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Platefulls® Indoor Mackerel & Sardine Formula in Gravy Cat Pouch Testimonials

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one happy little boy

Hi my name is Murphy. I love my Natural Balance food. Look at how shiny my coat is......

Steve M

I just wanted to write and say THANK YOU for making the awesome foods you make! I have owned a couple of cats for the past 3 years, and one of them, a 3 year old Siamese, suffered from seemingly undiagnoseable stomach issues. He went to the vet so many times and they had no idea what to do with him. Nothing made sense about his problem. He would be okay on a dry food for a week or two, then he would vomit it up, undigested. Like his body just flat-out rejected it. He wasn't wolfing the food down quickly, so it didn't seem like it was a matter of eating too quickly either. I tried narrowing it down to what exactly bothered him about the food, but nothing was consistent. I tried different shapes of kibble, eliminated different ingredients to see if it was a sensitivity to gluten or byproducts or a specific protein, or all of the above... all to no conclusion. It didn't help anything that he wouldn't touch canned food. He would lick the broth off of it, but never eat any of the solid stuff. I tried EVERYTHING! I finally put him on Natural Balance Duck and Green Pea dry food, and the puking stopped! For almost a year, he only puked when he had gotten into something else, like dog food or people food. But then he started puking about once a week. My vet suggested that maybe he had developed a problem with that food as well, and I started to panic. I decided to try switching him to your Salmon and Green Pea formula, and the puking once again stopped. I have had him on a rotation of the two formulas for over a year now, and he's been puke free ever since! I had to rehome him recently for reasons beyond my control, but his new family still has him on his food and he is still doing great! The vet always comments on his beautiful coat, and how slender and alert he is. One of my other cats, a 2 year old, 9lb Maine Coon mix, has to take some supplements for a suppressed immune system, so I needed a wet food to mix with it. When I saw that Petco started carrying your new Platefulls line, I decided to try it. He loves it! And it doesn't give him gas or really rank breath like some of the other pouches/cans out there. He actually came to me tonight after eating his dinner and drooled on my face while head butting me and purring like a motorboat. He was saying thank you :) I knew I had to write and let you know how awesome your products are after that.

Ashley L
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