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Ultra Premium Ocean Fish Canned Cat Formula Testimonials

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Cat LOVES Fish Soup

We took in our cat who was a pregnant stray. She was not particular about food then. But once the kittens were weaned, her definite preference for fishy canned food became obvious. We bought many different kinds and found the Ocean Fish canned food. We take a spoonful and mix it with a bit of hot water for a soupy consistency. She laps it up and purrs. We think she actually understands the word "Fish soup"!

Sylvia a

Where'd the food go?

Dear Natural Balance, My cat loves your food and apparently your boxes too! As her "mama" I think she's beautiful and a great model, so I thought you might too. Thanks, Nadia and Tranquila

Nadia K

I am writing to first tell you how grateful I am to have found such an excellent quality cat food that my cat truly enjoys. Second is my situation and dilemma. A few years ago, my cat developed an esophageal stricture from some medication that I was told to give him but was not told to wash down with water. Even though he could not keep his own saliva down much less anything to eat, I was told he had gastric issues of various sorts from different vets. It was not until he had seriously declined with extreme weight loss and nutrient loss that I was taken seriously. An esophageal scope determined the stricture and I was told that he may not live. Refusing to give up, I took him immediately to a Vet School about an hour away. The Vet there was kind and gave me some hope although guarded since she could not predict the outcome. After 3 different ballooning sessions under anesthesia and an enormous bill that I was able to pay out over a very long period, he was better but would never be what he used to be. His throat was stretched to 7mm (most cats are 40mm) and I would have to feed him a very soft moist and watered down cat food. In a race to bring his health back, I tried many different kinds of cat food and even tried making my own. It wasn't until I discovered your canned cat food that I finally felt that he had a chance to survive. Your canned cat food was the only one he would and literally could eat with a special love for the ones with seafood. Being more pate like instead of chunky, I could mix with a little warm water and make it the consistency he needed. It did not take long for him to fill back out and develop the shiny health coat that he once had. Over the years, we have become quite used to the routine of feeding him several times a day (totaling 1 regular can) and he has learned to "tell us" by getting quite loud when the consistency is not what it should be (as he will throw it up). Our 3 other unaffected cats eat a nutritious dry food that fits in with our delicate budget but trust me; they are always trying to sneak up and take his bowl of Natural Balance.

Jamie M
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