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L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® Sweet Potato & Venison Dry Dog Formula Testimonials

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Ear Infections in Long Eared Dogs

We adopted 2 four year old Cocker Spaniels from the Hart County GA rescue in November. Both dogs had a history of chronic ear infections. Thelma and Louise (Their names) were treated by our vet, but their ear infections persisted. About 2 months age we switched their dog food to Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Dry and Canned. In about 2 weeks their ear infections disappeared and have not returned. We have also noticed that their tear stains, a life long problem, had also gone away. Your company has made our life and that of our dogs so much better. They are healthy and active and do not spend their day scratching at their ears. We are very grateful to your company, and heartily recommend your products. Dan and Nancy

Daniel T

I adopted Piper when she was 1 yr old from the SPCA and she had a difficult first year. I found during the first couple of years that she had allergies with chicken and turkey causing terrible diarrhea and mucus, etc. When my vet suggested Venison that’s when I found Natural Balance and she’s been great ever since!

Debra P

So far its working

We have a saint barnard cross in our house that seems to be alergic to everything. We've tried so many dog foods. When the vet finally recommended this we were not very optimistic but it sure seems to be working so far. His redness and constant itching has stopped and although he still shakes his head a lot he is so much better, This dog at one time had almost no hair and sores, so we are super impressed with your food. LID Venison and sweet potato.

Patsy B

Good Food.

Our Boston loves this food. We were advised by our vet to find a LID food to counteract a suspected food allergy. Natural Balance by far had the largest selection. Within a week we started to see her rash go away.

Ryan S

We're hungry mom

these are our 2 adopted rescue doxies. They are 10 1/2 months old. They are brother and sister. Louie (the darker one) shortly after we brought him home started to develop stomach problems. The vet advised us to switch to Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Venision Dry Food. Within a few days, he was back to normal and as frisky as can be. Now, that's all Louie and Louise eat along with the Natural Balance Dog Treats.

Diane B


This food is great! It is unmatched. Our Doberman is allergic to grain, chicken, beef, fish, and egg. This list goes on. She is highly allergic to so many things that she can't eat duck because it is close to chicken, she can't eat bison because it is close to the beef. Our vet was back and forth with us. We wasted so much money on different foods. However she has been and still eats the Sweet Potato and Venison with no trouble. I would recommend every dog owner who's dog suffer from allergies to try this food. Our dog had it all, shedding, danger, hot spots and diarrhea.

Dayven F

Star's a rescue dog and when I got her she was covered in hotspots and her skin was black and inflamed, pealing, cracking, and dry. Every time I tried a new food, she got way more hotspots. I did some research and found your Sweet potato & Venison L.I.D formula. Her hotspots started to go away, and she didn't get anymore of them! She had very dry cracking skin, no energy, and ribs were showing when I got her. She is now soo full of energy, loves her food(would eat the whole bag if I let her) has NO ribs or other bones showing(at a healthy weight) and has NO hot spots, inflammation, itchy, cracking, or dry skin anymore. Her coat is beautiful and her skin is soft and doesn't bother her constantly anymore! Thank you for giving her the energy she needs and deserves. Now I can barely keep up with her, and that's how it should be!!(She's almost 3)

Jessica A

Thank you for a Chicken-free product!

I adopted a 9 year old yellow lab from a shelter where he'd been for a year. The shelter had been continually struggling with his loose stools and inability to gain/maintain weight. He was 55 pounds at adoption. He was parasite free and on a grain free diet at the shelter. After getting him home and allowing he to de-stress, I observed the loose stool issue did not resolve, there had to be another reason besides stress and grains. After some internet research I heard of "intolerance" to ingredients, versus an all out allergy. Intolerance would possibly have the reaction of moving the food through him too quickly, loose stools. I picked the most likely culprit to remove from his diet, chicken. I did not think it would take me a week of reading labels to find a chicken-free food. Even grain free foods claiming salmon or other proteins would have "poultry fat". To check this right I had to find ZERO birds. I finally found this food and switched him to it. Within a week he had perfectly normal stools. He has gained 15 pounds to a healthy 70 lbs. An ear infection that was chronic at the shelter completely cleared up and has not returned (we're in month 6 since adoption). I am able to feed him standard dog biscuits (with grain as an ingredient) with no adverse reaction so I truly believe that chicken is the main reason he had health issues, not a grain allergy. So THANK YOU for making a product with no chicken!

Cynthia L

My dog loves his meals!

My dog loves his Sweet Potato and Venison dry dog food. And he has great digestion while eating it!

Catherine N

Kuma Loves Sweet Potato & Venison!

Kuma loves all Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Venison products-- dry food, can food for pilling and treats; the more the better. Thanks!

Kari P
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