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L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® Venison & Green Pea Canned Cat Formula Testimonials

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Saved from crippling allergies

After months of vet visits, steroid injections, and tests, it was discovered Elsa had a severe protein allergy. Her head and neck area was covered in scabs, she vomited a couple times every day and although maintaining her sweet demeanor, I could tell she was miserable. I took her off a popular brand cat food and switched her to the Venison and Green Pea formula. Eight weeks later and her stomach is happy, her coat is shiny and skin clear. You've made my cat so healthy and happy! Well worth the extra cost to provide her with her special needs. At 4 years old, she has taken to chasing her tail again! We thank you!!!

Tricia B

Relief For Ali

I have a 12 yr old Bengal, Ali, that licked her lower back raw all the time due to a food allergy. We tried almost everything; even putting her on a corticosteroid which barely cleared it up. All 3 of the vet foods they specially ordered she refused to eat. As a last resort I bought any food that was grain free & chicken free. This is the only that has prevented her from having a reaction and she loves the food too! I wish it came in dry food that would be perfect! Thank you!

Emily R

Sick Cat Feels Better After Eating Natural Balance

I had been feeding my cat another supposed "natural" brand of pet food and he would periodically throughout the year have bouts of vomiting and no appetite and would get extremely lethargic. It was horrible seeing him go through this. It was finally determined that he had Irritable Bowel Disease. The vet had said to try different foods and the Venison & Green Pea is about the only one that he would eat when he wasn't feeling well. I tried all the "name brands" that you see advertised for sensitive stomachs but many of them have fillers and grains and very "un-safe and un-healthy" preservatives and by products. If a cat has stomach problems, feeding them all these artificial ingredients isn't going to's definitely made me read the labels more closely. Venison is less irritating on a cat's stomach (even less than chicken) and so far it has been a life saver. I will never go back to the "artificial" foods ever again. Thank you for providing such a great product for my cat. He is feeling so much better and hasn't had the issues that he was before....amazing how just changing foods can make such a huge difference.

Mary V

Molly cat

My cat has 2 problems, digestive and allergies. She does not seem to be able to tolerate chicken or grains. The vet food was very expensive and she really wasn't that thrilled with it and this girl's dinner time is very important to her. So in my research I found that the Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets were safest for her, comparable to the food sold by the vet. It is almost impossible to find a cat food that does not contain chicken. Unfortunately, I have read that when a cat has a grain problem, it will mostly likely have a chicken problem too (I don't know how true this is). And all of the new "healthy", grain-free food out there contains some form of chicken product. Thank you Natural Balance for providing this wonderful, gourmet meal for Molly. She absolutely loves the Venison & Green Pea. He eyes get big and black when she sees the can, and she cries for it.

Ann M

Limited Ingregrient Diet solved vomiting problem

I have a cat that I rescued 3 years ago that has had a chronic vomiting issue. A month ago the frequency increased and got to the point of her vomiting daily after eating. I tried smaller meals, elevated bowls, hydrolyzed protein diets and various other "gentle" food diets and nothing worked. I started her on the NB cat venison and green pea canned food and she has not vomited in over 3 weeks-this is a record!!! The vet suggested this as a last ditch effort prior to sonogram and endoscopy to determine whether she has IBD or other GI disease. I wished the vet had urged me to try this novel protein diet 2 years ago because it has been really hard on poor Dottie.

Lorraine C

I adopted 2 cats from the shelter and one of them came to me with numerous health problems and an allergy to SOMETHING but no one was sure what it was. He kept licking the fur off his belly and then would lick until he bled. The shelter put him on Z/D but after research I found it had no real food value and was very expensive. I tried other "healthy" foods but to no avail. Then I heard about Natural Balance from my vet. I now use the Dry Green Pea and Salmon and also the Dry Green Pea and Duck formulas as well as the wet versions of these AND the wet Venison version. (Wishing you would have a dry version of this again as they LOVE the flavor of this one). Now Waylon's belly is healed up and the fur is starting to grow back. I only give the two of them (together not each) a quarter of a can of the wet and mix it with the dry both for breakfast and dinner and then they have dry to munch on during the day. So what ingredient is missing in these that are found in almost every other food and snack? Chicken Meal. I hope you keep making your LID versions for pets like mine since chicken meal bothers them. Great product!

Lillian W

I wanted to thank you for your products. If it wasn't for your Natural Balance® Venison and Green Pea Canned Formula my cat Moose would be living in misery and was before he started on it. I adopted Moose from a shelter. He was on the euth list because he needed expensive surgery for entropian. He's long had his sugery however that turned out to be not his only problem. He developed food allergies and the vet couldn't figure out what he was allergic to. He would literally claw at his eyes, and had several other bad physical reactions. He had to wear an e-collar the majority of the time so he wouldn't cause more harm to himself. Being rescourceful, the collar turned out to be too short, if he couldn't get to it himself then he simply found something to rub his face & ears on. SO a longer collar was put on but he had no real freedom and had to be offered food and water several times a day , he couldn't get to anything with the longer collar. Since the change and now being seen by a holistic vet, it's made all the improvement I could have hoped for. It's been slow going but it's definite. Without your food, Moose may not be here now because of the injuries he was causing himself, that it seem unfair to allow him to be so miserable. He's with me and I hope for a very, very long time.

Taylor C

Just here to thank you for your Limited Ingredient Diets (Venison and Pea) and Mr. Google for pointing me in your direction. For 6 years my Matilda suffered! Though she got 4 different opinions from vets, only one of those suggested a change in diet. The suggested diet (Science Diet Venison and Pea) I tried didn't work. After reading the ingredients I saw the corn etc. so decided (seeing as cats are meat eaters) to spend some time Googling and found Natural Balance and gave it a try. It did the trick! So if Dick Van Patten actually came up with this idea - please hug him for me the next time to you see him. If someone else came up with this - then hug that one. Anyway, Matilda and I are so happy to have found something that she can eat that doesn't result in her chewing herself.

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