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L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® Potato & Rabbit Dry Dog Formula Testimonials

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Rabbit and Potato

I must say the LID Rabbit and Potato is by far the best choice and taste I've given both my dogs! I have a 5 yr old puggle with severe allergies to every type of protein except this and he highly enjoys it! I also have a beagle I just rescued form a puppy mill and she is at the tender age of 12 with many health issues and this appears to be the best choice for her as well as it hasn't affected their digestive tract or allergies. But I cannot seem to replenish the rabbit and potato anywhere, I've searched online and all the local pet stores that carry it and it's sold out everywhere! How long will this issue take to fix? I hope its not a recall problem. I truly hope this is brought to the proper persons attention. Thank you! regards, happy parent and customer :)

Maria R

Potato & Rabbit

My 10 year old beagle had constant ear problems. Smelly red tared ears. I switched to L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Potato & Rabbit from a chicken based product and the ears cleared up after one and a half weeks. The only problem is the beet pulp ingredient caused lots of painful gas. Today I changed his food to L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Sweet Potato & Bison which does not contain beet pulp. I read the pulp does not digest well and can cause gas. I hope my new food choice works out. I let you know in a few weeks in the Bison Sweet Potato review section. Tom

Tom G


I have a family of 3 pugs. A mama, and a boy from each of her two litters. They have all been on high quality limited ingredient dog food their entire lives. Everyone they meet are amazed at how youthful and healthy they are for their age. I used to have to keep switching brands and varieties as inevitably, one or another of my pugs would develop an allergy or digestive problem to an ingredient. Then we tried Natural Balance's L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Rabbit and Potato formula, and I was amazed at the results! The energy level of my aging puggies sky rocketed. Also their fur became rabbit soft, to the envy of all at the dog park! All of the Petco's have sold out, and tell me there has been a supply issue from the company. I truly hope it is resolved as quickly and inexpensively as its uncompromising high quality standards permit. I hope this entry is useful. Thank you!

Benjamin F

I have an 8 year old pug, she has suffered from allergies since a pup. She was constantly licking and scratching her butt, her legs and/or paws. It looked so awful because it looked like her skin was on fire from her constant licking. She had horrible smell coming from her ears. All around her skin produced an awful smell. I have spent tons of $$ on Vet visits, dermatologists, allergy medication; and offered her a large variety of foods (also tried different kinds of Natural Balance foods). About a month ago I walk into my local Petco and I'm standing in the Natural Balance aisle debating which flavor to buy her because I'm to the point I don't know how to help her. I'm walking back and forth looking like a lost soul and a Petco employee comes up to me and offers to help me. I explain the situation and she points to me the L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Potato & Rabbit formula. She HIGHLY recommended it to me and she continued to say she feeds her own dogs. I immediately start feeding her the food (of course she loves it, my pug is just happy to eat). One day on our daily walks I start noticing her behind isn't fire red anymore, I pick her up and just start examining her. Her legs and paws are actual color. Her ears aren't that awful flaky red color with that disgusting smell. I'm kind of in shock (its been maybe about 1 or so since starting the formula) I start noticing she's not constantly jumping from her naps attacking her skin. Her skin isn't smelly anymore. She's finally a happy pug and I'm finally a happy pug owner :) I 100% recommend this L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Potato & Rabbit formula! If I could of started her on this 8 years ago I could of saved tons of $! It is worth every single penny.

Jennifer M

Finally found one that works for my dogs!

We switched to Natural Balance (Original Ultra Premium) approximately 2 years ago at the recommendation of a vet right be we moved across the country. When we relocated to the new area we noticed our dog started chewing and licking his paws. The new vet said it was likely anxiety, or allergens in our new yard. We tried wiping his feet off after being outdoors, everything to no avail. I recently switched vets, and he thought the paw licking was due to food allergies. I had never even considered that, and had forgotten I switched him around the same time of our move. He recommended a dog food with rabbit as it tends to be more hypoallergenic. We were happy to find that Natural Balance also carried a L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Potato & Rabbit choice! We switched them over and the licking seemed to subside...but he had also been given a steroid, so I thought I would wait before determining the reason for improvement. 3 weeks later not only has his licking and chewing nearly completely ceased, but his ears stopped smelling too! The vet also told me that food allergies can affect their ears, which I didn't know. He is no longer itchy, and his coat is so soft and shiny now! Thank you for offering choices to the dogs who might be a little more sensitive to certain ingredients. We love it, and purchase quite a lot on a routine basis for our two hungry golden retrievers! Thank you.

Heather S
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