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L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® Salmon & Green Pea Canned Cat Formula Testimonials

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No chicken, duck or other bird protein allowed

My cat, Duck, has severe inflammatory bowel disease, and it is difficult to find cat food with no poultry or fowl protein, including egg, that he likes. I just offered him som Salmon and Gree Pea. He likes it. That's great.

Jon C

No More Sick Kitty

When I got my cat I was told that she has a sensitive stomach and that she throws up about 4 to 5 times a week because of the food, but it was under control. I did not believe that throwing up 5 times a week was "under control" so I went and got some Natural Balance Green Pea & Salmon food. I have seen such an improvement in her energy level and her fur is shiny and healthy. Overall, she is a much happier kitty!

Ashley H

I would like to tell you that I have a cat and a dog. And both of my pets are on your product for health purposes. This is the only product that my cat will eat (LID Salmon & Green Pea canned) other wise my kitten gets horrible diarrhea. It took 8 months and many different foods to get this problem under control. My dog has a food allergy and after spending thousands of dollars on prescription diets I finally found out about your diet (Sweet Potato and Venison) and will feed nothing else to my pets. Thank you so much for making such an wonderful high quality product.

Lucinda H

I'm so happy to have found your cat food! My poor little kitty girl was scratching and pawing at herself and not eating hardly anything. I have always had a hard time getting her to eat! She seemed to be getting worse - she'd stopped playing and seemed terribly miserable. Finally in frustration, I figured it was probably food allergy. I tried your canned cat food. Ever since, she has been eating all of her food! She has gained weight and she is playing again! I'm so very grateful! I have tried many types of food, even going to the trouble of fixing her meals from scratch. But she loves Natural Balance even better than what I would make her. And I'm sure she is getting all of her nutrients! She is obviously feeling much better, now getting into things just like she used to as a kitten, purring, playing and stalking! Thank you so much!

Sue M
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