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Original Ultra® Canned Cat Formula Testimonials

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Best Canned Food Ever

We have 4 cats ranging in age from 8 months to 10 years. As different as their tastes and personalities are, they agree on ONE thing. Original Ultra cat food. The baby will climb my leg to get to it, the picky old man will yell at me until I get it served up, the orange cat who never liked anything but dry food licks the plate clean, and the princess (who MUST have a separate plate of her own) comes running when I open any type of can. Anything but this food is looked upon with disdain. But they LOVE this food. My old man's coat is shinier than it has been in years, and they're all happy and healthy.

Cari B

Ultra Formula

My two cats always ate a specific brand of salmon and wouldn't eat any other wet food. Then they decided to change the formula without telling any customers. My two refused to eat it anymore. I tried many different kinds until I found your Natural Balance Ultra Formula. If they're outside playing and I open a can, both are at my feet before I can set the lid down. Keep up the good work and please don't ever change the formula.

Mark R

Silly Loves It!

My 17 year old cat, Silly, became a very picky eater in her old age and began dropping weight. Though her blood work always came back well, she continued to lose due to her lack of a voracious appetite. The only food I could get her to eat was Fancy Feast, and I desperately wanted to give her a healthier option. Enter the Original Ultra Formula Canned Cat Food. I gave it to her and she loved it! Asks for it several times a day! Since feeding her this food, she has more energy and her coat looks great! She's even gained some weight!

Talia G

Attached is a photo of my 19 year old cat, Heidi.  I've had her since she was 2 days old!!!   On August 23, 2011, she was diagnosed with severe renal failure.  She was down to 3.2 lbs (right now she's just over 4 lbs).  She has to have IV fluid therapy every day (by me) along with Maalox and famotidine so she doesn't get ulcers.  She's on prescription food prescribed by the vet (Royal Canin and Hill's) which she was eating for a while.  Then she wouldn't really eat too much.  She just ate her meat baby food. Sometimes with pumpkin in it to help her "digestive" problem. Since I work at Petco (in the grooming dept), I was asking around and looking at all the different foods.  A food specialist, Heather, always seems to recommend Natural Balance for the dogs that come in to the salon.  So I bought a can to try on her.  Ultra formula.  She loved it!!! For the past week, in addition to her IV's and medicines (and her baby food as breakfast and late nite snack!), I have fed her the Natural Balance.  What a difference!!!  She is peppier, plays (a little) with her five 1-1/2 year old siblings, and runs (sideways sometimes!) up her little steps to go onto the couch!  She even goes underneath the christmas tree to lay down and sleep.  She hasn't done that this season at all!!!   I haven't seen her this peppy since before she was sick.  I know she's supposed to eat the prescription food, but if she won't eat it, what's the point??  At least she's eating!! I know her time with me is short and I want to make her last days the happiest times (for both!), so I really do appreciate your great product.

Karen F
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