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Fat Dogs® Low Calorie Dry Dog Formula Testimonials

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Great product for weight loss!

I've had my 8 year old pug who was 38 pounds on this food for 4 months (2 bags). He's down over 6 pounds and I couldn't be happier. One more bag and he will be at his ideal weight. His energy has increased and he overall is a happier healthier dog!!! I would recommend this food to anyone who has an over weight dog. :)

Rebecca C

Couldn't be happier!

Cavaliers have a tendency to be overweight and Bailey was no exception. I've tried so many dog foods claiming to help him lose weight with no success. I bought the fat odds formula and Bailey has lost 4 pounds in the last 2 months. Our vet was so impressed. He is going to recommend this product to other clients struggling with overweight dogs. We couldn't be happier!

Patti N

lost weight

I started to use Fat Dogs 1 month ago ,because my dog was gaining weight fast. I had him checked and he started meds and Fat Dogs food. Took him to get weighed and blood work and in 1 month he lost 8 lbs the vet was happy and so was I. The dog food is working great and blood work great. I think this food is helping him a lot. I'm glad I tried it.

Tamara M

Both Dogs Love It!

I bought the Fat Dogs Dry food for my small dog because he needs to eat low-fat due to pancreatitis. Our other medium size dog has never had a weight problem. The good news is that both the dogs LOVE this dog food. It's actually their most favorite flavor of all the Natural Balance dry dog foods. She gobbles up four scoops of this food every day with a little chicken/sweet potato canned food mixed into it. I am so happy to have found a dry food that both of my dogs love. And the absolute best part, no stinky poop!

Vanessa C

My Fatty Pittie

I have a bully pittie and she gained 15 pounds within 5 months of rescuing her. I could tell she was gaining weight and I tried just reducing the amount of food I was feeding her and she looked at me like she was starving. I brought her to the vet for her monthly expelling of her anal glands and the tech said she gained weight put her on the scale. I was surprised to find out she gained 15 pounds. A person at Petco recommended Fat Dogs, she has been on this food for about a month and has already lost 4 pounds. I am hopeful we will get the additional 11 pounds off her. I am thankful for your food, I am no longer starving my dog trying to get weight off her and she likes it. My little Fatty Pittie will continue to eat Fat Dogs after she looses all the weight to help keep the weight off. Thank you for making this product.

Laurie C

I feel great

My Sasha was getting overweight. I put her on Fat Dogs formula, and now she can keep up with her younger brother, plus beat him sometimes when running. The best is she can stand on her hind legs longer and I see she is much happier.

Stacy O

No more chunk-a-monk

Started my 23lb overweight Shih Tzu on Fat Dogs the first part of June. The vet had told us for a couple of years now that he needed to drops some weight. He ate the same amount as our other 3 Shih Tzu, whom are all a good weight, but I could not bare to feed him any less. 1/3c twice a day already seemed to be too little. We don't feed our kids table scraps and treats are just that, a treat. I tried a few different things like cutting back him 1/3 cup to 1/2 of that and adding veggies. I did not see any change except he was starving all the time. Came across this in June. Praise God is has worked and Sunshine is now at a healthy 19lbs!! We still have about 1-2 more lbs. to go but he is so much healthier and my heart is so much happier. Thanks for a great healthy dog food.

Cheri A

We started buying Fat Dogs for our beagle, Princess Cuddles, as soon as our new Petco location began to stock it in May. She's gone from a concerning 38.5 lbs to 31.5 lbs in a little over two months. She has a full belly and doesn't beg anymore, and is more energetic. Since she's 9-1/2 years old we worried about hip dysplasia and arthritis, but she's like a puppy again!

Don N

Fat Dog

I have a 7 yr old bichon-pekinese mix who has gotten pretty chubby these last couple years. I heard about Fat Dogs formula . She has been eating it for about 2 months now and has lost about 2 lbs! She actually is getting her waistline back and even has spring in her step once again!! Thank you Fat Dogs Formula, it works!!

Robin R

I just wanted to comment to you guys on a newer product in your Natural Balance line. My kids for years have been on Natural Balance Ultra formula and Reduced Calorie formula.. but upon my recent visit to PETCO, I saw the Natural Balance "FAT DOGS" bags...SO my two have been on it for a few weeks and already my Dapple Doxie lily has trimmed up.. maybe only a few pounds BUT in the life span of a dachshund and their proneness to back problems I AM DELIGHTED...good going. Cheers as always from AADR (All American Dachshund Rescue).

Joseph N
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