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L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® Sweet Potato & Fish Dry Dog Formula Testimonials

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I took in a rescue schnauzer that was so bad the shelter did not even recognize his breed. After shaving all of the matted hair and de-fleaing him, he looked like a skeleton with bright red skin. He continued itching until he made himself bleed. I spent hundreds, closer to a thousand, dollars on treating my yard and changed laundry detergents. I already had a registered schnauzer who has always been on a reputable dog food so I never thought it could be the food. The vet suggested shots, pills, etc. but nothing seemed to be working. Sometimes I would just cry over him because he was so miserable with his skin but so happy to have a home. I was telling his story at a meeting one day and a woman told me about your dog food and how it helped her dog’s allergy problems. So I went that day and bought a bag of it. His itching got better almost immediately, he began to gain weight and his hair turned from pure white to a beautiful silver and his skin from red to a healthy pink. I did try all of your allergy brands and through trial and error have found the Sweet Potato and Fish formula the best for him. By the way, my other little schnauzer is older but has lost weight and her muscle tone is back where it should be for a dog half her age and her doctor is extremely pleased! Thank you for itchless nights!!!!!

Theresa N

Just want to thank you for a fantastic product! We have a 10 year old American Staffordshire Terrier Mix. As recently as 2 months ago we believed that her days were numbered. She had lots of intestinal disturbances - severe bloating, decreased appetite, vomiting. On Easter Sunday we decided that she must be getting close. We took her in to her vet the following monday, planning on putting her to sleep. The vet suggested we try her on some new food first. I went to our local pet food warehouse and was suggested Natural Balance® Sweet Potato and Fish Formula. She has been on it now for several weeks and she is flourishing! She has no intestinal troubles at all. She now eats twice daily (before i was lucky if she ate 1 time every other day). Her weight is good. She is active, happy and loving her life. Oh yah, her tear stains are gone! Thank you so much for making our dogs golden years golden!


I just wanted to say thank you for making such an excellent dog food. In June of this year I adopted a pitbull / border collie mix named Zelda from a local rescue. We noticed an itchy spot on her belly but everyone was convinced that this was an area that was still healing from her spay surgery. By the time September rolled around Zelda healed up nicely except for the same itchy spot. She was scratching until she bled on a daily basis and our poor pup was completely miserable. We had quite a few expensive vet visits and did many rounds of tests, antibiotics, steroids, and antihistamines which helped but didn't completely solve the problem. It wasn't until Zelda and I took a trip to Petco for toys when the dog trainer on staff saw her scratching and began asking me very detailed questions about her food. He recommended your Fish and Sweet Potato formula and I walked out of the store thinking I'd give it a try because at this point I was out of ideas. That same night I mixed Zelda's old food with the Fish and Sweet Potato food to start the transition and had quite a good laugh when I looked at her bowl. Zelda rifled through every piece of kibble and left behind her old brand. When the next two weeks passed I was shocked at what a difference it made. Zelda was no longer waking me up at night with her scratching, the bleeding had stopped, the bruises began to lighten and the redness in her skin started to fade. Zelda was actually gaining weight and she didn't pick at her bowl any longer. Her mood began to change too, she was finally comfortable! We're now on week 6 with Natural Balance and I can't tell you how impressed I am with her condition. Her coat is so soft and blooming with shine that strangers stop us at the dog park ask me what I bathe her with. I happily correct their assumption and give all the credit to Natural Balance. Even my vet is completely stunned by her transformation. When I adopted Zelda I made a commitment to give her the best quality of life possible. Because of the knowledgeable staff at Petco and your amazing product I can keep that promise. Thank you and keep up the good work!


Hi: Just wanted to share this in case you have the same issue with your fur babies. For almost 1 year Bailey my 4 year old boy had soft stools. We did all kinds of feces test but everything was fine. The vet would give us the medicine and his stool would be hard til we ran out and then back to being soft again. Finally I started doi g some research on the Internet and came across the reviews on Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet Sweet Potato And Fish for Small Breed. I was so desperate because everyti e for 1 year or so poor Bailey always looked miserable eveytme he was going to the bathroom. After reading all the positive reviews I realized the Bailey had sensitive stomach and I should changehis food. I was feeding him Wellness Small Breed. It is still a great food for not for Bailey. I'm happy to report within a few days of trying out this new food Bailey's poop is hard solid. I could p'nt believe it would work but it did. He also gets boiled chicken breast with every meal it :)

