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L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® Sweet Potato & Fish Dry Dog Formula Testimonials

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Gordon is a Golden Retriever. We got him out of our Local SPCA. He was 4 yrs at the time. He had ear problems. We had to have him operated on, Gordon no longer has ears and ear canals. We had him allergy tested. This food is the only kind he can have. Now that you are making a few other kinds like the Sweet Potato & Bison and besides the Sweet Potato & Fish. Thank you for being there and helping dogs like mine.

Sandy Z

Quality on entrance and exit

I don't have an amazing story of how this food saved my dog's life or cured years of ailments, but I still love it. What I did notice was she enjoys eating it, and it doesn't disappoint on exit either. Even among other high end brands, the Sweet Potato and Fish Limited Ingredient food is the only one to keep her regular and consistent. I encourage people to try not just different brands, but different flavors within your preferred brand. It's a great thing when you find that perfect fit for your dog.

Mike C

My wife and I just adopted a German shepherd from the County Humane Society that was malnourished and had food allergies (hot spots, itching, and digestion problems). I tried the Blue Buffalo, Pro Plan, and Nature's choice, however not one of these major dog food brands worked. A neighbor recommended the Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Fish formula and two days later our new dog was 100% better. The vet said it might take up to 20-30 days for our dog’s digestive system to get used to the food; however it only took 48 hours. I was so excited to see our new dog not suffering. Thank you for the great product and now we plan to switch our 5 year old Ridgeback over to the same food.

Steven W

We have a black lab who has had seizures since he was about a year old.  He's now 12, and for the 1st time in his life he has stopped having them.  We figured he just grew out of them.  But the other day we realized it is because we switched him from a store brand dog food, to Natural Balance (Sweet Potato & Fish) a few months ago.  We are completely blown away.  He is no longer on medication for the 1st time.  We are telling everyone who has pets, what this food has done for Freddy, including his Vet. Thank you, Thank you and Thank you!!

Rebecca F

Chester and Moxie, brother and sister American Pit-bulls and 6 months old. Chester (tan/white) and Moxie black/white). We have had them on Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Fish for 4 months. They are doing great!

Kevin W

Sensitive Stomach Lab

We have tried every dog food for my sensitive stomach lab and I started doing some research and found all the good reviews on Natural Balance. So we decided to switch and poof instant hard stool. He gets diarrhea all the time and hasn't gotten it since and LOVES the food he is excited to eat!!! Just thought I would post this since it helped my dog with his sensitive stomach. I'm thinking he is allergic to something in all the other foods :)

Marie S

Love for our bulldog

We FINALLY found out what our 1 year old English Bulldog, Redboy was allergic to! Thank you so much for your products. He is now a happy, healthy dog. I am amazed at the difference. Funny thing is our boxer Enzo loves this food as well. He runs to dinner!

Jennifer A

I really want to thank you, I purchased a german shepherd puppy 4 months ago and we had terrible problems with him from the 1st day we got him. He had constant mushy stool, we took him to 2 different vets, and after spending over $800 in medical bills someone suggested he might have food allergies to beef & chicken, and to try Natural Balance LID Sweet Potato & Fish. After a few days on being this dog food he had soft stool and after being on it for about 2 weeks he had formed stool.  I gave both my german shepherds this food, my older shepherd is 7 years old and my puppy is now 7 months old.  I feed them the LID Sweet Potato & Fish food and dog treats. Once again I really want to thank you for making this product and please don't ever stop making it.  You have made my dogs so happy.  

Sheri M

You saved my poor Augie Dog, she had such dry skin she would scratch until she had no hair left and would sometimes bleed. She's a beautiful but challenged yellow lab that is my world. Starting her on Natural Balance saved her. I believe this year will be the best for her, no hair loss, no scratching, her coat is wonderful. All my dogs are now on Fish and Sweet Potato Formula and they love it. I know Augie is a boy's name, but I always wanted an Augie Doggy and she's it! Thank you so much.

Patt D

My dog loves your fish and sweet potato kibble is wonderful to give him a different type of protein that works with his food allergies. Thank you very much!

Robin K
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