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Ultra Premium Tuna with Shrimp Canned Cat Formula Testimonials

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Dear Natural Balance, I was feeding my cat cans of regular store-bought tuna, thinking that I was doing a great thing for him health wise, but I learned that I was making a big mistake. So I researched all of the best cat foods and chose to buy your Tuna and Shrimp canned food and see if my cat would like it, and he did! This may be the most finicky cat in the world and he did not make a face at it or walk away (as he would have if he didn't like it) but immediately dove right into it and really enjoyed himself. So thank you for making a very fine product that I can feed to my cat with confidence and that he actually enjoys eating.

Art P

Have never contacted a company to tell them how great their product is, you are now the first. Our vet told us we needed to place our cat Rickie on a wet diet because at age 6 she had developed her first urinary tract infection. Rickie did not want to comply, turning her nose up at every canned food imaginable until we tried Natural Balance. Wow! She loves the Natural Balance? Tuna and Shrimp formula. Problem solved with healthy ingredients and protein that will also help her lose weight. Thanks for a quality product!!

Carol R
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