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Ultra Premium Chicken & Liver Pate Canned Cat Formula Testimonials

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Hi Natural Balance Team! I want to start this with sincere thanks for what your food has done for my cats. I have 3 Bengal cats - two six-year olds and now a 10 month old. From the moment I brought my six year-old cats home as kittens, my girl cat (Sophie) always had very low muscle tone, experienced many bladder infections, and was plagued with a nervous scratching that has caused her grooming to the point of removing her fur, and even to the point of creating open wounds due to scratching and over-grooming. She was always low-energy, not very playful, and rarely talked. (Note that I have worked from home her entire life, so she gets attention all day, every day!) Conversely, my boy cat was always very strong and very healthy. After taking Sophie to the vet this spring for a biopsy of her wound that she kept re-opening, it was determined that her problem was likely a food allergy, or possibly an emotional issue, as she had no particular dermatological condition. My vet recommended switching her as quickly as possible to Natural Balance. I tried several of the formulas, and the ones my cats loved the most were the Liver & Chicken, and the Chicken/Green Pea formulas. After only ONE WEEK on Natural Balance, my girl cat had gone from being a low-energy cat who was constantly fussing with her coat, to a playful, relaxed, vocal, and happy cat. That was 4 months ago, and just last month I adopted a 3rd cat (a rescue Bengal). This could have set her back, if her coat problem was an emotional issue, rather than a diet-related issue. Despite the disruption of having a new cat introduced, she has not returned to ANY of her prior behavior. She remains healthy and happy, and an ENTIRELY improved cat. This is a huge success story for us! Our rescue cat had only "junk food" before he came to us. Within just a week after feeding him Natural Balance, his coat went from wiry and dull, to shiny, silky and bright! I would never feed my cats ANYTHING ELSE. Thank you for the great service you do to your customers in providing us health, quality companionship, and longevity!

Sharon C
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