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Platefulls® Chicken & Giblets Formula in Gravy Cat Pouch Testimonials

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Hi, My cat has a problem with gluten and wheat commercial cat foods. For many years we just thought he ate too fast and the food would just come right back up. My son did some research and found asthmatic cats may have an intolerance for wheat/gluten ingredients and also coloring, dyes and artificial chemicals, etc. We decided to put him (the cat) on a no gluten, corn, wheat diet, but saying and finding cat food free of these ingredients took a week. I decided to visit Petco and there it was ... the holy grail of cat food! No gluten free/no corn, wheat, no coloring, no artificial anything. Thank you Natural Balance for caring and offering such a wonderful and healthy food and treats for our loving pets!


Hello, Luna was adopted a few months ago from a local shelter( note the clipped ear). I bought Platefulls today at Petco. I have purchased Soulistic and Wellness as well. Yours is definately the more affordable and does not skimp on the fish/chicken. Excellent product! Well done.

Shirley C
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