a great product.

Jan R

We've been feeding Magoo Natural Balance since he was a young pup. He loves it and it helps control his many allergies.

Jeannie W

Best Dog Food Ever!

I will have to say after have tried so many dog foods, I am glad to have found this dog food. I had them on this food and tried to find a cheaper dog food because of a fixed income. I will tell you boy was I wrong, my 3 dogs all got were they wouldn't eat the other dog food, my Border Collie broke out in sores, my Rottie mix started chewing her feet and couldn't get her ear infections to clear up and my German Shepherd, well lets say she will eat anything, she became picky. So I decided instead of paying more for Dr. bills, I put them back on Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Fish and the sores were gone in two weeks, ear infections cleared and well they all eat it and want more. So thanks! Don't be fooled by other dog foods that are cheaper and say they are grain free, because you get I guess what you pay for!

Barbara R

The only food that worked

I have 2 boxers who always have digestive issues, the youngest is 7 months, after trying 6 brands of food in 3 months, I finally found one that works. Thank you very much

Andrea S

Sweet potato??

I am so happy to have found a food that agrees with my dog and she loves as well. The limited ingredient is awesome for her digestion, she loves the actual sweet potato and she has always loved salmon so the two put together are amazing. When she goes to the bathroom it is solid and good color, which to mommy is awesome because she had black tarry watery before. She is dealing with the right side of her heart being enlarged, hemangiosarcoma, basically a cancer. Since she has been on the L.I.D. sweet potato and fish she has more energy and the bathroom events are amazing. :)

Michelle D

Saving my dog's life

A few years back during the pet treat/food poisoning problem, Paris (my maltese) got sick. For 2 weeks she was in the hospital with IVs as Dr. Elizabeth tried everything to save her life. Paris even had exploratory surgery to help her. It was over a month before she was home permanently. I gave up all my money saving her, but she was worth every penny. Unfortunately, she was always sick and no one knew how damaged her kidneys or liver was. Life was not expected to be great for her. Vomiting, pancreas issues, and depression was all she was beginning to know. A specialty pet store opened in my town and the owner was a biochemist (retired). She knew about Paris and suggested Natural Balance for her. She only sold pet foods she researched and deemed safe and healthy for pets. I bought my first bag over 6 years ago and Paris, as well has her little brother, are healthy, happy, and slightly plump. I also give them your crunchy treats and they have a bag of your new chew bones in their stocking. Your food calmed her stomach, releaved the stress on her strained organs, and have given her a life that is completely without medical help. She gets her check up and shots, but other then that she is considered healthy! She even wrestles with her brother and daddy (my husband). At 9 lbs, she is a far cry from the sickly creature those tainted foods turned her into. Thanky you so very much for your wonderful products!

Tania A

Firmer Stool in 7 days!!

I have a 4 month old west highland terrier that was having a hard time finding a food that agree with his stomach. When I first got him at 9 weeks old, the seller was feeding him Iams which I feel have no nutritional value, so I ask around for suggestions on a good dog food brand and everybody suggested Blue. So I put him on Blues chicken and brown rice puppy formula and for the last 2 months my dog has had very soft or loose stool and even began to get gassy so I finally decided that it was time to switch. So this time I really research about my dog breed and come to find out Westies have very sensitive stomachs and prone to skin allergies, so that's when I learned about grain free diets and picked up a bag of Natural Balance L.I.D sweet potato and fish. I chose fish as the protein meat since chicken is so overused. Seriously one of the best decisions!! In just 7 days my dog is already starting to have firmer stool and is more excited when it's time to eat!! I also love the fact you can feed this food to your dog from a puppy to an adult. So excited to see the results of a better coat after a couple weeks on this food. Overall great brand with a lot more flavor selections.

Roxie R
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