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Reduced Calorie Canned Cat Formula Testimonials

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Best wet food ever!

I can't believe how this food changed my cat's fur and her activity level. Just amazing. It went from couch potato to having a little playful kitten again. I barely can keep up with her and love it ;-). Thank you NB for making this food!

Nadine P

Abby is now a fit and trim Maine Coon!

My Maine Coon cat, Abby, weighed in at a hefty 17-pounds at her recent vet visit. Although I had been watching her food intake and never gave her treats, she kept getting wider. The vet told me that the supermarket brands I'd used taste great to cats, but are the equivalent to fast food. He told me to feed Abby 1/2 can, twice daily, of a premium wet food with only a sprinkle of dry once daily, for the crunch factor. My search brought me to Natural Balance Reduced Calorie wet food and Fat Cats dry food. In only a couple months, she's trimmed down to a svelte 13.6 pounds!!! Thanks Dick van Patten for a wonderful product - donating to area shelters is also a plus!!!

Gail M

Fiona Loves It

Fiona, our dear sweet three legged cat, developed pancreatitis so it was vitally important to feed her a low fat, low calorie food. We tried Science Diet Prescription WD and it made her and our five other healthy cats throw up. We decided we needed something else for Fiona. While at the Pet Supplies Plus, they recommended we try Natural Balance Reduced Calorie canned cat formula. Fiona loves it and has never had any adverse reaction. She looks forward to her Natural Balance every morning. Thank you for developing a food that is nutritious and will help Fiona have a happy, healthy life! We want only the best for our cats and I think we have found it.

Cathy J

I have been trying your reduced calorie canned cat food and am very pleased with the product. In fact I am thinking of switching my dry cat food from wellness to your product. Just wanted to say thanks for such a great product.

Patricia G
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