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L.I.T. Limited Ingredient Treats® Jerky Bark™ Lamb & Brown Rice Formula Testimonials

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Happy Dogs

Our three dogs 2 dachsund, 1 yorkie (or as we refer to the "Dorkie" because he thinks he's a dachsund). All three dogs have skin problems. After one of our daschund's got so bad he was losing the hair aound his eyes, we took him to another vet who suggested we take him off all grain products. We got started with Natural Balance LID and started to see a difference in all their coats. They now get only the L.I.D. Limited Ingrediet Diets dry and canned food and real chicken. Two dogs are off meds and the other one is on a very low dose. Can't praise this food enough. It has made a difference in all their coats.

Kathy W
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