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L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® Duck & Green Pea Canned Cat Formula Testimonials

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I am so happy that I came across this product! I am feeding both my cats Natural Balance and they love it so much. My newest kitten however had been struggling with diarrhea since the day we brought her home. She ended up having giardia which spread to my other cat. Needless to say I was picking up loose stool off the floor for over a month. The medication didn't completely help with the diarrhea until I found the L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Duck & Green Pea cat can. The next day her stools were no longer loose. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Natural Balance.

Kristen P

Beautiful coat

I have fed my cats the L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Duck & Green Pea and it has been wonderful for their coats. Monroe, my long haired tuxedo, had chin acne and dander. With this food the acne went away and his coat appeared fuller and with essentially no dander. Samson, my chubby kitty, had dander and his all but went away as well. They ate both the dry and wet of the L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Duck & Green Pea. Thank you!!!

Sarah W

This is the ONLY canned cat food my Weggie will eat!

I used to buy a variety of canned cat foods and my male shorthair wasn't too particular, however my female Norwegian Forest Cat wouldn't touch them...until I opened a can of your L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Duck & Green Pea canned cat food. Mia loves it, and it is by far Marty's favorite. This morning Mia was in place for breakfast to make sure she got first dibs at the food bowl! I went to get more but they were sold out. I didn't even bother with any other food but will drive farther to another store to get this one.

Marilyn S

Better over all health

Two out of my four cats had to be on steroids for possible IBD. Since switching to the L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Duck & Green Pea formula, I no longer need to give them steroids. The other impressive result of this food, the hair coat quality on all my cats is amazing. One of my cats always had a dull fur and looked like he didn't groom himself. Now, he has the softest fur and looks younger!

Pamelyn R

We adopted a kitten named Lola three years ago and in the beginning she was a happy eater and very healthy. After a year or so she began to scratch around her face, neck, ears and mouth to the point she would be covered in bloody scabs and bald spots. We took her to the vet who helped us rule out several conditions and we finally determined it was due to her diet. He suggested a prescription diet that contained kangaroo but it was too much of an expense as we decided to put our other two cats on the food as well and one bag only lasted about two weeks. We began to look around for alternatives that met the vets requirements (grain free and either kangaroo, venison or duck) and we discovered The Wharf Feed and Supply store in Ventura, CA sold Natural Balance, which met all the requirements. It's been two years and we have had no issues! This food is great and we are so thankful to have found it. :)

Cynthia V

Finally a natural healthy cat food

Our two Sphynx girls Margo and Em came to us a year ago. I noticed Em walked funny, and was not thriving on the food they had been fed. She scratched a lot, her ears were full of debris and many times she had bloody diahrea. I tried different foods with them because I knew they had an allergy and finally had to settle on one from my vet. A sensitive stomach diet. They did well on it and Em started to gain weight and started to play. I received a notice that the brand was no longer going to produce this food. We tried to switch them to a hypo diet slowly. They began to stratch immediately and have soft smelly stools. Thank goodness for an employee at Pet Value here in Guelph, Ontario. I told her the situation with my girls and she immediately took me to Natural Balance. I bought moist and dry food. They loved them both, the moist food did not give them them the runs, and they stopped scratching again. I am so glad that this food is available, it is affordable, and hopefully will around for a long time.

Donna B


I did not know that, per my vet, if a cat is fed the same food for 4-5 years it may develop an allergy to one or more of the ingredients with the food (typically grains & white fish). My 11 year old cat was suffering from severe scratching of her face and ears (to the point of bleeding/scabbing). The L.I.D. products were the only foods that I could find that did not have the same ingredients her old food had. We switched her to the L.I.D. Duck & Green Pea and within 1 week, she was off her old food without any complications and the scratching has stopped. She is back to her old self. I just wish I had made the change sooner.

Deborah P


My cat was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease and was vomiting 3-5 times a day. I read about the benefits of a limited ingredients diet and found the Natural Balance Duck and Green Pea (actually it was recommended by PetCo). After a couple of weeks my cat stopped vomiting- like 100% stopped. What a relief to see my cat out of pain!

Charmaine S

Seems to be helping

"I have a kitty named dilbert, which I rescued ten years ago when he was 5. Just recently changed his diet to all protein, thinking it might help with his sneezing, thinking he might be allergic to grain. He loved the food ate twice as much as he had been eating of the science diet, but the sneezing didn't stop, in fact it got worse. He had heavy mucus that unfortunately flew out every time he sneezed, it was disgusting and he didn't just sneeze he sneezed 6 times in a row, poor kitty, at one point his little nose bleed and he coughed/ choked but that episode lastly for about 10 minutes but I made an appointment with the vet to get him some allergy medicine, not thinking I should change his food again. But before that appointment, I came home one day after work and my cat did not greet me at the door, he was having trouble breathing n he was coughing , eyes watery and low...we rushed him to the vet. They gave him a shot, for nausea and it also has anti inflammatory properties, which I think saved him. Next few days his forehead swelled up his eyes got low n fogged down, his nose kept bleeding n he was in obvious pain. I'm going long here, cutting it short we had a rough two weeks, he started to get better but then I stopped the ceriniA he stopped eating for 4 days, this was the lowest point, started thinking I would lose him, but I asked a friend to look up anti allergy foods n she found this, so I bought some, but he wasn't eating. The sad thing was you could tell he was starving but what i think was a severe sinus or sinusitis was affecting his sense of smell, cats won't eat unless they can smell their food! I couldn't even get the ceriniA they gave me to give to him, in him. So my last hope was to get him a shot at the vet and see if that could get him well enough and a week later he's been on the Limited Ingredient Diets he's almost back to his old self, very little sneezing as of yet. I'm hoping that now that I'm not giving him the ceriniA the food alone will keep the allergies away. It's too early to tell but I'm hoping we're on the right track with this food. I wanted to post to let people know how important the food your feeding your furry friend is. Thanks Natural Balance!

Suzy B

I wanted to give a testimonial about your cat food products. Our first cat was being fed a ""high quality"" product for a number of years. I put quotation marks around that because the product was one of those on the List using Chinese ingredients, unbekbowned to us. She began to get very sick. Declining in health slowly, some signs went unnoticed until the full effects of kidney disease & probably other organ-involving problems made it impossible to correct. we found out about your prodects in her last weeks, but it was too little, too late. We had to have her put to rest. When we found Ninja at the local shelter we were determined he would not be fed with any cat food using ""foreign"" ingredients, and started him on Duck&Green Pea, with canned food of the same mixed in with the kibble. He is SOOOOO healthy...his coat is incredibly soft and shines like silk. His teeth are clean(he has canned food(your brand)only once a day mixed with Salmon&Peas as his tastes changed over the past year. His breath is clean, his energy level is consistent with his health. I am so grateful that your products are so right and perfect for his health & share these facts with anyone who I meet who has a pet. Thank you for keeping true to your ""vision"" to keep our pets healthy,naturally. we regret only that Ms.Kitty could not benefit from them. Bless you in these efforts.

Kat D
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