Irene E

Hi. I have a 6-year old black lab named Keifer. My daughter and I were his volunteer puppy raisers for Guide Dogs for the Blind (out of CA). Throughout his puppyhood, we struggled with recurring intestinal problems/diarrhea with Keifer. After he was career changed from GDB, he came back to us. After seeing continued intestinal upsets, my vet suggested your food - Natural Balance® Potato and Duck Formula! What a miraculous change! Then, just recently, he showed signs of developing an intolerance to the duck protein so I switched him to the Sweet Potato & Fish. Another miraculous change! Thanks. A side note - Keifer has been an invaluable therapy dog with me since returning to our home. For 3+ years we have spent nearly every weekend at a local drug & alcohol rehab center. Keifer is the STAR volunteer and loved by all.

Jane R

We have been feeding our dog, Lucy, Natural Balance for over 2 years now. Due to her itchy skin, we were recommended the Sweet Potato and Fish formula which has done wonders! We get many compliments on how great her coat looks, and how healthy she looks. She is always very happy and loves your food! Thank you!

Jesse D

My Success story using Natural Balance: I adopted my dog when he was 6 years old. He came with a lot of health issues, one of which was digestive troubles from parasites. As he was being treated for various maladies, he was on several rounds of antibiotics and anti-parasitics which gave him problem stools (loose and too the point that it caused swollen anal glands which had to be treated several times). It wasn't until several months after I adopted him that I suspected his food was contributing to his digestive woes, and as his symptoms grew more severe and he was again examined, did I learn that he has Inflammatory Bowel Disease and acute colitis. His body's reaction to his cheap dog food (which had been donated to the rescue) was resulting in intestinal bleeding, diarrhea and a 20% weight loss in 2 months. After several months of an extreme diet change and treatment with probiotics and other medications, I decided to switch him back onto a kibble and chose Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet- Sweet Potato & Fish. I tried this at the recommendation of my cousin who had a similar success with her dog when switching him onto the N.B. food. Well, he has been enjoying his Sweet Potato & Fish kibble for about 9 months now. He gained weight back, his coat is shiny, he has energy and NORMAL STOOLS! I also got my mom to switch her dog onto the same formula. The dogs love it. I've been recommending it since my guy has had such success with it. Thanks for making a great product!

Julia G

I have a very finnicky Shi-tzu who I practically have to force feed. We recently tried the Sweet Potato & Fish. All I can say is, WOW!!!!! He not only eats, but licks his bowl and begs for more. Thanks!!!!

Lori L

I just put my Collie on Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Fish. He loves it! I needed to get my Collie on a formula for his skin infections and your brand was highly recommended to me. Thanks for a great product.

Lorraine C

I just bought your Sweet Potato & Fish dog food tonight - a small bag to see if my dogs even like it. The reasons we are shopping for a different brand/formula of dog food are Maks & LillyAnn. Maks is a 2 yr old Chow/German Shepherd mix with skin, eye, & sinus alergies in addition to a personality that would be best be described by saying he has a combination of ADHD & OCD. Definately not an easy boy to parent, but I love my rescue baby. LillyAnn is a 4 yr old Australian Shepherd who is deaf, doesn't see out of one eye, has a seizure condition, chews sores on her legs, and is a good 10 pounds overweight. She too is a rescue baby & I couldn't be more proud of the progress she has made since I adopted her 3 years ago. Last weekend at our annual appointment, our vet suggested looking into an all natural food with very limited ingredients, no preservatives, and preferably a sweet potato and fish formula. After looking & looking (I was starting to think I was going to have to take up fishing & start making their food myself!), I finally found your formula. YAY!!! So, I brought the small bag home for a taste test... they LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! The second I walked in the door they were excitedly sniffing the bag & begging me to open it. Once open, they sat their absolute bestest sit and begged with all they had for a chance to try this new food. It was funny to see LillyAnn beg because normally she considers begging beneath her. Anyhow, my pooches think that your Sweet Potato & Fish dry dog food is better than all of their other treats combined & they were stunned that they each got a whole bowl of it. Tonight, I am the bestest mommy in the whole world! :) I can't wait to see how my furry children are doing on your food after a few weeks! Thank you for making a product I can feel good about feeding my ""kids"".

Melissa G
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