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L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® Green Pea & Salmon Dry Cat Formula Testimonials

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I have to hid the bag or put the food in another container. Even though there is food in their bowl one of out two cats destroy the bag to get at it.

Ray H

Allergies Almost Killed him

Binx has suffered for 3 years from mysterious allergies before I could find something that wouldn't cause him to scratch into an infection, cause shock, or land him in the ERvet. After putting him on this food, he has way more energy, isn't scratching at himself, or leaving chunks of hair around the house. This food literally saved his life. I am so happy he is better and we can go about our daily lives. This food is seriously worth it! Especially when it comes to allergies!

Tralina B

Really works

I have a 15yr old cat that has IBD and we have never been able to find a food that really works for his food allergies. The limited ingredient green pea and salmon made a huge difference and has stopped him from vomiting all of the time. I can't believe it took me all of these years to find it but, I am very happy to see him acting like a kitten again. Thank you :)

Angela C

Great Product

Since we started using this cat food, my cats have been much healthier and playful. One of my cats has an allergy to beef and chicken and its impossible to find cat food without one of those ingredients. I found Natural Balance and both of my cats love it! Keep up the great work!

Laura S

Suzie is very happy

My cat, Suzie, has a very sensitive digestive track and I was using another brand of food that was not upsetting her until they recently changed their recipe and added more fillers and soy to the product. This change wreaked havoc on her system and litter habits, which I was not happy about, need I say more? I went to the pet store and came home with this product. I bought a can of sweet potato transition stuff from another brand since I was prepared for a difficult transition. I am so shocked that after one bowl of food I started just giving her small amounts of this food without the it and by day 4 she has not had any adverse reaction and seems very happy. I am now a huge fan of Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Green Pea & Salmon ! Thank you !!

Teri K

You Cured My Cat

I adopted Mav about 2 years ago. It took about 9 months to cure his horrible diarrhea. He couldn't eat anything. I was on a home cook meal plan for him, just to bind him. My mom went to Pet Supplies to get our dog food (which is also made by you) and the worker told my mom to try the L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Natural Balance cat food. I was skeptical because no cat foods were working. It was like a miracle when he ate the L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Green Pea & Salmon and his diarrhea completely went away. You guys are amazing and I cannot thank you enough for making a product that finally works. Neither can Mav :)

Becca M

I adopted a three month old kitten and soon found that she had chronic diarrhea. After spending a couple hundred dollars trying to figure out what was wrong we decided to try a limited ingredient diet. She was put on a prescription diet and within just a few days her diarrhea was gone. I switched to Natural Balance after doing some research because the diet she was on was formulated for adult cats. She is doing great. Thank you for this food that has helped my baby have a balanced diet.

Mandy B

My kitty FINALLY has a happy tummy!

I have three cats, one of whom has had litter box issues off and on for several years, and we could never figure out the cause of it - and my finances prevented me from being able to have the vet do much in the way of testing in order to come up with a definite diagnosis. I felt horrible - I was at my wits' end, because I love this little fluffball, I've had her since she was small enough to fit in my palm, but I couldn't afford any major medical care - and I knew that the likelihood of finding another suitable home for a sick cat was slim, at best. The idea of having her put down because of a digestive issue seemed ridiculous and extreme - but I didn't want her to suffer or be unhealthy or unhappy, either. Finally, earlier this year, our vet determined that the most likely cause of her constant, persistent diarrhea was either irritable bowel syndrome, or a food allergy. She put my kitty, Rysie, on a prescription cat food, and it really seemed to help! The bad news was, the food cost. My cats have always had a communal food dish available, they always ate the same thing, when ever they were hungry. None of them had a tendency to overeat, so it was never a problem. But with a price tag like that, I certainly couldn't feed all three the prescription stuff - which meant having to establish a feeding schedule, and monitoring them closely to make sure the right cats were eating the right food. Even with that - which none of us were particularly happy about - food was prohibitively expensive, and I knew it wasn't going to be a good long-term solution. I talked with the staff at the vet's office, and they pointed me to a store in the area which carries some limited ingredient foods which they said might be a viable alternative to try. I stopped by the store, a farm supply store called Theisen's, and after much time carefully perusing the options available to me, I settled on a small bag of Natural Balance LID Green Pea & Salmon formula and a small bag of Natural Balance LID Green Pea & Duck formula to try out. We started with the Green Pea & Duck, because I thought that might be a bit less of a shock to my cats' systems since they were used food with chicken flavor. They all seemed to like it, but Rysie's tummy wasn't -quite- happy about it. Not as unhappy as it had been before we started her on special food, but not as happy as it was on the prescription stuff. I let Tribble and Chloe finish off that bag while I tried feeding Rysie the Green Pea & Salmon flavor. It was an almost instant hit. Rysie loves it, and so does her tummy - we haven't had a single issue since I switched her over. I gradually switched all three over to the Green Pea & Salmon formula, and I am delighted to say that I now have three happy, healthy, well-fed kitties. I really don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that this cat food literally saved my beloved fluff-butt's life. Her prospects were grim without it.

Wendy W

I just want to say, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all you do.  Our 10 year old kitty Sophie was recently diagnosed with IBS, and we had to remove all chicken, lamb, and tuna from her diet.  NOT an easy task!!  But thanks to your wonderful, dedicated work, she is happy and healthy, vomiting is minimal, no steroids, healthy weight, full fluffy glossy coat, and is as sassy as ever!  AND, which pleases me as a dietitian for humans who researches dog/cat nutrition as well, she actually gets a variety of high quality proteins and foods- she can have your LID Green Pea & Salmon (her fave) and LID Green Pea & Duck dry foods, the LID Duck & Green Pea, Salmon & Green Pea, and Venison & Green Pea canned- And thanks to your new developments, she also ADORES the new Purrfect Paella Delectable Delights cat stews - and I'm thinking about trying the new Indoor Dry Rabbit and Salmon flavor for her. Such variety in high quality foods, for our little girl with IBS- Thank you so much for helping keep her healthy, happy, medication free. Our Cairn Terrier and other kitty also thrive on Natural Balance. You are wonderful!

Valerie R

From Shelter Kitty to Happy Healthy Princess Boo

My family rescued a beautiful solid white odd-eyed kitten from our local animal shelter back in May. She was 9 weeks old, skinny and cloudy eyed. We started her on Blue Buffalo kitten food (our yorkie and boxer have always been on Blue and do wonderfully on it). She immediately began to appear healthier, but her eyes continued to look runny and she developed severe diarrhea. She was also beginning to develop a habit of not using her litter box. The vet treated her for intestinal infections and parasites (and even suggested she was just a stubborn kitten in reference to her litter box hesitations!). After several trips to the vet, lots of dewormer and antibiotics, I realized it had to be something else. Boo is allergic to grains and poultry among other things. After only a few days her eyes became completely clear, I mean NO tearing or crusting at all, and her diarrhea stopped! She no longer potties anywhere except her litterbox and she absolutely LOVES her new food. I'm so thankful we found this food to keep our little one happy and healthy!

Sara A
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