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L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Dry Dog Formula Testimonials

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My dog a German Short-Tailed Pointer mix breed {Kanye} has severe allergies. He was losing his hair,he was going bald on his belly. I took him to the vet, he had a blood test done, he was checked for ticks and he was given a clean bill of health and I was told he had allergies. I was told to give him two Benadryl in the morning and at night and that would help him with the itching and he would not scratch so much. I did what I was told, it help but he was still going bald and I had no idea what was causing his allergies. A co-worker of mine who had a dog with severe allergies suggested that I remove potato from his diet since potato converts into sugar. I went to Petsupplies Plus and explain to them my situation, the young who assisted me informed that she had several customers complain about poultry. So I decided I wanted to find a food without poultry and potato. The supply of dog food without both ingredients are slim, after she talked to me about several brands of dog food. I decided on NATURAL BALANCE LIMITED INGREDIENT LAMB MEAL AND BROWN RICE. The young lady also suggested to use pumpkin squash for dogs and combine it with his food while I convert him from the other brand. I also make his treats now, brown rice popsicle, raw carrots, celery, frozen brown rice combined with peanut butter and I give him a fish oil pill daily. I am amaze at his improvement, his belly is almost back to normal, his hair has a beautiful sheen. Thanks to my co-worker, the clerk at the pet store and Natural Balance. My baby looks and feel good.

Diana S

Finally found a food that works

My Great Dane Zoey is now about 2 and a half years old. We have had years of stress and issues with her health. We used to see the vet weekly it seemed for skin infections to bladder infections to severe diarrhea. She also had undergone an exploratory emergency surgery after becoming very ill, we thought that her intestines may have flipped. They never found anything except that her intestines were inflamed and it was determined she had mild irritable bowel disease. We have since then done allergy testing and she seems to be allergic to just about everything! She has now been on Natural Balance L.I.D Lamb & Rice and some other supplements for a number of months and is doing amazing with this food. She loves it and never has issues eating and no more skin infections or diarrhea! So needless to say we love this product, thank you!

Jackie B

Chicken allergy

My puppy started getting ear infection and I took her to the vet each time. She was always diagnosed with something else until the final diagnosis was food allergies. A prescription food was recommended. I did not want to be committed to purchasing dog food from the vet with a prescription and so I did a bit of research. I went to my pet store, Phydeoux's and talked with a knowledgeable clerk who was able to recommend NB LID. It has worked wonder and within a few weeks Willa is no longer suffering from these allergies. When her puppies come I will also put the on the NB Puppy food. Thank you for making a quality dog food realizing that all dogs are different.

Tina O

Always asking for more!

I have just started my 6 year old Great Dane on your limited ingredient Lamb and brown rice formula just about a month ago. She can't get enough! Always asking for more and pretending I didn't feed her. She loves it! She has an allergy to chicken, so this formula is perfect! She lives your treats too!

Sabrina D

Great Results For Dogs With Allergies

I have had my small 15 pound dog on the Natural Balance Lamb & Rice LID dry dog food for about 5 years now with fantastic results! My dog had severe food allergies and nothing I did seemed to work. Took her to the Vet...years of Prednisone and other remedies...nothing worked. I did a lot of my own research on dog foods and came up with Natural Balance so decided to try it. Well 5 years later my dog is now almost 13 and happy and healthy with NO skin issues. I also use a small amount of a 95% chicken can food (tablespoon) with no grain in it mixed into her food. She eats her daily meal with enjoyment and has never shown signs of being tired of the same food. I am thrilled with this product and highly recommend it to everyone with dogs who have allergies and skin issues. :)

Chris C

Dog results means GREAT News!!!

Our dog, Abby who is a 10 year old Golden Retriever, has 23 allergies. Of those allergies she is allergic to Beef, Pork, Corn, Flax Oats, Alfalfa, and Carrots and finding the right dog food is a challenge. We were feeding our dog food that we thought was great but they kept changing their ingredients. We stopped by a local store and found Natural Balance Lamb and Rice and we have been feeding this dog food to our dog for over a year and it has been a great year. Our dog did not have much a a coat but since she has been eating this dog food our dog looks more like a Golden Retriever and she is not itching at all. We are truly thankful for such a great product and truly a testimony that the right dog food does make a difference. Thanks to such a great company for making a great product.

Barb R

Dog loves it

I have an 18 month German Shepherd, Spock. When we first got him he had the runs all the time. We tried many different foods including from the Vet - $$$$$$$. The vet even said that he had some stomach disorder and wanted me to order food from them at almost twice the amount per bag. Natural Balance took care of all the problems that I was having within 3 days.

Mark M

Love it!!!

My Cocker Spaniel, Beau, is 9 years old. I have battled chronic ear infections and itchy scratchy skin his entire life. When he was young I had allergy testing done, and he's allergic to everything..... Well, just about everything. I had Beau on a different food for many years with good luck, unfortunately, they changed the ingredients and added Chicken meal (one of the allergies he has his poultry), Beau ended up with an allergic reaction to the new formula. It was horrible trying to find something new for him. He suffered with the itchy, smelly, dirty ears until I put him on the NB LID Lamb Meal and Brown Rice food. Beau Loves it! AND, no more ear infections, or itchy / scabby skin. THANK YOU NATURAL BALANCE! Beau and I can't thank you enough for making such a high quality dog food that is affordable. Please! Please! Never change the ingredients - It's perfect how it is!

Brandi K

I have to say I love this product as much as my dog. I work at Petco and it was actually recommended by my GM. My 9 year old Shih-Tzu had been having serious dry skin and itching for the 3 years I have had her. We used a product recommended from the vet with no relief. After switching Widget on to Natural Balance after just a few weeks she began scratching less and less. Beyond that she loves it as well. I feed her the food roll diced up into little pieces as training treats and she believes they are treats not food.

Karissa H

New puppy doing really well

About a month ago my husband and I adopted a puppy who had been left in a dumpster. Cute little guy but he smelled the WORST and his coat was so dull. I have not had a dog in about 30 years and had no idea what to feed him. After speaking to the manager at Petco for about an hour I decided to start on on the dry L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets food and he is doing GREAT. People are always commenting about how shiny and soft his coat is and he no longer has that horrible odor (even bathing didn't get rid of it). Our baby is now about 16 weeks and growing and healthy - I have fed him nothing but the L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets foods (both canned and dry) and have no intention of giving him anything else.

Beth W
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