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Premium Dog Food Roll Lamb Formula Testimonials

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K9 Maya will search for hours to find the "missing person" that has her lamb food roll! Maya is in training to be a Search and Rescue dog. She is very very food driven and will do anything to get her lamb food roll. Most of the handlers in our group use it as their K9's reward. We each cut up the 4lb roll and probably go through 1 roll every couple of weeks since we train every weekend. Most of the handlers also carry a couple 2.75oz rolls as the emergency food source while on searches. I've never tasted it, but my dogs reaction over the smell alone makes me assume it tastes VERY good!

Stephanie P

Milo is finally eating

Our maltese Milo is the pickiest eater on the planet! He is 11 months old and since we got him at 3 months it has been a challenge every day for him to eat. We've tried 11 different kibble brands and stews. We've tried home cooking chicken rice and vegetable. He turned his nose up on all of it. He's was only happy eating dog treats. So frustrating. Thank god for the lamb roll!!! Milo loves it. He actually begs for it now. Thank you Mr. Van Patten!!! Your brand is awesome!!!

Laura J

My service dog gets the best. She absolutely loves the lamb rolls for treats when she is working with me in public.

mark b

We adopted a Brussels Griffon/Yorkie mix from the shelter. She was skinny with patchy hair loss. Natural Balance had a display at a chairty function and had samples of their food. Sprite LOVED it. She has been on Natural Balance roll food for 4 months now and put on 1lb of healthy weight and her hair has grown in. Thank you for a wonderful product. I recommend this food for any shelter dog parents that want to give their new dog a little extra boost in the right direction.

Kay N

The Lamb is it!

My picky Bichon and Toy Poodle have been eating the lamb dog food roll since 4-5 months old and pretty much turn their nose up at any other dog food. I tried everything wet and dry and the other rolls! They will eat the lamb consistently on a daily basis, rarely skipping it. Thanks so much for a great product!

Christine M

Happy dog!

My Lola is so picky! She'll just walk away from anything she doesn't like and acts like she doesn't even care about eating. Since I found the Premium Lamb Roll she loves eating it and cleans her bowl every time! I add it to her dry food and she's one happy dog and I'm a happy dog Mom!

Karen L

Finally a dog food my dog will eat!

I have a very picky chihuahua. He would not eat any dog food at all. I gave him homemade food until he refused to eat that as well. I saw this food in petco one day and decided to give it try. To my surprise, he gobbled it right up and begged for more! I'm so glad I found this food. It has made my life so much easier now and I can be sure he is getting the right nutrition he needs. Thanks for a great product!!

Kerri O

Dear Natural Balance, Having a very picky 2-1/2 year old Briard I needed to find a food that would satisfy not just her but all my Briards. Natural Balance Bison & Sweet Potato Formula did the trick! My oldest Briard is a rescue (12 yrs old now) but the rest are show dogs. I began to use the Natural Balance Lamb Formula Roll as bait in the ring. Then came the puppies... March 5 we had a litter of 9 beautiful baby Briards. I did not want to buy several different types of dog/puppy food. Your Sweet Potato & Bison Formula is puppy to adult. The puppies have eaten nothing else since they were weaned! Our 2 veterinarians (who are Briard experts) have marveled over the excellent condition of the puppies and their coats (see picture). The food is satisfying for the big guys and yet gentle enough for the babies. Thank you from a very dedicated customer!


We have been feeding our dog Bennji the Sweet Potato and Fish formula and Lamb rolls. He's been on this food for almost a month now after stopping the NUTRO. I will never feed him NUTRO again. It didn't do much of anything for him. He loves the new Dog Food. His coat is shinier then ever, softer and in excellent condition. Thank You Mr. Van Patten/ Natural Balance for making an EXCELLENT dog food that my dog loves.

Lazaro B
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